WIW : I Hemmed My Straight Leg Jeans!

Hi Ladies,

Spent some time yesterday hemming a couple of pairs of jeans and I am hoping I got the length right.

I wore them here


and they were clearly to long!

So here's today's outfit.

Newly hemmed straight leg jeans
Satin blouse with ruffle detail
Chanel-esque jacket
Suede wedge heels

I did study Angie's posts on ppl so hoping I did ok:)

Hope you are all having a great day
xxx Deborah


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WIW: Draped Cross Over Top

Hi All

This is what I'm wearing today:)

New straight leg stretch jeans. These are high waisted and are great for holding in my flabby tummy:)

Grey draped cross over top with white cami underneath. What do you think? I have made sure I have the slim pants underneath to counteract the volume of the top.

I have tried to bookend the black booties with the touch of black in my pendant.

I'm hoping this works because I bought this top in black too.

Thanks so much for looking
xxx Deborah


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WIW: Inspired by Phoebe:)

Hi Ladies,

I loved Phoebe's soft leather skirt and bootie ensemble and it inspired me to get my leather skirt out.

The photos really highlight my tummy but in the mirror it looked fine ??? Thats my story anyway *wink*. The long jacket minimises the attention on the tummy/hips and I will be keeping the jacket on in the office.

I wear this blouse a lot but today is the first time I have worn it to work.

There is a chance there is too much going on here but I liked the end result. Quite a few varying textures.

Black Leather Pencil Skirt
Navy spotted blouse
Long line black "puckered" / boucle look jacket (I like cos it has a bit of a Chanel vibe)
Opaque hide with dots
Booties with suede and detail trim.

Does it work?

Taking photos was a challenge this morning as Master 9 and DH think the funniest thing is to stick there arms into the frame and run across in front of the camera ... boys lol.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

xxx Deborah


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WIW: Angie's Semi Structured Trouser Ensemble. Edit: Pic W/O Scarf

Good Morning All!

We this is my attempt at Angie's formula:)

My sweater is much brighter IRL and is I think longer and boxier than Angie's purple one. The trousers are a knit so not totally structured.

Dressed to take MIL shopping for something to wear to the family wedding in August.

What do you think? I usually wear a heel when I wear this sweater. My oxfords only have a 1 inch heel.

As always thanks so much for looking.

xxx Deborah

Edit: Added #4 in response to Marley's suggestion re scarf and #5 is how I wore the sweater last time:)


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What Should I Wear: For A Family Wedding

Hello All,

We have a weddinging in about 5 weeks and I do like to be organised:) So having this lovely Sunday afternoon free and at home, I thought I would try out two options I have been considering.

This is my DH's side of the family and they are very relaxed and not sophisiticated people at all, so I can really wear whatever I feel like without it being a problem. I wont be suprised if I spot the odd pair of jeans there!

Both dresses have been in my closet for quite some time and I am not feeling the need to purchase anything new.

#1 - #3
This is a lovely black velvet & sheer dress. The photos don't really do the fabric justice. It's just so lush and lovely. I have tried it in a couple of variations, bare legs (but I would wear nude hose on the day), micro fishnet hose and ponte skinny leg pants. All are worn with my new Django & Juliette booties. The booties are leather and suede, which kind of reflects the velvet in the dress and a subtle trim detail that also works nicely with the dress.

For the record, I am not crazy about the pants with this but did like the idea of it.

#4 is a sheath dress, with my red pumps, skinny red belt and new black and white abstract blazer.

Can I ask you what you think? I am leaning quite heavily towards one of these but won't say which one :)

BTW the wedding is at 1.30 p.m. and followed by a late lunch reception.

Really appreciate your thoughts here.

Thank you
xxx Deborah


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WIW: Sunday Morning

Hi Beautiful Ones.

Church this morning and we were expecting to attend an engagement lunch afterwards. Ended up not making it to the engagement (not people we know well at all) but it was fundressing up anyway.

This silhouette may be an acquired taste? But it was fun to wear.

Black Wool Semi Swing Jacket - Table Eight
Animal Print Blouse - Target
Black Ponte Pencil Skirt - Katies
Micro fishnet stockings (layered over nude hose.. for warmth)
Brown toned snake vintage pumps (gift from a friend)

My hair was an entity of its own today. My fringe (bangs?) is too long and it just looks weird... should have swept it to the side today.

Thanks for looking. Your suggestions, critiques etc always much appreicated.

xxx Deborah


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Styling Cullottes

Hi Ladies.

I bought a pair of cullottes and these are my first styling efforts... note I have not worn them out of the house yet.

#1 With Ink Blue blouse (semi tuck), yellow slim belt and high heeled boots

# 2 Same with a jacket

This combination is my preferred one so far.

#3 with a patterned jacket

#4 with my new black and white abstract jacket - not convinced of the proportions here.

I have approached this like I might a fit and flare dress. The cullottes in some respects mimic a midi skirt and I have tried to keep the top half fitted rather then voluminous.

A more slimline boot would be better but my boots are flats and really wanted to try with a high heel. I am still considering footwear options but I think heels are a must as otherwise the cullottes are going to make me look squat.

So what do you think?

Appreciate you taking the time to look.

xxx Deborah


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K/R Black @ White Abstract Jacket

Hi Ladies,

I love Angie's Zara Jacket and while I have been considering it for my wardrobe, I have reservations about the floral for me, I also don't know if it's available here now (or if it ever was). I have also been watching a couple on Ebay but the prices seem a bit over the top... anyway I spotted this one in a catalogue on the weekend.

It is a polyester and to be honest, I really expected it to be cheap and that very tacky awful feeling polyester. But when I went to look at it, the fabric was lovely and soft to touch and it sits and moves beautifully.

Also, the abstract pattern seems more me than the florals.

So what do you think? Excuse the multitude of pictures but I wanted to give as good a picture of the jacket as I could to get your feedback.

Please note that the left (on your screen) side of the jacket needs a gentle press. It's a little wonky after being folded all day.

Styling is a bit average but hopefully gives you an idea of what I am thinking for the jacket - its 9.00 p.m. and my creative juices are just not flowing:)

Ok, over to you. Is it a keeper??

Thanks so much.
xxx Deborah


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WIW Casual Monday

Hi Ladies,

Nothing super exciting but I wore this yesterday to a friends home where I spent the afternoon going through and organizing her wardrobe.

We bagged up a lot of things to be donated and she was left with a closet with only wearable items all organized and easy to access. It was heaps of fun and I found myself sharing so many things I have learnt here at YLF.

My friend is a SAH mum and her wardrobe is made up entirely of thrifted clothing. Just goes to show what is possible:)

We were so busy I forgot to take photos but she now has some fab new combinations to wear and learnt how to modernize some older pieces... so much fun:). She even tried some subtle pattern mixing for the very first time!!

Thanks for Letting me share and thanks for looking.



ps: please excuse my funny left eye. My cold has finally cleared up and now I have a mild eye infection!! Gotta love winter:)


WIW for Interviewing & Training

Hi Ladies,

Busy day at work today, and feeling a little more inspired than yesterday:). I love the comfort of waist surrendering outfits so today was a good day to bring out this new oversized hi low blouse.

Wearing Ponte Black Pencil Skirt
Striped blouse with black sleeves
Suede Boots
Boyfriend Jacket
Hand Made Pendant

Thanks for looking.

Have a lovely day:)
xxx Deborah


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