WIW : Structure and Drape

Hi Fabbers!

Happy Monday:)

Spring is slowly appearing and our temps are more regularly in the low to mid 20's. So time to slowly modify outfits to suit:).

Wearing Slim leg black pants (summer weight) and draped tunic and open toe booties. These booties have been awesome but I really need to replace them with something better, so am on the lookout:). They are one of those items that would really impact my wardrobe if I didn't have them. No jacket required today (indoors or out). Accessories kept simple. Silver drop earrings, leather wrap bracelet, and my silver Tiffany Paloma Picasso necklace.

I'm still feeing a bit exhausted from our big fashion parade fundraiser event on Friday night...will post my outfit soon:).

Comments, critique etc all most welcome and appreciated.



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Missoni for Target Australia!

Available October 8!


Love this... #1

And #2 is a the same jacket but tied;)

And my Target isn't getting the range:(


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Shop With Me:) ETA .. one more

Hi Ladies,

Three more days and my shopping fast is over:)

When I get a chance I will share some of the revelations I have had during this time of no shopping but for now I am looking at what I would like to add to my closet for Spring / Summer.  I have shifted a little over the last month... away from the idea of my fave overseas designers to focusing more on local brands and designers and I am keen to add more Metalicus to my wardrobe.  Quality is excellent, prices are manageable and they produce  a lot of modern, simple looks that work for me and would have longevity in my closet :)

So looking at the following and would appreciate your thoughts.

# 1  Marlini Drape Skirt in black
   - this 'matches' my Drape top (#2) but could be a very versatile skirt over the
     next warmer months. (For those who may recall, I was thinking of
     duplicating the top in #2, in blue, but I have decided against it)

# 3 / #4 Kahlo Draped Jacket in Navy
This is a stunning and easy to wear jacket that I have been eyeing for a
        while.  LynD tried it on last time we shopped together and it did look

# 5 / #6 Donatello Tunic
       A wildcard item perhaps?  I have noticed I am craving a little 'light' in my 
       S/S wardrobe but can I wear that stripe?   I am pretty sure this pattern
       would just make me look like a big block?


#7  Wite Navy Shirt Dress that I have been eyeing for a while also.  This is now
     reduced and at a good price.  Still pondering the suitability of the collared
     dress, but the collar is quite small and the fabric soft and drapey:)  This is
     one of those garments that could easily become a go to on a warm 
     day, going between the airconditioned office and outside quite easily.
     Pop on the dress, shoes and go:)

I am in no hurry to spend my saved $$ but I do have a voucher AND there is an extra 25% of sale items at the moment.   The skirt and jacket are on sale.

Thanks for looking and letting me know what you think:)
xxx Deborah




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WIW: Dress Over Pants

Hi Ladies,

We are easing into Spring and today has been our warmest day so far at 25 celcius. I seem to run cold and often get it wrong this time of year either ending up too hot or too cold. Today I managed a good balance.

Draped Dress over skinny leg pants, D'Orsay flats and minimal silver jewelry.
I did wear a jacket to work but left it off for the day and the trip home.

I feel I look a bit 'brickish' in this. As much as I love the dress, I really don't think it's my most flattering. It tends to look better with a another layer (jacket, cardigan) over it. Truth be told I would really feel better in a heel but I am super busy at the moment so flats are good, and I love these shoes and don't want to leave them languishing in my closet.

Thanks for looking and your feedback always very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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For Caro In Oz

and of course anyone else who is interested who is looking for an awesome tux jacket :)

Saw this!  And though of you Caro immediately.


Navy Tweed mixed media tux jacket!!



No Shop Sept Update!

Hi Ladies,

I have come straight from the shops to my computer to confess!!

Today I bought a pair of drapey black tapered track pants. 

Let me explain:)  I am styling a fashion parade this Friday night (we have been working on it for a couple of months - it's a fundraiser) and I am providing stying services after the parade as the guests (hopefully) shop.  There is still a lot to do so I want to be organised and know what I am wearing to avoid any last minute meltdowns :)  I am aiming for an outfit that is comfortable, elegant and modern. So I'm thinking my new Metalicus Marlini Drape top over a slim pair of pants (not jeans) with a probably my wedge heel, open toe booties.

#1 is the top.

#2 is not the pant, but similar as I couldn't find mine on line.

I tried my spring weight slouchy pants this morning and after extensive wear over the past two years they are looking seriously sad.  And with all my purging my Spring/Summer pants selection is pretty slim.

I do have the following that could work:

black slim leg tailored cut pants
black harem leggings (the setting and audience is very conservative)
black cross over draped pants (these are cool but a bit cheap I would prefer quality for this event)

Also for the purposes of the evening I feel it would be appropriate to skew a little trendy rather than too alternate.

I do still need to try the new pants on at home with the top to make sure it all works as I think it will.  I can return them if they don't.  I feel a silhouette of oversized over a slim drape pant rather than a slim tailored pant is more current.


  • if I keep these, the other pair will be on their way out.
  • there is no question they will be a workhorse both for the office and casual
  • they were seriously marked down
  • this has not impacted my budgeted savings for this month as they were paid for out of my incidentals /"pocket" money - ie. a few less take away chai lattes over the next two weeks :)

The positive for me in all of this, is that I don't feel bad or guilty.  I am still on track to have a certain amount of money put away at the end of the month and this was not a rash or emotional purchase.  I feel in control and actually gave myself permission to buy them after weighing up the pros and cons.  I will still expect to see the rest of the month through with no further shopping.

