WIW: A Floral For Me!

Happy Tuesday!

Well I told a small fib on Angie's Floral blog post.  I forgot that I actually have two floral items of clothing, not one.

I bought this dress Summer 2013 on a whim.  I wanted something soft and pretty!  But I always felt like a bit of a brick in it and struggled to give it edge.

Perhaps due to Angie's post, I was inspired today to try it out with a cropped sweater over it.

Dress:  Espirit
Sweater : Katies
Shoes : Rubi

It is a slightly different silhouette for me I think?  I also think it looks better IRL with movement:)

What do you think?  Have I succeeded in making this 'mine'?

Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah

PS... apologies for #3... I think I just fell into what is commonly referred to as 'resting b*&%% face'.. that must be my don't mess with me face lol


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Possible New Pump

Hi Ladies,

Working through my wardrobe for our coming Winter, and keeping in mind my new job, I find that I don't 'need' for very much... which is good.  However one wardrobe hole I have felt I have had for a while is for a pointy toe black pump.  This would be worn particularly as a work shoe, with my straight leg and wider leg more corporate pants.  

The problem in finding these has been that many of the pumps have a stiletto or kitten heel. which just doesn't gel with my style.

Today I found these on line.  They are Wittner shoes, leather, and I seem to fit my criteria.  The block heel makes them much more 'me'.

What do you think.  I know they are a little more conservative than my norm but I think the would work.

BTW, I am not a big 'shoe" wearer in Winter as I prefer boots but there have been times when occasions have called for a pump and it just hasn't been there :(

Thanks for taking a look.
xxx Deborah


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Shoe Purge K/Toss

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here and I thought I would review what footwear I actually wore and didn't wear over our Spring / Summer.

None of these have enjoyed much love this season:(

These are two tone black and white.  Comfy and I do like them. When I have reached for a more classic sandal this summer it has been these.  My instinct is to keep them.

Same as #1 but with a "T" bar.  Black, white and bone.  Comfy and I like the 'idea' of them but I just haven't worn them.  Truth be told, I don't really like a "t" bar for me.  Move these on?  If I could removed the Tbar I would be inclined to keep as I like the bone and black together.

Same as #2. Black, white and coral.  Wore quite a bit the two years ago but not once this year.  Issues as above.

Very old and very loved sandals.  They have really had their day and I think I have moved on from these.  Pass on?

These are old and have a platform.  I am not really into platforms any longer and am rarely wearing light coloured footwear.   I had these in black also and wore them into the ground but the lighter ones just didn't excite me in the same way.  Toss?

What say you.  Looks like I might be keeping 1 out of the 5??

Thanks for taking the time.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Volume over Volume over...

...more volume!  Happy Sunday everyone.

I think Sunday mornings are one of my most creative times for dressing.  It might just be that I don't have to be anywhere (church) until 10.30 a.m. so I have a little more creative thinking and play time to get dressed.  Of course "creative" and "success" don't always go hand in hand:)

Hoping this is JFE (just flattering enough) to your eye.  I really enjoyed wearing it.  It felt great.

I started with wanting to wear my culottes and my open toe boots. I added a fitted white slip dress, then my Metalicus Wrap Drape Vest (secured at one shoulder and belted) and then a cropped jersey topper for the morning chill. (4 layers in all lol... I cannot help myself, I think it's an addiction!)

My healthy eating plan has seen the re-emergence of my waist which has encourged me to try a little belting again.  I really do prefer waist surrendering looks but every now and again I do love the shape belts can create.

So did I go overboard on the layering?  Thanks for taking a look:)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
xxx Deborah

Please excuse the overflowing basket of washing in #2.  It's clear where my priorities lay right!?


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WIW : Autumn Where Art Thou!

Hi Ladies,

It's Saturday here and a pretty casual day.  Slept late and then some errands, a visit to MIL and home.  

Can you believe yesterday we were bundled up in jeans boots and cardigan and today it's warm again!!  I am trying out an outdoor photo spot but I think time of day wasn't the best:( But at any rate, today's outfit blue skinny jeans rolled, new (end of season pick me up) sandals and Complexgeometries top.
Excuse the no lipstick look.. I am a pale person:)  And I think the change of location caused me to forget to smile:(

Rolling jeans is still new to me, so hope I got the length right?

