Harem Pants Inspiration Thread!

Hi Ladies,

I am starting the Harem Inspiration thread as discussed in an earlier thread.

Please feel free to post your own harem outfits and also any other outfit pictures you come across with women wearing harems that inspire you.

For those interested, mark this thread as a 'favourite' so you can find it easily and we can continue to update it with our harem stylings.

I am excited as this will be a fab resource for styling my harems:)

I attached a stock picture of my current favourite harems, the EF very dropped drop crotch version, but I know some of different versions (not so low a dropped crotch) etc.

I will post my first lot of pics as a commentor.

Have fun and thanks for the inspiration.

xxx Deborah


One Dress! Could You?

Hi Fabbers,

I came across this very stylish lady on Pinterest:) Her name is Michelle Oka Doner and she is an artist.  

I noted that I seemed to be seeing her in the same dress but different colours and did some research. 

Apparently she bought this dress in 1987 and has had it made in a variety of colour and fabrics.  I believe she does have other things in her wardrobe, but according to what I read this dress is the key item in her wardrobe and she wears them all the time.

I was struck by the beauty of Michelle, and her dress. I was thinking I would love to take a picture to my dressmaker and see if she could could copy the dress... and then I started to wonder if I could have one item that I loved so much and felt reflected who I am, would I be happy to simply wear different versions (colours / tones) all the time. I think I might?!?

How about you?

xxx Deborah


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My Essential Eight! Wanna Play??

Hi Ladies,

You know those lists that appear frequently in magazines and on blogs that outline the must have 10 items that every fashionable woman should have in her wardrobe?   Well I confess to thinking they are a little silly as they generally make the assumption that we all have the same style and the same lifestyle.

So after perusing Ines' list in Parisian Chic, I have created my own list ... for me:)  I am not suggesting in any way that this would be / should be anyone else's must haves.

These are the items that I feel are the foundations of my wardrobe so to speak.  Should one of them be removed, my style would collapse around me ;)
BTW this is not really season appropriate, that was just too hard.  But for summer, for example I would swap out leggings for skinny pants.  

My Essential Eight  Ta da!!!

  • The Black Blazer
    Ines and I agree on this one.  My blazer is a little less classic, has a draped lapel and is a knit.
  • The Little Black Dress
    Again, Ines and I agree.  Soft jersey and trademark draping.
  • The Skinny Jeans
    Black, with a little room to move.
  • The White Tshirt
    Draped, jersey - perfect for layering
  • The Ponte Leggings
    A winter staple.
  • The Tunic
    Soft cashmere blend, wear over leggings or jeans
  • The Ankle Boot
    Goes with everything!
  • The Leather Jacket
    For work and play.
If you feel like playing, I would love to know what your list would be.  Doesn't have to be 8 or even 10.  Just list the items that you think set the tone or foundation for your style - your must have items to ensure your own fabulous style - , and add pics if you can :)

xxx Deborah


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