Thanks, and I hope I am forgiven.

xxx Deborah


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Hi Fabbers,

Quiet night, after a busy day, and what better way to relax than online browsing;)

Been scrolling through birdsnest.com.au and quite an extensive range of dresses. Thrilled to see dresses with sleeves, particularly elbow length sleeves.

Just popped these into my file for the end of my shopping fast;)

Just thought anyone looking for dresses might be interested to take a peek.



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Half Way!!

Hi Fabbers,

Well I am just over half way through my September shopping fast! So far so good. I am pleasantly surprised by my resolve and am holding fast with very little resistance. This is a completely different experience to when I previously resolved to shop my closet for a month. I think I lasted two days lol.

I have still been online browsing and even visited a couple of bricks and mortar stores... and even tried on some things... but left very happily empty handed.

What I have been doing is keeping a small file of items I am interested in. Of course, there is the chance I might miss out if I wait but I am ok with that. As I ponder each item, I find myself either increasing my desire for it, or loosing interest all together.

So I thought I would share what's in my file, and my current thoughts regarding each:

#1 Metalicus Marlini Drape top in Cobblestone (blue)
I have this in black and it's fabulous. I expect to wear it A LOT as it gets
warmer. Duplicating in the blue would be a good move.. I think:)

#2 Metalicus Marlini Drape Skirt in black
Tempted and it looks great worn with the Marlini top, but I am not wearing
skirts a lot and am wondering if it would be a wise addition.

#3 Target Draped Trench Coat in Black
Spotted this in Target today on a mannequin when I was returning a faulty
hairdryer. I blame Lyn D as it reminded me of her fab new Trenery coat.
I think I will go back and try it on. It could replace my current Dressy
Satin Trench, which is black with white piping.

#4 Wite Ink Shirt Dress
Love the asymmetric hemline, and the colour and I would imagine this
would be easy to dress up or down and it looks super comfortable.
On the downside, it has a collar (which I don't wear) and it has pockets
on the chest.. this is something I might consider stalking to sale.

The other thing I have been considering with all my free non-shopping time:) is WHAT do I really want in my closet and WHERE do I want it to come from. As you know I am a little obsessed with Rick Owens!! and I thought one of my goals was to buy something of his. Well in a way it still is. In fact in a recent conversation, DH very sweetly said if we win lotto or our investments make good, I could go ahead and order a RO's leather jacket *sigh*. But for the most part, what I really want is to support local designers and brands. It's easy to assume that the best things are found elsewhere but we have an abundance of fabulous and established brands, labels and designers and many fab independent and upcoming designers. So I have decided to start researching those more and try and really focus my custom locally and Australian made if possible.

So there it is!

Please don't feel compelled to comment, but of course do if you want to:) My naval gazing might be a bit dull but I am finding it helpful to put this in writing and record for future reference.

xxx Deborah


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Work vs Private Style Persona ETA further revelations

Hi Fabbers

Forgive me if we have covered this previously but I am wondering how many of you have a work style persona and private life style persona?

I am extremely happy with how I have been honing my wardrobe over the last 12 months but in many ways that wardrobe is all about me and my creative expression through clothes, and suited to my non work life. 

Work doesn't have a dress code, however I do.  I liaise daily with clients and volunteers and am often called upon to do presentations, and the like, to promote our organisation locally.  I have things in my wardrobe that work perfectly for those situations but I have been considering a more specific work wardrobe.  Please note this wouldn't require any purchases. It would be more about formally putting together my work capsule, with existing pieces. 

I am not suggesting sacrificing or compromising my style preferences but rather incorporating them into more work appropriate wear.  This is actually something that has been a goal of mine this year and I am pleased with what I have achieved, however I am feeling that for ease I wouldn't mind becoming quite uniform with my office outfits and removing the pressure I sometimes feel to be 'creative' with my work day outfits (especially in the morning).  I am thinking this might just make non work day dressing that little more exciting?  And I only work three days, so I have four days to swan around in my draped black ensembles lol.

As we are heading toward Spring, I am thinking slouchy, tapered pants (I still love this style), slim leg pants, interesting draped tops and Spring blazers/jackets and edgy footwear.

Summer will be interesting as it does get hot but I do work in A/C so a similar formula could work.  And when really warm, dress, jacket and open toe booties could be an option.  The distinction might simply be more of a tailored look at work???  And just in case you are wondering, I am not thinking of adding colour here, still keeping to black, white, grey and blue.

I suppose what I'm asking is do you create a slightly different style persona for work than you do for play?

I am kind of just thinking out loud, but would love to know what you do and what you think of this idea.

xxx Deborah


Mismatched Earrings

Hi Fabbers,

I have been seeing this trend a little on line and rather like the idea. And then I saw lisap with mismatched earring in her recent post.

Did a bit of research and like some of the ideas here


I would still need my mismatched earrings to kind ofmatch if that makes sense. For my style sensibilities there does need to be some connect between the two.

Pamela Love earrings seem like they could work well worn this way (#1 & 2)

What say you? Interested to know your thoughts;). Clearly this needs to look intentional. I can just imagine DH asking if I got dressed in the dark lol.



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