Unstructured Structure

Happy Weekend Ladies,

Busy weekend and am feeling a bit faded this Sunday afternoon, so after taking some pics of some clothing to go on Ebay, I decided to have a play with a new tunic and intentionally create an unstructured structured look. My jackets are not getting enough outings and I would really like to work them into less "corporate" or conservative looks.

Forgive me for not actually putting this on (I'm too tired:() but I have a willing model in Miss Singer 150 :)

The outfit is a sleeveless grey self patterned draped tunic over a pencil skirt with a collarless jacket. Haven't quite worked out footwear.

I'm going for grown up, tailored with a twist. I do realize that I need to pop this on myself to be sure it works, but in theory what do you think?

I have been thinking a lot lately about this blend of structured and unstructured pieces as this really resonates for me, and am looking forward to playing with other elements in my closet.

And Shannon's post here


has me rethinking my sheath dresses which haven't been out much lately. Perhaps adding unstructured jackets/topper would bring them new life?

Rambling a bit now..sorry.

Thanks for looking.


WIW: Animal Booties

Hi Ladies,

This is a little plain for me I think:). But I really want to start wearing my black and white animal print booties. This is only their second outing and I got them for Christmas.

Black and white seems the obvious choice but I am wondering what else I can do with them. I do love them and they are comfy.

Outfit is my winter weight slouchy pants, white sleeveless satin blouse (semi tuck) and collarless jacket.

Any ideas, or thoughts on how to make this outfit less boring.



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WIW : Slouchy & Colour!

Good morning All,

It's a cold but beautiful day in downtown Bendigo:)

I think I may have only worn these pants once before. These are my winter weight "slouchy" pants. Not particularly slouchy over the tummy but the leg tapers and is ruched at the ankle. I can semi tuck into them but decided to go with the "untuck" today:).

This jacket/cardigan/wrap 'thing' is possibly 10 years old. It can be worn like this or 'upside down' which turns it into a long draped jacket. It's one of those items I think may just be a forever item in my wardrobe. I don't wear it a lot but when I do I really in joy it.

The necklace is new and was purchased in the current Myer sales. I love pearls but often find them a little too conservative looking on me, so I couldn't pass this up as I loved the modern design.

Outfit today is:
Slouchy winter pants - Katies
Cobalt oversized tee - Kmart (same as my grey marle one)
Cardigan/jacket - from Chocolat Boutique at home in Melb
Booties - my beloved puppies! (Hush Puppies)

Have a great day, and thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated.



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WIW: Winter Layers

Hi Ladies,
It's so cold Im finding it hard to get up on the mornings so not much time to snap outfits lol. But managed a quick snap this morning.

This tunic is a bit of a go to piece. Today I'm wearing it with my Hush Puppie booties, ponte leggings, a stretch knit skirt and a sleeveless jacket over it...enough layers? Oh and I did my pop on my black coat for on the way to work:)

Think of me today, I'm popping in to a local jeweller today to see if they can cut my wedding ring off! I am feeling a little conflicted about this. It's quite comfy and moves at the base of my finger but I cannot move it up the finger to remove it. The fact that I "can't" take it off really bothers me. It's a very slim band that sits under my engagement ring, which I love, and we only got the band really for the wedding ceremony as I only ever wanted to just wear my engagement ring. I did tell DH this morning and it didn't seem to bother him:)

Thanks for looking, and listening:)


WIW : Weekend Wear

Hi Ladies,

Apologies for being a bit scarce this weekend. Spent the day in Melbourne on Saturday with my sister rather unsuccessfully shopping the Essendon Direct Factory Outlets, followed by a birthday function in the evening upon my return and then a crazy day of family stuff today.

This is somewhat unexciting but it was today's outfit for visiting my MIL, doing the groceries and general running around. I did add my bulky grey and white scarf while out of the house but forgot to get a pic.

The hooded cardigan is a sample I picked up yesterday with my sister. Purely a casual piece, I thought it was a little bit of a change from my oversized tops. I have layered a white cotton tank and then a long tunic length black tank under the cardi.

Ok for casual weekend wear? I'm thinking a bit of colour (maybe coral) could work under it also?

Thanks for taking the to take a look.



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WIW : Drape

Hi Lovely Ones,

It is Friday... Yay!  Bible Study this morning and then into work at 1.00 p.m.
I bought this skirt about a month ago but hadn't really had time to 'style' it.  Hoping this works.  I needed a flat heel after almost a full week in heels and it feels good!

Outfit consists of:

Long tail cardigan : Luka (its long at the front and short at the back)
Sleeveless grey/black/white top : Target (sort of a forest/tree scene)
Asymetric jersey type skirt : Kmart
Flat Booties : Rivers

This is the type of outfit that rates highly on happiness scale, but does it actually work?

Thanks for looking and for your thoughts.
Aussie girls... happy Friday, all others... happy almost Friday.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Fleur de lis Jeans

Hi Fab ones,

I am trying out a new photo spot at home:)  I have set up the spare room so I can (hopefully) quickly snap my outfits each morning without my (large and small) boys photo bombing and 'participating' in the process:)

These jeans are a new addition to my winter wardrobe and I am enjoying wearing them.  So far I have worn them with oversized toppers but am keen to try a structured jacket with a flowy blouse next:)

I had to size up in the jeans due to my 'ample' belly so instead of skinny they read more straight leg but I hope they are slim enough for the oversized topper.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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Hi Lovely Ladies,

You have probably seen this one before.  It's a bit of FFBO.  I just LOVE this skirt. I love how it looks and how it feels.  It is so comfortable and easy to wear.  When I first saw the Bailey 44 tiered striped dress I just fell in love with it, but I must have been the only woman it didn't look good on :)  So when I came across this skirt it was an easy decision to buy it.

The footwear is different to this combo's last outing.  The booties were a birthday gift from my lovely MIL.

Thanks for looking and as always suggestions for improvement etc are very welcome.

xxx Deborah


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WIW: ALGO...for me :)

Hi Ladies,

Hope those of you who had a long weekend had a good one:).

I am very pants oriented at the moment so decided I shouldn't let my skirts languish and decided to have a skirt day. I feel this is a lot going on for me ...colour, stripes lol. It's not so cold today so the jacket did come off at the office. The blouse is all black with the front being black and white striped. It is also a high low cut.

I don't mind the outfit but I'm not sure I love it!

And, I am making myself accountable to you... These are my last bootie purchase for the year!!

Suggestions, etc always valued:).


Ps: today was one of those days when tempted to "chop of my head"! The camera certainly knows how to enhance how tired one looks:(


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WIW: Business Casual

Hi Ladies,

This outfit honestly looks better in person:). I added the scarf to hide the expanse of white across my mid section as I really feel it accentuates my "apple" bits:).

Outfit consists of skinny jeans, white satin sleeveless blouse and herringbone blazer and wedge heel booties.

I am working on unstructured structure at the moment as I recognise that I feel most like me when there are elements of both in my outfit.

Thanks for looking. Feedback and suggests very welcome. I had planned to wear my white booties with this but I'm having a hard time getting used to look of a stark white boot, I love them but maybe it's an eye adjustment thing.


P.s. excuse the weird pose, just started using a remote for the camera it seems I found it hard to focus on both pressing the button and standing properly lol.  Hmm and I thought I was a proficient multi tasker!