WIW : My Formula & New Chanel Sunnies

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Clearly this has become my casual formula:)  So I hope you are not too bored with it:)

Draped Cardigan by "Gorgeous" from local store
Assymetric grey tank by "E & D Everyday" from The Laborotory
Patterened leggings from Katies
Suede Boots from Rivers
& New pendant from Target. (I love how a new little 'something' can give you a little boost)

I actually bought a couple of other peices from the E&D Everyday range this week (all on deep discount) all in the same drapey fabric, one in soft grey and the other in a blue grey, I think they will become workhorses for both work and play.

Rugged up for leaving the house, added Brown Sugar scarf and Stella McCartney for Target bag.

And for those who kindly asked, here are my new Chanel Sunglasses in action.
I do love them:)

"THE" sunglasses - for those who didn't see the thread, these were a very kind gift I received last weekend.  I do hope they suit me 'cos I am wearing them regardless lol!

Thanks for looking and suggestions for changes, improvement etc, always greatly appreciated.



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WIW : Despicable!

Well  not the outfit...I hope, but the movie :)  Wore this to take Master 10 to see Despicable Me 2.  Great movie, we laughed, I nearly cried, and we laughed some more.  And it's back to school and work tomorrow :(

Outfit consists of my black skinny jeans, suede boots, new grey sleeveless high low blouse from JAG (which I bought to wear with navy... I will get to it.)and a newish draped jacket I happend across in Target.  It has a faux leather tie belt which I thought was kind of cool.

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and am thinking making a few adjustments for the office tomorrow.  

Also features a new cross body bag that I carried as a clutch.  It's from Nine West and made me think of the 80's... it called my name.

Thanks for looking and any comments or suggestions for improvement always appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW: Culottes

Good Morning Ladies:)

"Culottes" is such a funny word and I am never sure how to spell it! You may have seen this before as I am sure I posted a very similar outfit probably about this time last year:). The culottes are not getting a lot of wear but I do love them and I think my two new felt toppers are going to work well with them, so they may start getting out a bit more:)

Work outfit today... Black culottes, navy satin blouse and grey, black and white moto style jacket with wedge heel suede boots.

I note the culottes are a slightly firmer fit this year....hmmm.

What do you think? Are culottes one of those items that transcend what's in fashion? Are they still a fringe item?

Thanks for looking.


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WIW: Back On Top

Hi Ladies,

Went home from work early yesterday as still not feeling great. Ended up with a monster headache, went to sleep on the couch for hours. Slept through the night ...and am feeling fantastic today..yay:).

Only work a half day today so felt like keeping it casual.

You have seen everything here except the jacket:)

Target ponte leggings (one of the best things I have ever bought)
Supre oversized grey sweater
Brown Sugar ruched moto style jacket ( #2 is the catalogue pic )
Rivers Black suede wedge heel boots

I did add my grey and white bulky scarf but forgot to get a photo :(

Hope you are all having a great day and happy July 4 to the lovely American ladies:)

Thanks for looking


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