WIW : Lace Mixing

Hi Fabbers,

For someone who is not a huge fan of lace, today I mixed two items with lace:)

Motto have had a fabulous Christmas sale on and I have to confess I have purchased three new things:

#4  the Orbit Belt

#5  Lace Pant (it's a skirted legging - I am obsessed with the skirted legging)

#6  Wild 70's Coat from our Winter.  The picture really does not do it justice.  It is a really cool abstract pattern and it looks like a long blazer only in a soft jersey fabric.  

Anyway, today I wore the lace pant, with a dress length jersey cami layered over them so you just get a hint of the lace asymmetric hemline and then a lace jacket over that.  I was in air conditioning all day :) 

I wonder if perhaps a sandal without an ankle strap might have been better so as not to have two horizontal lines across my ankle but I kind of liked it so didn't change.

Thanks for looking, it's a more fitted silhouette than my norm so do you think it's ok?

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Animal on Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day!  I worked today, my first time doing Boxing Day retail in a looong time :)  It was lots of fun and lots of ladies are now home with some wonderful goodies.

Our weather went from mid 30's to 23 degrees today, and it was windy, wet and quite cold this morning.

I wore my skirted leggings, jersey cami and a new top - which I bought predominantly for work to lighten up my black.  It's called the Jersey Vee Cami and I love the design. I am hoping it may become available in black!!
I don't normally wear brown tones, but I felt the white and grey tones balanced the brown for me.  The shape is totally me and the animal print is a bit of fun:) 

Do you think this top should stay firmly in my 'shop capusule' or worth working into my everyday wear?  It does work with a lot of my bottoms and I do think there are some layering possibilities??

Thanks for looking
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Christmas In Oz

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful Fabbers. 

It's summer here in Australia and for a change it's not been an insanely hot Christmas Day.  It's low 30's but we have quite a bit of wind today, so we decided to eat indoors.  We love to do have our meal outdoors weather permitting but table cloths and centrepieces just were not going to stay put.

I have a very bad habit of not planning my Christmas Day outfit so there was a bit of 'phaffing' around this morning.  I knew I wanted to wear my Jersey Split Cropped Pants (not so cropped on me tho:) and decided to wear this white hammered satin top that I haven't worn at all this summer. I think it's on it's third summer. Today was one of those rare days when all black just wasn't cutting it.   Wearing a back jersey long cami underneath and then top semi tucked into my Betty Belt.  AND I am pleased to say that the white top got through food prep, cooking and lunch unscathed. Quite an accomplishment for me:)

Hopefully the proportions work.  The lower slung belt definitely creates shorter looking legs but I think it's ok??

#3 is one of my Christmas pressies from my very generous hubby. Metalicus Kos Drape Pants in..... NAVY ;)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day not matter what you are doing.

xxx Deborah



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WIW : Heat Wave

Happy Sunday!  

We are experiencing some very hot days her at the moment and it's quite an effort to even get dressed lol.

For church today I wore all Metalicus and my Motto belt:)

Henson Draped Skirt / Metalicus
Indiana Cropped Top / Metalicus - not particularly cropped on me lol.
Betty Belt / Motto
Sandals / Kmart

The top and skirt are the same fabric and work quite well together.  I am so hot that Im afraid I have few words today:(

Hope everyone's Christmas plans are coming together well.  Five more sleeps xx



Wildcard Jacket Arrived

Well, I think this would be a true wildcard for me!

Some quick pics when I got home from work.  Long day so just popped it on over what I was wearing #1 & #2  and with a ink top under it #3

The jacket has a lot more yellow that I imagined.  

My initial thoughts are:

  • it's different but I really like the jacket
  • I think it would look best with navy
  • the blue in it is almost cobalt and I do have cobalt in my wardrobe
  • I am not sure of the yellow on me, is there enough blue to combat the yellow?

I am sorry I don't have time to style properly and I will have a play but was keen to see if you think the item actually works for me colour wise before I put the effort in.



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WIW : Granny Chic?

Hi Fabbers,

I have a bit of a negative association with anything that looks like crochet. Yet, at the same time, I am strongly attracted to it. lol

I wore this to work at the store today.  The top and jacket are new additions and the jacket was purchased to lighten up my black when working in store.  The design is me, but the 'net' effect  was something I had to think about quite a bit as I didn't want to look like I was wearing my Grandmothers table cloth lol.  In black it would be a no brainer but there is something about the lighter tone.  Anyway I decided I liked it and it will layer well over so much of my black and some of my whites.

Thanks for looking, love to know what you think.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Xmas Cantata

Happy Sunday!

