WIW : It's not easy being green..

... unless of course you are a really cute clutch!

Happy weekend ladies,

I have been wanting to show off this new clutch but today is the first time I have used it!  

I have been quite inspired of late to add a little bit of carefully chosen colour (solids) to offset my all black.  Spotted this clutch some weeks back and thought it could be lovely with a simple black dress I am thinking of wearing to a wedding in August.  

Wore it with an all black outfit to church this morning to give it a test drive.  It's quite roomy and it fits my purse, phone, keys, glasses, lipstick and almonds!

DH was rather intrigued by it, but he is funny about anything animal print no matter how subtle.  

The outfit comprises:

Wrap soft jacket : Target
Sleeveless Top : Rockmans
Skirt : Kmart
(this skirt was an amazing find.  It was the only one there, is a beautiful jersey fabric, quite a lovely weight and has the different hemlengths.  I couldn't believe I found it in Kmart :)
Boots: Serra

Your thoughts and suggestions always much appreciated.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Lunch Date

Hi Ladies,

Had lunch with my MIL on Monday.  It was a cold day and a great opportunity to wear my new cardigan/jacket.

Cardigan : Bloom
Leggings : Target
Tunic : Via Birdsnest
Boots : Serra

The new cardigan gave me  lift but I had one of 'those' days on Monday.  Not really feeling fantastic... may just need to establish going to be a bit earlier and getting more sleep!!  I really liked wearing the cardigan.  Felt comfy and warm and I love the way the lapels fall.  This could easily become a workhorse for me.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Shirt Dress

Hi Ladies,

Months ago I showed you a shirt dress I was keen on.

Well I let it go primarily because it didn't work with my budget at the time. Long story short, I did eventually purchase the dress at a deeply reduced price a few weeks ago.  I had never quite forgotten it and was pretty sure I would love it;)  I was interested in adding a shirt dress to my wardrobe after seeing Angie's shirt dress a while back.  I knew I wanted blue or black, it needed to be in a satin type fabric, grandpa type collar, and I knew I wanted high / low hemline.  

So today was it's first outing.  I love the dress worn on it's own but it's too cold today and it was the weather that inspired me to layer over it..  not that I need much encouragement to layer:)

Jet Pocket Shirt Dress - Witchery
Sleeveless Tunic Knit - Supre(!)
Leggings - cannot remember
Ankle Boots - Rivers

I wore this to church this morning and received some lovely compliments which was really nice.

#6/7 are the catalogue photos.  It is longer on me of course :)  I had considered shortening the back hem but I actually like the drama of the different lengths and have decided not to.

What do you think?  I hope I have negated some of the nightie associations some had previously lol:)

xxx Deborah


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WIB : Mixed Media Topper

Feel like I am hogging a bit today :(

I had a credit note at a local store and have been popping in to see what they have and today I actually used my credit and bought this cardigan/jacket.  

I have just popped it on over today's outfit.

It's essentially a knit cardigan with faux leather sleeves.  Long and draped at the front and short at the back.  I think this will be great for my days off when I need something warm to throw on and I think it's nice enough for the office, which is freezing!  

What do you think?  Does it look ok?  I think its a bit of a typical purchase for me but I put it on, took it off, put it on again, etc and each time I found I liked it more:)

Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Ooh La La!

Hi Ladies,

Stripes and France just seem to go together right?  So I am feeling a little bit french chic today lol.  Never thought I would say that ha ha.

Caught up with my sister on the weekend and came home with this top.  Its by Ping Pong and is a lovely soft jersey.  This is so not her style so not sure why she bought it (but Im glad she did lol) .  She has never worn it!    As you know I am not really a stripes girl. I like them but rarely like them on me.  The combination of the almost cobalt blue and the oversized design of the top makes it work for me ... I think :)  Truth is... I love it!

