WIW : Layered

Happy Sunday Ladies!

It is a hot one here today and to be honest I really didn't want to get dressed. I was happy to get home from church (which thankfully does have excellent air conditioning) and pop on some very loose and flowy lounge wear.

Despite the heat, I couldn't help but layer, it must be in my DNA:)

This is the Metalicus Gene Tank Dress and layered over it is the Metalicus Columbus Crop Tee.  Sandals again, are by Django & Juliette.  And I am wearing a slip with adjustable straps which I have fashioned after the very cool HL Asymmetric bra that I am keen to purchase.

This dress is fab, so easy and comfy to wear but too bodycon to be worn on it's own (for me).  I did purchase it tho, with layering in mind so that's not an issue.

I have to say cost per wear on my Metalicus pieces is already reducing very quickly:)

Does this layering work?  I felt the proportions were ok.  I am loving this tee so much I desperately want it in black... and navy .. and... lol:)  That might be a goal for Boxing Day to head to their outlet and see if they have them:)

Also, a bonus pic of Master 11.  He actually requested I take the photo and share it with you.   He is becoming very fashion conscious and knows what he likes.  He has been wanting a waistcoat for a while and I finally found one in a thrift store.  It has been home made and is beautifully lined and well made.  It's a wool and in navy blue.  Not great for summer, but I have found another at one of our stores that is lighter weight and will get that for him for Christmas.  But despite the heat, he absolutely loved it and has it worn it since I brought it home for him :)

Thanks for looking and thanks for taking the time to comment.  I value your thoughts.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Friday Favourite

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends. Hope it has been a wonderful day for all.

I't s Friday here, and a day off for me. This, and variations of this, outfit have quickly become one of my weekend go to outfits:)

Harem Leggings / Urban Outfitters
Drape Top / Metalicus
Sandals / Django & Juliette

And in other news, a Metalicus jacket I ordered arrived today. (#3 / #4). It wont get much wear until Autumn but I knew that when I ordered. I am already planning for the cool weather lol.

Happy to report that with the new jacket coming into the wardrobe, two others are on their way out.

Thanks for looking and I hope you are not sick of my harems :)



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WIW : Wednesday Sneaks

Hi Fabbers!

Further to last Wednesday's post featuring my thoughts on the need for comfy, yet stylish shoes for my Wednesday community activities, this was todays outfit, once again featuring my new sneaks.

I love these shoes. So comfy and I imagine it won't be long before I work them into an office outfit lol.

Today's outfit:

Cobalt Square Cut Shirt : Sussans
Black Knit Tube Skirt : Kmart
Slip On Sneaks : Target.

Do the proportions look ok here? I rolled the skirt at the waist band once to shorten it just a little.

Thanks for looking and your thoughts always very valued.

Please excuse headless shot, it was one of the days and I looked a bit like an extra from "The Walking Dead"... didn't want to scare anyone.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Dress Weather:)

Happy Weekend Ladies!

One thing I like about the warm weather is I get to wear my dresses. I find I am much more inclined to wear dresses in Spring/Summer with Autumn / Winter being a pants \ Leggings heavy season:)

This dress is new this season. Simple, black, jersey and a very cool drape at the back. Wore this to an AGM this morning. I was up for reflection for the Board of our community radio station. They voted me back in...must have been the dress lol.

While I love this dress, I recognise that it's not the most slimming style. I am not skinny, so the slight body con (it skims really) highlights my tummy and hips, and the draping at the back adds to my derrière but for the first time in my life these things are mattering less to me. The dress is a good fit, I like the style, it reflects my style preferences and I feel good. YLF has been instrumental in helping me reach this point. I'm happy with the body I have right now regardless of how slim or otherwise it may be.

Your thoughts , suggestions, critiques all very well welcome. Has YLF helped bring about this level of body confidence for you also? Don't get me wrong, I have my days when I wish I had Elle McPheresons body and feel quite displeased with mine, but general these days it's all good;)



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WIW : Embracing A Trend

Happy Wednesday Ladies!

I have been recognized the need for a small Wednesday capsule for my work at the Community Meal over the warmer months. One of the things that stood out as a wardrobe hole were suitable but still fashionable footwear with a closed toe.

