WIW: Colour Me Floral

Hi Ladies, I have realised only recently that I really do quite like patterned jeans and trousers! I bought these jeans over the summer break and with Autumn knocking the weight of these is just right. Yellow is generally a no go zone for me but I think worn lower on the body like this works. I have added two layered silver necklaces hoping to "lighten" the black top and of course book ending my shoes and hair. What do you think? Are the jeans over the top? BTW the jeans are grey, yellow and touches of black. Thanks xxxDeborah

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WIW : Team Wear

Happy Monday (or Sunday, depending on where you are), Wearing the booties I bought yesterday:) You have seen this dress but I have remixed with a blazer, and booties rather than a cropped cardigan and the black shooties I normally wear with it. Does this work? I was rather inspired by Shannon and Rae who totally rock the dress/bootie look:) Thanks xxxDeborah

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WIW: Casual Friday

Hi Ladies, I really felt to dress casual today and for some reason last night, fixated on my old grey boyfriend cardigan. Is this style cardigan dated?? The outfit was designed around the cardi :)

 Camo pants, coral blouse, black booties and new Karen Walker necklace. I felt quite ok in this and enjoyed the slight slight change of silhouette.

 This was worn for bible study in my home and then just some running around and grocery shopping.

 What do you think. Should I keep the cardigan, or has it had it's day? (FYI it is a wool blend and has held it's shape, has no 'balling' and looks as good as when I first bought it).

 xxx Deborah

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WIW: Colour For Angie:)

Happy Thursday! Well Angie very sweetly mentioned she is missing "my non black outfits", so just for you Angie, and because our weather has cooled down again, I'm breaking out two new things! Cobalt Ponte skinny pants, and my new blue booties. Of course the assymetrical topper is black....but my necklace is blue! This is an office outfit but I have no meetings or appointments and this is pretty comfy for catching up on admin and I still feel smart enough should one of my team drop by:) So Angie, enough of a colour fix? xxx Comments and suggestions welcome, particularly any thoughts on what else to wear these boots with. xxxDeborah

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Leather & Sparkle

Hi Ladies,

I have been so excited to post on the new YLF,  so here is my celebratory outfit!

I have a function coming up soon and this was the end result of a little play in closet.
What do you think.?  

Blouse : Suzanne Grae 
Skirt : Suzanne Grae
Booties:  Django & Juliette

I added the polka dot clutch to add some softness and fun.

Thanks for looking:)

xxx Deborah

WIW: Blogger Inspiration

Hi Ladies,

As much as I love looking at fashion blogs, few inspire me to copy outfits But this week Beverly from Beverly like Hills posted an outfit, that minus the camo cons, had my name written all over it.

Worn to church this morning, and possibly getting another run for the office tomorrow.

The exciting thing is I had all these pieces in my closet.

Sleeveless textured drape jacket - New bought over the summer
3/4 sleeve top - Cotton On (bought recently for layering)
Faux leather skirt - suzanne grae (you have seen before)
Oxfords - Rivers (Mothers Day gift 2012)

Here's Beverly's post:


Thanks for looking.

How is the footwear? Too stumpifying? Mind you these shoes are SO comfortable I don't really mind if i look short (er) lol.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Greyscale With a Touch of Cobalt

Hi Ladies,

Taking time out from stressing about my wedding guest outfit (lol) to post todays outfit for the office.

It's cooler today so I can finally wear sleeves...yay!

These camouflage skinnies were purchased last year and I have worn them a lot but never posted them. They are grey toned which I prefer to khaki. I think the jacket looks a bit heavy but it came off at the office.

The wedge sandals are old but I love them.

Thanks for looking


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