Styling Cullottes

Hi Ladies.

I bought a pair of cullottes and these are my first styling efforts... note I have not worn them out of the house yet.

#1 With Ink Blue blouse (semi tuck), yellow slim belt and high heeled boots

# 2 Same with a jacket

This combination is my preferred one so far.

#3 with a patterned jacket

#4 with my new black and white abstract jacket - not convinced of the proportions here.

I have approached this like I might a fit and flare dress. The cullottes in some respects mimic a midi skirt and I have tried to keep the top half fitted rather then voluminous.

A more slimline boot would be better but my boots are flats and really wanted to try with a high heel. I am still considering footwear options but I think heels are a must as otherwise the cullottes are going to make me look squat.

So what do you think?

Appreciate you taking the time to look.

xxx Deborah

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  • Ornella replied 11 years ago

    Wow, being rather unexcited by cullottes so far, I must say I love this to the point of wanting ones myself if there were opportunities to wear them! I think that your observation about the parallels with fit&flare dresses is spot on and what makes me think it could work for me, on top of the color. They really look like fab midi dark skirt.

    I love all the looks but I can't get over #1. The simplicity of it is the wining formula for me. Yellow belt peeking from the semi-tuck is an excellent accessory. I think the boots are perfect footwear for cullottes.

    I am really looking fwd to seeing more outfits with them

  • Lyn D. replied 11 years ago

    These are lovely Deborah! I love the more fitted tops etc, but am finding the slouchiness of the boots a bit distracting. I would like to see them with your oxfords, a wedge bootie or a slimmer long boot too. A stand-out look!

  • replied 11 years ago

    I think a slimmer shinier boot would look better with them. The slouchiness adds bulk to your calves at the point where the culottes flare. Other than that, I like the combos you have come up with!

  • Parsley replied 11 years ago

    Culottes have not been on my radar, but they look striking on you, Deborah!
    I like the first and second pictures the best, but I couldn't exactly tell you why. I do love the ink blue and black combination.
    I think you're right on target about needing a sleeker boot, but sometimes we just have to work with what we've got.

    You look great!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    OMG! These are beyond fab on you Deborah! I'm particularly taken with outfit #1. I love the colour combination of the inky blue with black, the slouchiness of the blouse and the simplicity of the outfit. Just gorgeous!

  • Alecia replied 11 years ago

    I like one and two best. Those are great. I think it's the length of the tops. Full like a fit and flare dress, a more cropped length is better. I also agree that a slimmer boot would be nice, but I don't think this pair is bad.

  • jayne replied 11 years ago

    I agree on liking 2 best because it tames the looseness of the blouse. It is the most ftted jacket as well.. Do you have any more like that one? I felt the boots were fine.

  • Jamie replied 11 years ago

    I'm no good at cullottes, and I haven't given them a try yet. So, for my totally uneducated opinion -- I really like these combinations! My favorites are #3 and #4 because I like the lighter contrast of the jackets.

  • Angie replied 11 years ago


  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Angie, picking you up and making you a cup of tea! Fainting's good yes? :)

  • Angie replied 11 years ago

    *recovered* :)

    KILLER to the power of KILLER. The very best of YLF!

    That's what I think of you in these culottes Debs, and especially #1.

  • ManidipaM replied 11 years ago

    #1 is totally outstanding. I think this works best with a shorter jacket, even cropped perhaps, as you would wear with a dress or full skirt.

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Angie, thank you! And ladies I am thrilled you like these:)

    I knew I was taking a risk, and certainly where I live, no one is wearing these, but I want to step out and not be a total slave to trends. Can't wait to wear them now I have your permission to wear them out of the house lol xxx

  • rachylou replied 11 years ago

    High style! #1 is a dramatic knockout (!) Daring but not crazy.

  • Beth Ann replied 11 years ago

    Oh yes! I'm saving this to favorites, Deborah! This is such a wonderful, modern way to style them, particularly #1. I bet they're comfy, too!

  • Victoria replied 11 years ago

    I am not a huge fan of cullottes that these looks absolutely FABULOUS on you! I LOVE the way you styled it, its chic and proportion is just right. I think all outfits look good but my fav is #1

  • Jenava replied 11 years ago

    I love all the stylings! But, I think it's rather see a pump or fitted boot than this slouchy one.

