Does Pima Cotton Shrink?

Hi Ladies,

I mentioned on Laura's recent Pima Cotton Tshirt Thread that I had a 100% Pima Cotton Dress on it's way to me :)  Well it arrived today (2 sizes) and am trying to decide which size to keep.

Both fit.  However, if the 34 were to shrink at all with washing I think I would have a dress I couldn't wear.  The 36 is probably more the fit I tend to like.  It's still a slim line like in the picture but the cocoon shape is just a little more pronounced, with a bit of room to move.

So my question is, does Pima Cotton shrink?

The washing instructions are to hand wash in cold water and it can be tumble dried on cool.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

By the way, the brand is Jarbo based in Seattle, Washington.  The range is really stunning and we have a boutique in Melbourne that carries their range.

xxx Deborah


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Short Hair!

Hi Ladies,

This is not a conversation purely for those of us with short hair :) I am sure some of our fabbers with longer locks have fast growing hair too!!

I cut my hair short, I think, close to three years ago. And I love it short. It has taken quite a long time and a lot of tweaking to get to what I now feel is "my short cut".

For the most part is has been what I think you would call a long pixie. Long at the front and short at the back. We have varied the back and sides, having cropped it, layered it, cut it so it sweeps forward etc. The greatest challenge I have had with short hair is that my hair grows SO quickly that some shorter styles just don't work because within a week or two my hair is too long to maintain the style:(

So I am wondering if this has been a factor in short style choice for any other Fabbers? It has taken me a while to accept my fast growing hair limits what I can do, and of course we would all choose a style that we feel is flattering to us but does practicality have a place too?

I have finally realised that a 'pixie bob' with the lower back section clippered, is the best style for me because I can generally get a good 6 weeks out of it before it starts to loose it's style. This is important to me because I am a bit of a neat freak and if all is good with my hair then all is good in my world (sad but true).

I'm posing some photos from most recent cut back to when I first went short to demonstrate my journey lol. What has your short hair, or long hair journey been?  How often do you have to get it cut, and coloured, if you do colour.  How's your tolerance once is starts to loose its shape/style?

xxx Deborah


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Wardrobe By Numbers Version 3.0 another 5 months on

Hi Ladies,

It's 5 months since my last count and I was keen to do a recount for two reasons.

* my wardrobe is looking more sparse (which makes me very happy)
* My new job has meant my 5 piece wardrobe is out the window and I
have purchase more than I planned.

As previously, I do these posts for my records so Please do t feel compelled to comment:). If you are like me, numbers are a very dry topic but I do know some of you love it and I have been I inspired by you x

Skirts - 9 (Early 2015 / 11 & 2014 / 16)
- I have recognised that I am mostly a pants girl except for summer when skirts are more practical. Also noted that like interesting skirts and will only buy if interesting and different to what I already have,

Pants - 17 (Early 2015 / 16 & 2014 / 19)
Includes smart leggings and skirted leggings and culottes

Jackets - 22 (Early 2015 / 23 & 2014 / 20

Sleeveless Jackets - 3 (Early 2015 & 2014 2)
-increase due to my sister giving me a new tailored sleeveless jacket I haven't yet worn.

Cardigan/Knit Vest/Wraps/Poncho. - 19 (Early 2015 / 21 & 2014 / 24)

Sweaters - 9 (Early 2015 / 6)
- the additions were intentional purchases when I realised I did not have enough dressy sweaters for winter.

Tops - 56 (Early 2015 / 44 & 2014 / 67)
- tops tend to be how I create variety. Don't mind repeating bottoms a lot but it's the tops that seem to keep the bottoms fresh and proved the variety.

Tunics/Dresses - 22 (Early 2015 / 30 & 2014 / 22)

Coats - 1 (Early 2015 / 4)

Total December 2015 - 158 (158 /. )

What I take from this is that I am now much more in touch with the clothing needs of my lifestyle and I am becoming a much more discerning shopper.

It also seems I have settled organically around a certain number of items that work for me, keeping satisfied and interested in my wardrobe. This count is across all seasons btw:)

I do wish I had counted when I first arrived at YLF but the numbers would have been overwhelming. But take it from me what I have now is probably a third of what I originally had stuffed into all the closets in my house lol.

xxx Deborah



Hi Fabbers!

