WIW: Office Sparkle

Hi Ladies,

Haven't used this feature where we connect to a blog post before. So here goes...it's pretty cool;)

Office day today and I am here on my own. May be one of those days when I don't see a soul:( so I'm dressing for my lovely YLf friends today.

Nothing you haven't seen before except this top which has only had one wear since I bought it last year. I think my shorter hair works better with the neckline??

Slouchy pants
Sparkle dressy tee
Wedge heel open toe booties

I think a clutch and different footwear and this could work for dinner out as well.

Oh and I have had my hair cut shorter again. Not so obvious perhaps from the front but very short at the back...I think I'm addicted! Not sure I will ever grow it longer again !

Thank for looking. Your thoughts, suggestions etc always much appreciated.


Ps. Apologies for slightly blurry pics, in hurry and forgot to check camera was doing its thing properly.


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WIW : Navy Drape

Hi Lovely Ladies,

This is the tunic I bought on the weekend:) I wore it with skinny jeans on Saturday to the winery and this was today for work.

Slim leg pants
Navy tunic
Navy cami
Wedge Open Toe Booties
Watch, silver rings and earrings (which look gold in the pic but are silver)

Perhaps this tunic doesn't do my hips in favours :) but the drape is quite fluid and there is some movement as I move. I think I need to buy a a short fitted slip so that the fabric doesn't 'catch' on the underlayer.

The tunic has the same design detail as the black top from my post yesterday. http://youlookfab.com/welookfab/topic/wiw-slouch

Thanks for looking
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Slouch

Hi Ladies,

Got home last night after a very relaxing day yesterday spent at the Endota Spa in Red Hill followed by lunch and wine tasting at Pier 10 ... Victorian Fabbers I highly recommend Pier 10.

So still feeing very relaxed I felt drawn to 'slouch' this morning.

Very easy and comfortable outfit for church today, followed by some running around.  

Black slouch pants
Black drape top
Black wedge open toe bootie
Large silver stud earrings, white watch and silver rings.

Thanks for looking:) Does the overall slouch and drape effect work well together?

xxx Deborah


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White on White Inspiration

Saw this on Garance Dore's blog today.  Thought this outfit was just stunning.

Just had to share.


WIW: Wide Leg Pants Version 2.0

Hi Fabbers,

Our weather is cooling down and I enjoyed my wide legs pants so much that I am wearing them again today.

This time worn with the same wedge peep toe booties but different topper. This one is a sleeveless drape top which is on it's first outing even tho it's been hanging in my closet for about a month. I wore the long tail cardigan to work but have had it off most of the day.

What do you think. Wide leg success or fail?



p.s. once again I have somehow selected the yay or nay feature... I didn't mean to.


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WIW: Out and about with my harem...

pants that is! After the mixed responses, I decided I love them:) So last night I unexpectedly had some free time in the evening (DS in bed and DH in the studio) and some energy! Had a play with some different toppers and have a few options to try. I do think these are going to get more wear in cool weather as I really do prefer a substantial top / jacket with them.

So today I wore them out of the house and to work at the community meal I co-ordinate. My friend and fellow volunteer came up to me mid meal and told me how awesome she thought they were (that was nice) and I caught a few glances from women when I stopped to get my morning chai that did not look overly favourable (oh well) and no readable reaction from any of the males I interacted with today, with the exception of DH who commented "oh your wearing your harem pants". I responded with "yes do you like them" and he quickly changed the subject lol.

At any rate, I like them and I am still on track to purchase the EF pair with the more mid drop crotch.

I do think a heel is the best option with these pants but I hope the pointy toe of the flats served to 'elongate' a little. The overall silhouette is what I like to refer to as "da blob" (playstation game reference). It is shapeless and certainly not conventionally flattering but I like it:)

Photos taken at the end of the day so probably looking a little haggard. I am pretty sure I work harder on Wednesdays than the other 6 days of the week put together.


Harem Pants
Cropped Sweater
D'Orsay Flats

I did have a play with the drape of the pants and I have altered them slightly, draping the exess fabric from right to left and pinned it. I think it works and creates a better look across the front. I will stitch it later.

