WIW : Zebra

Hi Lovely Fabbers,

Like most of you I am juggling my work/homelife balance and I just haven't had the time for outfit pics, which is disappointing because it's so much fun:)

For Spring, I am finding that I am veering a little more to modern classic ??
With pants, blouse and jacket being my current preference for the office. 

Sorry for the bad iPhone pic but had a moment in the office alone and was keen to see how this ensemble looked. 

The jacket I posted at the beginning of the year as a K/R and you voted it could stay on the island, but today is it's first outing.  And I love it.  As the jacket is quite a statment I have kept everything else simple but added red pumps for that little 'something' to lift the outfit.  Black footwear just looked too dull.

How does this go as a work outfit.  The jacket reminded me of something I saw on Pinterest from Zara but is from our Target :)

I have had a revelation about me and pattern... the main pattern presence in my wardrobe at the moment is animal print.  For some reason I find it very appealing and even though it's been on trend for sometime it still feels fresh and I feel comfortable with it as part of my style persona.

Outfit details:  all items are from Target, except the red pumps which I 'designed' from  Shoes of Prey.

Thanks for looking and any recommendations for improvement always appreciated.

Happy Bendigo Cup Day to all

xxx Deborah