I have been considering the slip on sneaks for a while and finally went and bought a pair. I actually bought two, the other were black and white snake print but after playing with them at home, I decided the black were the go and the snake would probably languish in my coset, so they have been returned (Master 11 'told me so') lol

So today I wore my Monki Cocoon Dress with 3/4 sleeves worn with Target slip on leather look sneaks. The sneaks are very comfortable and nicely cushioned and worked well for being on my feet for a large part of the day. I also like how they work with dresses and skirts :)

I often do things after the community meal so I like to be able to whip off the apron and look presentable for school pickup, coffee with a friend, etc.

What do you think? I think this dress looks better IRL with movement but I think it fits the JFE category.

So have a hit a right note with the sneaks?

P.s. My new hair straighteners arrived today, very exciited! Hopefully my hair is going to be a little easier to manage:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Summer Layers

Hi Ladies,

Thanks to Denise's challenge I am getting organised and trying to take daily pics again :)

Today is an office outfit.  Skinny leg pants and new top.  I have played with #2 so you can see the hemline of the top. 

There is a little store in our undercover shopping centre that I have started to frequent.  Most of the clothing skews way to too young for my liking but I have found 2 or 3 pieces that are very me, and this is one of them.

The top is a slightly sheer fabric, a bit chiffon-y and is nicely made.  The store carries a variety of brands and garments are mid range in price.  The sleeve style is a little different for me and I feel quite 'covered' but I am liking the change with respect to the sleeve.

Thanks for looking and your thoughts and comments much appreciated

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Deep Red!

Happy Monday!

Well the colour is actually called Blood Red and I'm loving it.

I am pretty much at my desk doing admin today, after a very full and busy weekend, so chose something loose and fluid (almost a loungewear feel) but still smart for work. I did pop a cocoon cardigan on for the trip into work but forgot to get a pic.

This top is the Metalicus Marlini Drape top, and is the same as my black one. The pants are my tapered Sportsgirl pants and Emelia block heels.

#1 and #4 /5 are most accurately representative of the deep red colour. #2 & #3 are show if up brighter than it really is.

So how does this work. Does the colour work for me? There is so ething about the dark red that appeals to me in the same way black does.

Thank for checking it out.



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WIW : Harem Style

Hi Fabbers!

I hope you don't get sick of seeing these....I LOVE my harems SO much!

Today's outfit was worn to finish decorating our church Christmas Tree, lunch with my MIL and SIL and then preparations for our involvement in an annual swap meet here in Bendigo this weekend.

The outfit is my harem leggings from Urban Outfitters, Metalicus Columbus Crop Tee and Django and Juliette sandals.

I really like the proportions of this outfit and the cut of this tee. Happiness factor is of the chart:)

Thank you for looking. Comments, critiques etc much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Black and White Stripes

Hi Ladies,

This is what I wore today to work and when I bought my new pink top!

This is one of two striped items in my closet. I don't generally love stripes on myself but the black and white and the width of these stripes make it more appealing to me. I was going to move the skirt on but it is so comfortable and I am still enjoying it. This is a work outfit, so added a touch of lady like with the sandals. I would prefer this with my black Emilia block heels but for the past two nights I have been up and down a ladder decorating the church christmas tree (still not quite finished - seems I am as obsessive about dressing Christmas Trees as I am about dressing myself, and no the tree is not black and white, although I do with they would let me do that) and my feet couldn't have handled heels today.

So the outfit is Kmart black and white midi skirt, back Marlini Drape top from Metalicus and sandals from Rivers. Bag from a store here called Forever New.

This is not a combo I would wear in my off time, but it's something that is very office appropriate for me.

Thanks for looking. Suggestion for improvement always welcome.

xxx Deborah


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WIB : Colour Me Pink!

Well I figure Rick (Owens) is playing with pastels, therefore so can I.  See we are all lemmings in one way or another :)

I have bought it, so not a keep or return and it was on sale so no return.  But even so, please be honest (re selling is always an option).

In the first instance, I plan to wear it over a Metalicus black tube dress and sandals with sleeves pushed up.  My make up needs a little softening, so a definitely a softer lip colour and probably no cheek colour:)

This is clearly not styled at all, but what do you think?

Have I gone mad??

And to my fellow Sisters of Darkness, I am not crossing over to the other side!  I won't be making a habit of this lol.  I did think it could be a cool way to wear black?

Thank for checking it out.

xxx Deborah