Anyway, I apologise for rambling! But would love to know if you think these look better with my little alteration and more intentional styling.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts
xxx Deborah

PS. I know the pants legs look odd lengths but it is the way I am standing. I measured them :)


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WIW : Edit: Bigger Pics Wide Leg Pants in Volume over Volume Ensemble :)

Good morning Fabulous Ones:)I

I haven't yet read last night's blog post yet but caught
the gist that wide leg pants are making a comeback:). I had already decided
yesterday to get these pants out and give them a run.   

wide leg flowy pants are probably 6 years old? 
I keep them because they are comfy, easy to wear, in excellent condition
and nice for a change of silhouette every now and again.

I added my sleeveless knit tunic top and wedge heeled
open toe booties. 

I am often nervous of too much volume but I think this
works. I wouldn't try this without a high heel as a shorty I really do need to increase the leg line here to create a long (somewhat lean lol) column. 

So thanks for taking a look.  Does it work?  Too much volume or is it streamlined enough?

Quick snaps in the bathroom this morning, sorry for bad lighting.  Oh and they very small...  not sure why???

xxx Deborah

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WIW : From Casual to Dressy

Happy Sunday Fabbers!

It's a horrible day here, hot, dry and windy with extreme fire warnings. Friends of ours had to pack and leave their homes this morning as they was a fire heading towards them. Thankfully it is all now under control and they can head home :) This not something we ever had to worry about living where we did in Melbourne.

Anyway, I wore this today.

Sparkly sweater over my ruched pants with my peep toe booties.
You may recall I purchased these pants for casual. Picturing them with a slopping tee and flats?? Well, I can't help myself. Shortly after buying them I spotted similar online and in magazines worn dressy with heels... so there is a good chance their next outing may to the office this week:)

So the question mark here is the length of the pants with booties. I liked it but what do you think?

Also Im disappointed that my hair is looking very yellow in my pics. So vanity had me post #4 to show you what colour my hair really is in natural light. Just been to my salon to buy some care products to keep the blond looking good.

Better stop as I think I am now rambling. Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for taking a look at this outfit.

xxx Deborah


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WIW: Chairman of the Board

HI Fabbers,

Well I am not the Chairman, but I am on the Board of our local community radio station. We have had a day long meeting today and another to follow tomorrow with a consultant who is helping us work towards the next stage of development. I wanted to look professional, yet modern, and we were in air conditioning (another hot one).

You have seen all of these pieces before. I have worn these pants four times this week... they are super comfy and I really like the leg line. The white blouse is an inexpensive poly that I bought for wearing under jackets. And the sleeveless jacket is my Zara one which has proven to have been a great buy. #4 Shows the sheer side panel of the jacket. There is also a sheer panel across the lower back:)

Black nail polish has become my go to colour this summer. I am a little obsessed with it. It goes with everything:)

Im a bit disappointed that my hair looks so yellow in the pics. The lights in the room are very yellow and warm and reflecting... I still have a lot to learn about lighting my photos:)

Thanks for looking and comment and suggestions for improvements much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Inspired by...

believe it or not, Garance Dore.

Temps have dropped from low 40's to high 20's today so much easier to dress, and can I comfortably return to two things I really love... slim leg pants and layers.

I have been enjoying reading through Garance Dore's blog and find I really like some of her outfits. She definitely has that effortless, Parisienne thing going on but I felt I could perhaps adapt the look.

I'm wearing slim leg crop pants (which are ankle length on me), open toe booties, white oversized blouse and black cropped and asymetric sweater.
I did start off trying my white slim pants but just wasn't feeling the white today.

Day Two back at work and so far still feeling somewhat enthused:)

Thanks for looking and would love your feedback on how I did.  Suggestions for change, improvement etc much appreciated.

xxx Deborah

Photography credit to Master 10 who very kindly, and quickly, took my outfit photo this morning on my Iphone - apologies for poor quality and stupid face;)  Let's just say Master 10 wasn't 'giving it all' in his photographer role.


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