Striped Top : Ping Pong
(adding a link.  Aussie company that make some really nice clothing
http://www.pingpongclothing.co.....nter-2015/ )
Pants : Katies (Classic Pant Pocket Detail)
Ankle Boots : Hush Puppies
Scarf : Serra
Moto Jacket : Brown Sugar

Thanks for looking.  Can this be my one and only striped garment?

xxx Deborah


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WIW : The Long Cardigan

Hi Ladies,

Loving the long cardigans that are trending this season but so many of them have been too long and/or too bulky from my petite frame :(

Bought this a couple of weeks ago.  Black and white... check!  Knee length.. check (good length for me) but I realised when I got home that is was quite A line in its cut.  So I took the side seams in and I think this works.  Wore it today for some running around before school pickup.

I am likely to always accessorize the cardigan with a scarf (either something flowy and light weight or a more chunky scarf) as I think the cardigan needs that 'something' to complete the look.

#6 is the long cardigan I bought some weeks back that I returned upon your confirmation that it looked a lot like a bathrobe lol... just for comparison.

Thanks for taking a look:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW : On The Road

Hi Ladies,

Happy Friday!  I am heading to Melbourne shortly for an overnighter with Master 12 to visit my mum and sister for a belated Mothers Day catch up.

Keeping it simple, and back to black:)  

Leggings : Zara
Zip Sweater : Big W (!)
 - I have been living in this:)  Great quality for a "budget" store
Boots : Hush Puppies

And in other news I made a bit of a spontaneous purchase today.  Couldn't resist.  I love large clutch handbags but have found them difficult to find here (or at least one's I like). Spotted this today (#4) and it came home with me:)  I envisage using it for day time but I also have a wedding coming up and I will be wearing black. I thought the bag could look fab against the black providing that 'pop' of colour:)

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I will try to pop in while at mum's:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Not All Black!

Hi Ladies,

Sorry to go on about it, but I am loving my new job!  Busy and challenging *sigh*.  Today I knew I would be at my desk (with lots of trips to the photocopier) all day as I am putting together a new training package.  So I opted for a more casual look today.

The vest was one of my Mother's Day gifts (for those who saw the post, I returned the grey long line structured vest) and I am actually looking forward to wearing it in Spring with a sleeveless top:)


Knit Vest : "He Doesn't Know Why"
Grey Top : Piper (Myer)
Pants : Katies
Boots : Hush Puppies
Scarf : Brown Sugar
Gloves : Portmans

It was definitely cold enough for a coat today but I drive to and from work and we have parking on site, so I braved it.  Was freezing when I left to come home tho lol.

Thanks for looking. Thoughts and comments very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah

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WIW : Pretty (?) In Pink

Hi Ladies,

You may need to sit down for this one lol!!

Yes I am wearing pink... with black:)

I have found myself very attracted to pink recently.  I bought a soft pink, wrap jersey top, the scarf in this outfit and the knit jacket was given to me by my sister.  She bought it for herself and at 6ft+ she found it was just too short for her so she asked if I would like it.  I did like it:)

I wore this to work today and it was a very comfortable outfit.  I felt very put together and 'fresh' all day.

Blazer : Laura Ashley (forgot to take a pic of the lining its delicious)
Sleeveless top : Suzanne Grae
Black Pants : Katies
Boots : Spurr
Scarf : Serra

So... what do you think? I really like the softness of the pink against the black and despite the colour I still felt very 'me' in this:)

Thanks for taking a peek.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Mothers Day Lunch

Hi Ladies,

It is Mothers Day tomorrow here and today DH's family got together and we took my MIL out for lunch. It is rainy and cold and I had a rare day where I wasn't overly inspired to get dressed (I think it's the cold weather).    The one thing I knew was I wanted to wear my Zara leggings so I just built on them.

The venue we went to was relatively casual so this worked fine.

Leggings : Zara
Long black top : Cotton On
Grey Marle Poncho : Suzanne Grae
Boots : Hush Puppies

I have actually had a bit of a shop in the last few weeks, adding some updates for winter to my closet and the poncho is one of them.  This was it's first outing.  I added a black gauzey scarf for to and from the restaurant but otherwise this is how I wore it:)

Thanks for looking and your thoughts much appreciated.

xxx Deborah