One of my key make up items has always been my lipstick.  Red has kind of been my signature lip colour and over the years I have used a number of brands who at one time or another made 'my red'. Recently I have been looking again for my perfect red and low and behold I found it :)

The brand is Smashbox  ( and the colour I am now using is Legendary.  It is a beautiful texture, glides on, good coverage and is lasting.. it feels quite luxurious.  I am looking forward to trying some other colours too.

It was a young friend who is studying to be a makeup artist that brought this brand to my attention.  She said it's not only a great product but also commonly used in photo sessions?!?

Just thought I would share my good fortune:}

xxx Deborah



Hi Ladies,

Had a haircut today and did what I have been wanting to do for some time which is go shorter at the sides and front.  It has been texturised and the front section (bangs) shortened with the longest length now finishing above my ear's lowest point.  The back is the same as before but with texturising.

Sorry the pics aren't so good and Im looking a bit washed out due to not enough sleep but here goes...

It's a bit Claire Underwood (I think) depending on how I style it.  I can sweep the left side around and style the hair forward so there is no part. (kind of like #1/2)  Or I can leave the side part (#3/4).  I am looking forward to having a play with product to exaggerate the texturing.

I cannot believe how much I love it! 

Because I booked the appointment on a whim, my stylist wasn't available so I saw Bonnie who is a young stylist at the salon.  Well she was amazing.  My stylist (the boss) had briefed her on my hair and what techniques work and what don't and she dry cut my hair (my preference and hers) so we could see as we went how it was working.  

So what do you think?  Not fishing for compliments but I am beginning to wonder why I didn't just go this short with texture from the start.

Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah

PS.. in #2 and #4 it looks like there is a dark patch but it must be the light.  Just checked and the colour (which I didn't have done today) is completely even. xx


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Hair.. what to do?

Hi Fab ones,

My hair is driving me crazy!  I have struggled to get my short cut 'just right' (style developing relationship with my new hairdresser) and have allowed it to start growing back into a bob.. but I am not happy, it's kind of a 'nothing' style.  I think now that I have 'crossed over' there may be no going back and short is now it for me.

Here is my challenge:)  I want a short do, but with long lengths, so nothing 'cropped'.  This is my Pinterest Hair Board which as you can see is a bit all over the place.

My latest find is the pic in #1 which I really like.  It's similar in shape to what I have but shorter at the sides (cut around the ears not over), front lengths are shorter and there is some layering or texturising going on that I don't have at the moment.

The things that are important to me are:

  • looking modern
  • not looking (my stereotype) of 'middle aged')
  • low fuss (happy to spend 20/30 mins on my hair, less would be fab)
  • looking feminine to contrast with my black and harder edge style
  • neatness (I am not a messy hair girl, but can cope with some 'choppiness'.
  • I rarely use produce aside from a bit of mousse or spray but am happy to learn how to use other products if necessary

My hair is very fine but I have a lot of it.  It has a lot volume and while I don't want flat hair, I do like 'smooth' hair and need to keep the volume under control (which texturising would help with).  I am also thinking I would like the softness of shorter bangs (fringe) sweeping across my forehead.

I am at a loss with what to do.  Any suggestions, photos, thoughts would be so helpful.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I think it may take the YLF community to decide on my hair cut.:)

xxx Deborah


Fab & 50!!

Hi Ladies!

I have just woken on the morning of my 50th birthday (still not sure if I can say it out loud lol) and I'm feeling fab! I am also feeling thankful. For a loving family, great friends, a job I enjoy, and the opportunity to serve in my local community.

I am also thankful for the wonderful YLF community and the friendship and support you all so warmly share and have done since I joined here 4 years ago.

At 50 I have the best wardrobe I have ever had, and feel the most at peace with, and confident of, my personal style:).

I will be in Melbourne this weekend for a birthday lunch with my closest friends and my mum and sister. Will post outfit pics:)

As you can see from #2 my love of monochromatic looks stared early!! I think my mum made the little shift dress;).

