Seems I Made the Right Career Choice!

In my last little career thread you all gave me such excellent advise and helped me find the perspective I needed.  I thank you very much for that.

To catch you up, I negotiated 5 days at school hours at my current employer and resigned my shifts at Motto.

What I haven't yet shared is this! Last Wednesday I called my Motto boss and resigned.  She was wonderful and encouraging.  The same night we had  Motto team meeting with her (which I didn't attend because I had resigned, and because my hubby had a meeting that evening so I was on mum duty).  So...I received a call from my boss at 9pm that evening (after the team meeting had finished) and she advised me that Motto are closing up the shop here in Bendigo!!  Our last day of trading is this coming Sunday and my last shift is tomorrow (Friday) night.  

What an amazing turn of events.  

Your comments helped to clarify where the future was for me  Those of you who suggested there was no future in retail didn't realise just how on the money you were:)

I am so disappointed that Motto is leaving our town.  The other stores are fine and they have on line but it's not the same.  We have a lot of very disappointed local customers but as I understand it, retail is tough at the moment.  

I may still continue to some social media work with them but we are working that out at the moment.

Otherwise, one door has closed, and another opened and I start my new hours with the NTFP on Monday.

Ladies you are all wiser than you may realise:)

xxx Deborah