Draped Vest ??

It's that time if the year when I tend to crave a few new things as winter starts to transition into Spring!

I spotted this today and liked it a lot but was a little unsure of the colour. It's described as cream ivory.

What do you think? I know it's tricky to get a good idea of the colour from my iPhone pics.

Thanks for taking a look


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Why I Shouldn't Leave the Office @ Lunchtime

I enjoyed reading Shannon's post this morning


and recognised some elements in myself as I read.  I have become much more disciplined and now plan my purchases, research them, consider them etc etc but sometimes I just want a new little something (let's not get into how often I want a new little something lol).  It's exciting, it's fun, it can give birth to a series of new outfit ideas and I admit it makes me feel good!

So.... popped out at lunch for a wander, as one does, and came back to the office with this faux leather raw edge waterfall jacket.  This is one of those spontaneous purchases that I really enjoy.  On sale, only one in my size and something I have been wanting:)  The zippers are gold but I thought I would try the YFL black sharpie pen trick??

Anyway, my only reservation was that it's not leather.  I have become a bit of a snob!  Which is funny because I only own one actual leather jacket, my multi media pieces are all faux.  I worry that faux looks 'cheap'.  What do you think of faux leather in general?  I realise it comes in varying qualities, as does leather.  Do you wear it?  Yes, No and why?



Opinions on this skirt please:)

Hi Ladies,

I have had this skirt on my 'maybe' list for a month or so but I couldn't really think seriously about it because it's been so cold and this would be more Spring / Summer weight.

Any way, took a peek today and it is now on sale so I thought I would ask you what you think.  I love the shape and curve of the hem.  I am not exactly sure what I would wear it with tho:(

Thinking maybe sleeveless top with a sleeveless drapey vest??

FYI it is 100% cotton and full washable and the colour is charcoal not black.

Any ideas for styling and do you see this working for me?

Thanks for taking a look.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Black, Red & Skulls

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This outfit features a blazer I haven't been wearing much. It gets moved to the cull pile and then creeps back into my closet lol. I like it and I think it plays well in my closet, I just have to remember that it's best with a skinny leg jean or pants. It's also a weave and not a knit so there is no stretch and I seem to have much lower tolerance these day for garments that don't move and stretch with me.

Outfit consists of red suede ankle boots, black skinny jeans, black drape tee and boyfriend (?) style blazer and topped off with cream and black skull scarf.

Red is one of my accent colours and I do love how the red boots 'bookend' with the red lip. Footwear is one the few ways I like to bring in a little colour, it's subtle but at the same time not:)

Question for you all... how do your outfits start? I often wake with two pieces in mind. So this morning it was the blazer and red booties and I built the outfit from there. How does it work for you?

Thanks for looking. Does this work to your eye? I would like to get more wear out of the jacket.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Fade to Grey

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Had some errands to run this morning and then lunch with DS (at McDonalds) and a quick trip to replace my black skinny jeans..but more on jeans in another post.

I am finding myself very attracted to the concept of a black base and then a more statement piece over the black and thus this is how I arrived at the combination. When I woke up today, I knew I wanted to wear leggings and flat boots and this Walker & Beck sleeveless jacket. (Truth be told, I could wear leggings and boots every day!!)

The outfit consists of black pointy toe ankle boots, leggings, jersey skirt, asymmetric him tunic and grey sleeveless jacket.

The beauty of this jacket is that it can be worn a few different ways. And it is incredibly warm! I wore it draped as in #1/#3, but as you can see it can be draped and wrapped higher on the neck, AND it can be worn upside down (waving to Joy) creating a shorter wrap like garment with a very nice shape at the back - but I only just tied that so didn't get a pic:)

Love to know what you think? Does it work? Too much bulk? Alternate styling ideas?

Thanks so much for looking and I hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend.

And because I am an 80's New Romantic through and through, for your listening pleasure...hope the link works, anyone remember Visage??


xxx Deborah


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Keep Or Move On?

HI Lovely Ones,

My normally decisive self is struggling a little! I need your input. I have a few things that I am not sure about keeping, in fact these are the only remaining items in my wardrobe that I don't have 100% certainty about.


#1/#2 Two tone Ballet Flats by New Look. They are approx 7 years old and they have never really be worn that much. I cannot recall the last time I wore them. I do love this Chanel-eque look.. but!

Animal print Ballet Flats by Sandler. I wore them quite a bit when I first bought them approx 3 years ago, but I don't wear those brown tones at all and again, I cannot recall when they were last worn.

Here is the thing...
- I don't really like ballet flats (for me)
- I have never liked shoes with bows on them!

I am pretty confident it is time to let them go. The two tone are too "classic" and I have black and white animal print booties that can easily fill any hole left by the animal print flats.


#3 is a striped tube skirt (gorgeous Caro has the same one). I love a tube skirt but as much as I try I am really not into stripes. It is comfy, and easy to wear. It's more suited to the warmer weather and I am wondering if I should wait and see how I feel when it's warmer. I think it can be edged up with an interesting drape top and edgy footwear? Keep and see, or should it go?