Hope you all have the best day!
xxxDeborah outfit photo today as I'm still snuggled up in bed x


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Measured Versus Spontaneous!

Hi Ladies,

I know we have probably talked about this before but it has really been evident to me recently that I (generally) make much better purchasing decisions when I am measured and thoughtful, than when I make an emotional/spontaneous decision.

Having developed a strong sense of my style and what works and what doesn't, I have found I have become very particular about purchases.  I will reject items based on seemingly insignificant elements (i.e things my friends wouldn't notice until I pointed it out) and will often walk away and consider the purchase overnight or for a few days or longer.  I have been doing this regardless of price but, having said that, I have also found that I am buying less and buying better quality so given my budget is quite modest, I look upon every addition as an investment.

Recently I had a couple of moments of sheer spontaneity where I just went with my emotional response (possibly despite my better judgement) and splashed out and bought a couple of things with gay abandon!!

Some weeks on, I am aware that they really weren't 'good' investments for me.  I like them but I don't LOVE them.  Kind of like meeting a gorgeous guy and then discovering there is no substance lol. 

My new long cardigan (#2) was one item.  I did take the sides in and taper it, and it looks fine, but I don't find myself looking forward to, and planning on when I will wear it.

Then there was the structured grey sleeveless jacket (#3).  Not quite sure what I was thinking.  I kept putting it on and taking it off.  Within days I knew it wasn't going to work so I was able to return it.

The other item is one I haven't shared yet. It's a fabulous draped knit sleeveless 'thingy", long at the front and short at the back, warm and snugly but in a darker grey than I like on myself.  I knew it in the store but I was totally seduced by the feel of the knit and the design.  I have worn it once and I don't think it's a total loss as it looks quite good when I pair it with white or soft pink but unlike so much of my wardrobe, this and the cardigan take work to style, and I realise I want much more ease when I dress.  I do enjoy thinking about putting outfits together and creating new combinations, but when it gets 'hard' and doesn't flow, it's just not fun.

So it's back to measured and thoughtful for me when it comes to shopping. I have had my eye on this Metalicus Tunic (#1) for a few weeks and short of trying it on I am pretty sure there is a place for this in my closet:)

Anyway just sharing my less than finer shopping moments:)  And wondering how you shop?  Has YLF changed the way you shop?  It has definitely changed my shopping habits as I used to be 100% impulsive whereas now I appear to have swung the other way completely.

xxx Deborah


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New Glasses Arrived

Hi Fabbers,

After a multitude of posts on frames some of you will know that I decided to order my glasses / frames on line and I am very happy with the end result.

Thanks so much to Karie, in partcular, who faces similar challenges and gave me some very useful information/advice. 

I knew I wanted this shape as it really does seem to be the most flattering for me.  I managed to find these Derek Cardigan Frames on line in the smallest size available.  Placed my order with my prescription and they are perfect.  I am wearing them now as I type.  I must confess to being a little nervous about ordering glasses on line (what if they muck up the prescription etc etc.) but I will definitely being going back to this company for my next pair - quality and customer service is fab.

I do realise they look a little oversized but having compared them to all the others I tried (took pics of them all) I think this is a good fit for this style of frame.  A feature of the cats eye does seem to be that slight oversized/dramatic element.

Anyway, despite the fact that I am happy with them.  I am still keen to know if I got it right?  I have only been wearing glasses for about 5 years and this is my fifth pair (in the past I have bought two sets at a time) and I know none of those frames have been really right for me.   I feel like I might now be developing a better understanding of size and shape for me??

What say you wise women?  I am bracing myself for my sister's "Dame Edna" comments lol

xxx Deborah


A New Style Inspiration

Browsing my Pinterest feed, I came across some pictures of this gorgeous and stylish woman. Upon investigation it appears her name is Ruth and she owns a lifestyle and clothing store in Norway. She has a blog and I think a lot of what she wears may be to promote the range in her store, but my goodness she looks fab.

She wears grey like nobody's business, clearly has a passion for scarves, and I want her hair!!

Just thought I would share.

xxx Deborah


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