WIW : Weekend

The weekend is rapidly drawing to a close:) I have a three day weekend so I know I shouldn't complain but work is just not exciting me at the moment :)

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend, a bit of running around and quite a few church commitments, and it's still warm. Almost, but not quite, too warm for jeans.

Nothing exciting but this is what I wore yesterday and today.

Today. I had to put my very well worn black skinnies in the bin and am having trouble replacing them. Found these grey ones that are an 'ultra soft' and they are so comfy I could sleep in them. Sadly they are not available in black but I am contemplating a second grey pair. Worn with Jag grey silky tank and black L.Linda sleeveless drape vest and my frequently worn Rubi booties.

Spent most of the day at home doing household things. Camo pants, and black top... not overly stylish but comfy.

Thanks for looking.

And while I know you are all very gracious and probably no need to apologise, I am having trouble keeping up with the Forum at the moment. Reading in between tasks and not commenting as much as i like to. Working on a couple of new projects but hoping to be back up to speed with Forum posts soon.

xxx Deborah


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Dress Success

Hi Ladies,

As some of you know I have been wanting to add a couple of new dresses to my closet. My dresses have been the final category to be purged and replenished. I find dresses challenging in terms of fit and recently I have been sizing up to accommodate my bust and then having the lower half of the dress tailored.

But this one is fab. No need for any alterations.

It was Debra who introduced me to this dress in her post here http://youlookfab.com/welookfab/topic/angies-apple

The dress is the Short Sleeve Plaza Dress from Metalicus, for anyone who may be interested. By the time I had done some research and decided I wanted to order it (we don't have a store here) it had sold out on line. I managed to track down one at a boutique in Penrith (NSW) and phoned them to find the loveliest store owner who bent over backwards to locate the dress and did the sale over the phone for me.

The dress is one size and has the most wonderful drape effect. It's a lovely weight jersey and will be quite a transeasonal dress. It arrived Thursday and I wore it Thursday night to dinner to celebrate DH and my 20th wedding anniversary.

The appealing thing about this dress is that I feel it could be worn almost anywhere. It is one of my options for an afternoon wedding next weekend.
hence that's why I was taking photos as I had only seen the dress in the mirror:) Popped on my red pumps and would of course accessorise more intentionally if I do wear it for the wedding.

This isn't a keep or return, tags are off, but I am always interested in your opinions... and I wanted to share :) I was concerned the drape might not be figure flattering and I would suggest that is not completely conventionally flattering, but I like what I see :)

The dress comes in a number of colours and the style and comfort of this dress has me considering replicating but I won't be making any hasty decisions. They also have a lovely knee length drape skirt at the moment. hmm

So thanks for looking, and have a lovely weekend.

xxx Deborah

p.s. #5 is the Plaza Twist Skirt, just for your interest :)


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WIW : Community Meal

Happy Wednesday Fabbers!

Wednesdays is the Community Meal I co-ordinate and while I still like to 'dress up' I need to be comfortable, and be prepared to get a bit grubby (clothes that can be thrown in the wash at the end of the day).

Our weather has warmed up again so this dress is perfect for a busy day. Nothing exciting, I know I have posted it before, but I think last time was with leggings. This time keeping it simple, dress (Warwick Jones) and sandals (Django & Juliette) accessorised in #2 by our very stylish (??) Community Meal apron (well it is black!)

Thanks for looking. Im booked in for a cut and colour on Friday so please excuse the well overdue hair

xxx Deborah

LOL and yes I am as tired as I look:)


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Harem Pants V2.0

Hi Ladies,

There were mixed reviews on my earlier harem pants, which I do love and have kept them more for casual wear. While I was saving my pennies for the EF harem pants that Alaskagirl has, I managed to refocus myself and remember that what I had originally wanted were in fact 'harem leggings'. I do tend to get rather excited at everything I see and become a touch scatty.

So I found these Harem Leggings by Urban Outfitters, and with the kind assistance and advice from Cocolion, I decided to purchase them. I bought the Large based on the brand being quite youth focussed and also their size chart.

Well they were too big, so I had them tailored. I am extremely happy with them. They create the silhouette and look I wanted, the fabric is a lovely soft jersey to the touch and they are incredibly comfortable.

So here they are in their first outing... church this morning:)

I am wearing them tucked into my ankle boots, with a jersey 3/4 sleeve top and my Zara sleeveless jacket.

The jacket is a good pairing as I find some structure on the top half balances the bottom and reigns in the fullness which is not particularly attractive on my hip area.

#1 With gunmetal clutch that I carried today.
#3/4 With black being so difficult to photograph these are to show clearly the
drape and dropped crotch.
#6 Catalogue photo from Urban Outfitters
#7 Overexposed pic to help see pant detail

I couldn't be more happy with these (unless of course they were the Rick Owens version that I was originally lusting after lol)

Thanks for looking. I would love to hear your opinions on these and even tho I am keeping I will not be offended by anyone who doesn't love them. And other styling ideas would be awesome.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Trendy?

Hi Fabbers,

Despite being Autumn, we are still experiencing summer temps:). I don't view this as my norm and I think it reads a bit more trendy than my usual outfits, but I feel quite good in it and it's perfect for Saturday morning errands. And it still has components that make me feel like me...black and white, structure (pants), drape (sweater).

The crop pants were given to me (tags still on) by a girlfriend who had never worn them and the sweater is a couple of sizes too big but I think it's ok. First time wearing my white leather belt, and as the pants are a lower rise for me, they do make it easier to semi or faux tuck:)

What say you, ok?



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Pearls for Jenanded's DD

HI Ladies

In memory of Jenanded's DD, today I am simply posting a picture wearing my pearl earrings.


Thinking of you Jen.

Ladies if anyone else would like to do the same, please fee free to add your pic to this post.

xxx Deborah


Navy Drape Jacket

Hi Fab ones!

I know quite a few of us are keeping an eye open for navy pieces and I came across this tonight.

Brown Sugar Long Sleeve Tie Jacket, available in Navy, black and Fawn (looks grey). On sale for $74.95


Reminded me of the Rick Owens Lilies jacket Odyssey is wearing in #3.

Of to check how my paypal account is looking lol.



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WIW: Birthday Party

Hi Ladies,

Master 10 tuned 11 two weeks ago and today we had a kids party in the park for him.

Someone needs to tell the weatherman it's the first day of Autumn! Still hot here and black as usual;)

Sleeveless tshirt dress and complexgeometries top worn with my favourite sandals.

Nothing special, and I think I prefer the top over skinny pants but the dress/skirt was cool and comfy.

Thanks for looking.

Have a great weekend.


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