#4 is a Bailey 44-esque skirt from Target. I have enjoyed wearing it but again it's the stripe thing:) It does look good with a slightly oversized/asymmetric hem top. Another skirt more suited to the warm weather. Keep and see, or go?

#5 Cobalt pencil skirt from Katies. I adore the colour but I haven't been wearing it.

#6 Sussan ponte knit red midi length pencil skirt. New and never worn:( I got a bee in my bonnet about buying a red pencil skirt. I finally found this and it has languished in my closet. Is there any chance of making this work with my style?

Do you think there is hope for any of these in my wardrobe?

Thanks for taking the time:)
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday Fabbers!

I find I very easily fall into a pattern of skinnies/leggings and oversized toppers and if I don't give my outfits some thought, items I do love can hang lonely in my closet.

Skirts are one of those items that can easily be ignored. So today my outfit started with with two items I wanted to wear and built from there.

Those items were my tall boots and an asymmetric jersey skirt. I wanted a long continuous line on the bottom so added opaque tights, add a draped long sleeve top (see Pic #6) to add hint of grey to break the black, and finished with my textured poncho. The last time I wore the poncho I wore it with the long triangular sections centre front and back, this time I wore it with the long sections to the sides creating an even hemline across the front.

Accessories were drop mother of pearl earrings, silver rings and my houndstooth Nine West back carried as a clutch. And new nail colour! It's called Mauve Kiss, Colour Show by Maybelline, its a really nice matt but neutral tone.

We are enjoying a very chilly winter and the layering here provided the right amount of warmth for church this morning.

Thank you for looking and any thoughts, suggestions, critques always very appreciated.



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What is left of your pre YLF wardrobe?

Hi Fabbers,

I was scrolling through outfit photos on my laptop yesterday afternoon and I was struck by the fact that so many of the garments are no longer in my wardrobe!

Even things that I bought after finding YLF have already "left the building" lol.
Clearly experimenting and trying different styles in order to "find my style" factors heavily in this process, but even so I was surprised at just how much has been moved on.

Interestingly, when I arrived here (3 years and 2 months ago), my wardrobe was very black heavy. I added pattern and colour, and flirted with "trends", and revisited a more modern classic work style that I had moved on from when I left the corporate sector. I had immense fun doing this but found I wasn't fully "relating" to my outfits. Hence I made the slow return to black, but instead of just "randomly" buying everything in black, I discovered I had learnt how to plan my wardrobe and consider elements other than just the colour ie, fabric, texture, wearability and quality.

I became clear on my style persona and for the first time could articulate what I was aiming for. Adding light grey, white and blues to my wardrobe have been carefully considered choices, and I am pleased to say that mistake purchases are *almost* a thing of the past:).

In some ways I see my style having come full circle yet it's not the same! It is more honed, more intentional and much more fulfilling and makes me happy in a way that my old wardrobe never did.

I suspect I am not the only one to have this experience.

Do you have much left of your pre YLF wardrobe?

Is your style completely revamped, or is it simply a "better" version of what you have always been drawn to.



WIW : Lazy Sunday

Happy Weekend everyone!

DH is on holiday leave at the moment which meant we were slack and didn't attend church this morning!! So I had a big sleep in (Master 11 had dreams last night so I was up and down a lot) and now just lazing around doing some bits and pieces as the mood takes.

Did watch the first episode in a 5 part British series (second series) called Criminal Justice which was riveting and now wishing I could spend the afternoon watching more:)

I am not sure I have posted a "lounging around" outfit before so here you go.

Jersey slouchy pants, a nice alternative to sweats(track pants), a long tee and blue open-ish weave sweater. No shoes cos I'm not planning on leaving the house;)  Pretty daggy but I am comfy:)

And because I am on a mission to link all my post titles with songs lol, here's one for today. Lazy Sunday by The Small Faces. Truth be told I am not old enough to remember them but as a teen I was crazy into British 60's music and fashion..and they were cool;)




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WIW : A Forest

Hi Fabbers,

Off to the Community Meal this morning with Master 11 who is on school holidays:).

I still like to "dress" on a Wednesday, but like to keep it pretty casual as I can be doing anything from washing dishes to serving tables to swanning around "supervising" ;) so everything needs to be washing machine friendly!

This is a bit of a fast fall back outfit for me. Ponte pants/leggings, forest print long sleeve tee, and draped long sleeve tee layered over. Flat boots as I'm on my feet from 9 until 2. It has been really cold here and I have been wearing beanies daily (I have this black one, navy and cobalt).

My hair journey continues, and I had a cut last week. Have now gone very short but still with length at the front. While I don't hate it (I don't love it), I think this is not quite where I want to go:). Some of the shorter top lengths are quite challenging to manage and style. My hair does grow fast so no stress but I think I am now moving towards platinum blonde foils (not a full head) mixed with my natural colour and a short choppy asymmetric bob...we'll see:)

Thanks for looking! The Forest tee makes me think of the The Cure's "A Forest" *sigh*, so for your listening pleasure...


Have a great day.



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