  • Kiwichik replied 11 years ago

    Oh wow styled to perfection in every photo - haven't noticed these in the stores here. What brand are they as thy look pear friendly?

  • Astrid replied 11 years ago

    I LOVE them! Totally awesome. #1 is to die for.

  • Heather replied 11 years ago

    *jaw dropping*

  • Jjsloane replied 11 years ago

    I love you in 1 and 2 and I have a particularly poison eye for culottes.

  • Meredith1953 replied 11 years ago

    I remember these as gaucho pants when I was in my early twenties. I had a pair and loved them! Yours look great and I especially love #1 and #2. The inky blue top and the fitted jacket just makes you look so tall and slim. The "almighty unbroken vertical line"!

  • CocoLion replied 11 years ago

    When I saw the word "culottes" I had bad 80s (or was it late 70s?) fashion memories. But these work. Especially 1, 2 and 4. And I don't mind the slouchy boots at all. It makes the whole outfit a little more casual. Where did you get them? Are they a new item or thrifted?

  • Louise replied 11 years ago

    I want me some cullotes! they are great in all the outfit reincarnations x

  • Inge replied 11 years ago

    Deborah!! Keep those culottes under lock and key because I am coming to steal them. They are fan-tas-tic!!! And I love all your interpretations here, (my absolute favourite is 1).

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    So much love for the culottes! They are definitely keepers thanks to your lovely feedback and will be worn this week when I take a training session:;

    Since you asked, Kiwichik and Denise... Yes they are thrifted and it's was 50% off yellow ticket items (Salvation Army) so I paid $3.00 for them! I really felt I should have paid more. They appear unworn, are a beautiful fabrication and are well made. I also think they are a fairly current item. They are "Yarra Trail" an Australian label that caters for the 40+ woman. There range is available in NZ but not the USA.

  • ButterflyLady replied 11 years ago

    I love all the variations, Deborah, and the boots look good to me.

    I have a pair of black culottes - a slightly 'narrower' shape, which I really enjoy wearing, but no one here wears them, either!

  • Vicki replied 11 years ago

    High style, like Rachylou said, and echoing Parsley that culottes haven't been on my radar, and you wear them as if ready for a walk down the runway. I I love 1, 2 & 4 best, but any styling here looks wonderful, Deborah.

  • Scarlet replied 11 years ago

    I think I like 1 the best, actually--simple and strong in the best way. For a topper I like 4 the best the proportions and print seem to work well. I think these boots may be okay as is, although a streamlined boot would also look good. I suspect heels are probably a good way to go. Wow, this is a very fun look.

  • Aida replied 11 years ago

    YES more culottes!! I LOVE these, Deborah, they look so amazing! All styling options look spot on to me (especially #1), slouchy boots and all. I think that low contrast hosiery and a sleek, dark, heeled bootie will also be a fab option. And if you're feeling adventurous, try taupe footwear with a light top.

    (I have cream wool culottes as my primary MUST HAVE item to find for this fall, these looks are super inspiring to me!)

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Aida. Love your styling suggestions. I will check your posts as I am guessing you have posted a picture wearing yours? EDIT: Just reread your post... does this mean you are looking for a pair? If so good luck, you would look stunning in them.

    I am thinking black micro fishnets and my black ankle booties for the first wearing.
    I am also glad you think the slouchy boots are ok. The more I look at the picture, the more I also like the look of the slouchy boots.


  • Aida replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, I'm definitely a fan of that look! I have a pair of slim black culottes that I have worn with very slouchy boots (#1), as well as sleeker boots (#2) and ankle booties (#3), and of course sans hose with pumps/heeled booties. Heels certainly work better with culottes, especially when wider like yours. And yeah, I am on the hunt for a cream wool pair, I reeeaaallllyyyy hope I can find them!

  • Jonesy replied 11 years ago

    Fab Culotte Action!! They are bold and beautiful on you! Aida, yours look fab too.

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Jonsey thank you! And Aida thanks so much for posting your pics. Im soaking in the inspiration:)

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