Thanks for looking.  Bonus pic of me mucking around on Master 12's bike!!  Master 12 couldn't resist getting his very unsporty mum on camera!

xxx Deborah


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Glasses Search May Be Over:)

Thank you all so much for your feedback on what feels like 100 posts on finding the right frames.

The Optometrist I found has been wonderful and they got new frames sent in for me, which sadly again were not the best fit.  They have sourced some more from a brand that I found fitted well so hoping to check those out in the coming days.

In the meantime I have tried on so many now that I think I have a good picture of what I think I am looking for.  So, I have spent hours on line and these may be my new frames.

They are 49mm (lense width) and 16mm across the bridge.  They are the cat eye shape and they don't lower and flatten at the temple, but rather remain raised and rounded.  They are also not too round at the bottom.  These are all the elements that I think make for a most flattering shape for me.

I can't get them in a B&M store to try but the online retailer has an excellent return policy.   Sorry cannot show them on but they are the same size as the ones that the majority of you liked in a previous post.

Fingers crossed!!

xxx Deborah


WIW : To Resign

Hi Ladies,

I received my formal job offer this morning, and I met with my current manager and submitted my resignation.

I felt Metalicus was the go for this particular occasion (ok I think it's perfect for most occasions).  It is cooling down and our forecast for today was a top of 19, so I got my new Ponte pants out, added my Metalicus Tunic and Metalicus Draped jacket.   The pants are a bit long but I have a soft spot for scrunch - looking at the pics I think I will take them up a little as the scrunch is too much yes?

My manager was lovely and quite suprised I was wanting to move on.  He is a lovey man and someone I really do enjoy working for, so I will miss him (he has only been with us a few months) but otherwise I don't feel there is a lot I will miss.  It's definitely time for change.

Comments, critiques much appreciated.  I do realise it's 'more of the same' but it is 'me' lol.  

xxx Deborah

BTW, I finish up my job next Thursday and have a week off (school holidays) before commencing the new role.


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WIW : Drapey Black with Leggings.

Happy Weekend!

I love this ensemble and its one I can put together with my eyes closed if necessary lol.  

I am having a home day, and catching up with a friend to organise and format some music for her MIL's 90th birthday tomorrow.  I am not wearing the boots in the house, but they are what I will wear should I actually go out at some point :) 

Black Drapey Top : Jaqui E knit tunic
Leggings:  Black jersey, had them for a long time.
Open toe boots : Rubi

Accessories are simply my silver star fish earrings.  Haven't even put my rings on today:)

I know some of you are not quite at the weekend, but do have a good one:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Touch of Grey

Hi Ladies,

Keeping it simple today.  It's my day off and school assembly, grocery shopping and a quick lunch with DH have been the order of the morning.
Oh and it looks like Autumn may have arrived lol

I did a little shopping earlier this week as a couple of casual knits caught my eye over at our local shopping centre.  I came home with this sweater in the grey, also bought it in black.  I then picked up another V neck neck black sweater with side front zippers - this has been a bit of  HEWI for me and I have a pinned outfit I cannot wait to replicate:)

Jeans - Katies
Knit - Emerson
Open Toe Boots :  Rubi
Grey and white Tiger Scarf : Cross Roads

Thanks for looking.  How does this work together for a casual run around look?

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Summer's Last Hurrah

Hi Ladies,

Had some good news today.  My referees have received calls from my prospective new employer, meaning that at the very least I have made the short list!  Doing my best not to get ahead of myself and trusting for a positive outcome.

Despite being Autumn, Summer is having it's last hurrah.  Hot and windy today [wonderful allergy/hay fever weather:)] so an opportunity for what might be the last outing for this dress until next Spring/Summer.

The dress is a very nice weight and the fabric gathers into three soft pleats under the left arm creating a lovely subtle drape to one side and a gentle asymmetric hemline.  It's also a very versatile dress.  I have worn this to work, to a funeral and could easily dress it 'up' for an evening.

The dress creates a nice long line and I opted for my neutral sandals today to continue the leg line, hopefully creating a nice long look in general.

Thanks for looking and your thoughts suggestions much valued.

xxx Deborah