Beth Anne mentioned recently I seem to be in an exploratory phase with my style and I would definitely agree.  I have been enjoying looking at different (for me) things and seeing how they might serve to 'enhance my stye' rather than compromise it.   However I have been missing wearing some of my more edgy black looks so I got out my summer open to ankle boots(so need to replace these) and went back to a more 'typical' outfit today, to attend church for our Christmas Cantata which I co-narrated :)

Outfit is:

Lauren Crop Pant / Motto
Kaffy Cami / Motto
Ankle Boots / Rubi
Necklace / Recent Gift from a friend:)

I think there is enough skin showing to balance the heavy black for summer??  I would say this type of outfit really does define my taste and style.  It's what I always come back to.

Do you find you will expand your style but still have that base or foundation that you always remain true to?

Thanks for looking and as always appreciate your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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Crushing on this!

Hi Ladies,

I have had this sitting in my cart for some time now! It's now reduced and I have a voucher !!

I have mentioned I have a low colour mixing tolerance and I really prefer solids but every now and again pattern and colour will catch my eye, interestingly when I am attracted to pattern, it will usually be a jacket as evidenced in my finds.

So may I ask you what you think of this one. I really love it. It's my style of jacket and I think the abstract nature of the pattern would work for my style. I am very attracted to the colours and think they would be flattering?? I haven't tried it on and would have to order on line. For your info it's from Metalicus:).

My one hesitation is the yellow in the pattern. I don't wear yellow at all.

Thanks for looking, love to know what you think.



WIW : School Celebration Evening

When I was at school we called it Presentation Evening and its always on the evening of the last day of school before the summer/Christmas holidays.

Tonight was a milestone because of course Master 12 is leaving to start his high school years at another school next year.

It is HOT here, we are sweltering in hot humid weather. I didn't really want to wear much but wasn't 'feeling' my dresses today so opted for a jump suit I bought about a month ago.

Now you can be totally honest. I bought this on sale and paid only $20.00 for it. I really think that sizing up would have created more drape on the top, but probably too much fabric at the hips. The length is perfect for flat sandals, but the one's I am wearing here have a very small wedge so my ppl is a bit off. Then there is the wide leg. I really prefer tapered or skinny. So the reality is that I don't think this is really that figure flattering. So now I am on the lookout for a better quality jump suit with the design details that I think will work better for me.

But I don't mind it! Lol. I wore it with a sheer sleeveless vest to for a bit more coverage and to hide how big my hips look in this cut of pant:)

Master 12 said I looked nice so I felt that was good enough:)

Thanks for looking and commenting.

#2 is something I finished today! It's a "stick" or "branch" Christmas centrepiece. We collected the wood from the side of a road (we live in a regional area) and spray painted them. I'm exploring my more arty side and exercising that side of the brain at the moment :)

xxx Deborah


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Wardrobe By Numbers Version 3.0 another 5 months on

Hi Ladies,

It's 5 months since my last count and I was keen to do a recount for two reasons.

* my wardrobe is looking more sparse (which makes me very happy)
* My new job has meant my 5 piece wardrobe is out the window and I
have purchase more than I planned.

As previously, I do these posts for my records so Please do t feel compelled to comment:). If you are like me, numbers are a very dry topic but I do know some of you love it and I have been I inspired by you x

Skirts - 9 (Early 2015 / 11 & 2014 / 16)
- I have recognised that I am mostly a pants girl except for summer when skirts are more practical. Also noted that like interesting skirts and will only buy if interesting and different to what I already have,

Pants - 17 (Early 2015 / 16 & 2014 / 19)
Includes smart leggings and skirted leggings and culottes

Jackets - 22 (Early 2015 / 23 & 2014 / 20

Sleeveless Jackets - 3 (Early 2015 & 2014 2)
-increase due to my sister giving me a new tailored sleeveless jacket I haven't yet worn.

Cardigan/Knit Vest/Wraps/Poncho. - 19 (Early 2015 / 21 & 2014 / 24)

Sweaters - 9 (Early 2015 / 6)
- the additions were intentional purchases when I realised I did not have enough dressy sweaters for winter.

Tops - 56 (Early 2015 / 44 & 2014 / 67)
- tops tend to be how I create variety. Don't mind repeating bottoms a lot but it's the tops that seem to keep the bottoms fresh and proved the variety.

Tunics/Dresses - 22 (Early 2015 / 30 & 2014 / 22)

Coats - 1 (Early 2015 / 4)

Total December 2015 - 158 (158 /. )

What I take from this is that I am now much more in touch with the clothing needs of my lifestyle and I am becoming a much more discerning shopper.

It also seems I have settled organically around a certain number of items that work for me, keeping satisfied and interested in my wardrobe. This count is across all seasons btw:)

I do wish I had counted when I first arrived at YLF but the numbers would have been overwhelming. But take it from me what I have now is probably a third of what I originally had stuffed into all the closets in my house lol.

xxx Deborah