WIW In A Heat Wave!

Well ok, I am probably exaggerating a little:). But I don't enjoy the heat and find summer the hardest season to dress for.

So for our first 40 degree day I wore this somewhat uninspired combo.

Old polka dot dress (had the flared skirt tapered last year) with red belt, black waterfall jacket and open toe black patent black wedges. White watch and pearl earrings but no other accessories. No pic but carrying my red bag:). Hubby was sweet and said i looked nice and that this dress was more "fun" than one I was originally planning to wear:)

I know my white jacket would have been a better choice but it's a thicker fabric and quite structured making it too hot for today. I only had the jacket on for the commute to work and may pop it back on for a meeting I have shortly... and I do kind of like how the black slims down my hips a bit! Lol

A coloured short jacket is on my wish list and i quite like the idea of popping a nice bright colour over this dress.

I am keen to update my dresses for summer but everything is sleeveless and I don't want sleeveless! So I might have to make do with what's already in the wardrobe:(

Thanks for looking and your thoughts appreciated. I'm not sure how truly reflective of my current style this dress is.

Have a great day Fabbers and Aussie girls, keep hydrated and don't forget the sunscreen.



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WIW: AGM & Dinner

Hi Lovely Ladies,

We have our church AGM & Dinner tonight.

The congregation will be voting on whether to extend DH's (and other pastoral staff) contract for another 2 years. And I have been nominated for church council and that will be voted on tonight also:)

I was asked to assist and up the ante of this event, particularly in relation to the dinner, so we have catered the meal and set up the function room a little like a reception dinner and it's all a little more special than they have done before. So far so good:)

It's what I would describe as a smart casual event. So after discarding a couple of items that are feeling a little too firm, I settled on my black straight leg pants, new snake print tunic (Jacqui E for the Aussie girls), black open toe wedges and red clutch.

#2 is a pic of my accessories for your viewing pleasure :)

As always I really appreciate your thoughts, and suggestions, critique etc.

Have a fab weekend



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WIW: Cobalt Blue & Silver

Hi Ladies,

Haven't posted a lot lately as work is quite busy and I'm wearing a lot of outfits you have seen:)

So today I'm debuting a new cobalt blouse and metallic silver loafers.

Casual look for bible study this morning.

Swapped out my white watch for my silver mesh watch after seeing pics and am wearing two silver layered necklaces in the neckline of the blouse.

I'm hoping the blouse might worked tucked and untucked with a pencil skirt and possibly even tucked into rolled jeans too!

Apologies to anyone who might be just a tad sick of seeing my black skinnies:). I do wear them a lot and they are a go to garment for my work days.

Trust you are having a lovely day


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WIW : Almost Black Ensemble feat Cobalt Booties

Hi Stylish Ones

First outing of the cobalt booties.

Casual Friday for me. Bible Study group then lunch and grocery shopping with DH, who by the way thinks his "Elvis" references (regarding the booties) are too funny!! Hmmm...

So the outfit..

Black skinny jeans
Navy long cami
Black hi low sweater top
Cobalt booties
Big ink blue scarf added when left the house

How did I do? I really like the softness of the combined blues and black.

xxx Deborah


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