No Shop Sept Update!

Hi Ladies,

I have come straight from the shops to my computer to confess!!

Today I bought a pair of drapey black tapered track pants. 

Let me explain:)  I am styling a fashion parade this Friday night (we have been working on it for a couple of months - it's a fundraiser) and I am providing stying services after the parade as the guests (hopefully) shop.  There is still a lot to do so I want to be organised and know what I am wearing to avoid any last minute meltdowns :)  I am aiming for an outfit that is comfortable, elegant and modern. So I'm thinking my new Metalicus Marlini Drape top over a slim pair of pants (not jeans) with a probably my wedge heel, open toe booties.

#1 is the top.

#2 is not the pant, but similar as I couldn't find mine on line.

I tried my spring weight slouchy pants this morning and after extensive wear over the past two years they are looking seriously sad.  And with all my purging my Spring/Summer pants selection is pretty slim.

I do have the following that could work:

black slim leg tailored cut pants
black harem leggings (the setting and audience is very conservative)
black cross over draped pants (these are cool but a bit cheap I would prefer quality for this event)

Also for the purposes of the evening I feel it would be appropriate to skew a little trendy rather than too alternate.

I do still need to try the new pants on at home with the top to make sure it all works as I think it will.  I can return them if they don't.  I feel a silhouette of oversized over a slim drape pant rather than a slim tailored pant is more current.


  • if I keep these, the other pair will be on their way out.
  • there is no question they will be a workhorse both for the office and casual
  • they were seriously marked down
  • this has not impacted my budgeted savings for this month as they were paid for out of my incidentals /"pocket" money - ie. a few less take away chai lattes over the next two weeks :)

The positive for me in all of this, is that I don't feel bad or guilty.  I am still on track to have a certain amount of money put away at the end of the month and this was not a rash or emotional purchase.  I feel in control and actually gave myself permission to buy them after weighing up the pros and cons.  I will still expect to see the rest of the month through with no further shopping.

Thanks, and I hope I am forgiven.

xxx Deborah

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  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    Those pants look fabulous - not quite harem but with all the drapey goodness.  I am not one to criticize a purchase, even when you are on a "ban" - it's just too hard.

  • Lucy replied 6 years ago

    Haha! One suspects there is no need for justifications to this community!

    And really, I think a fashion show stylist is allowed a tiny splurge, and one that did not break the overall habit of saving for a special item.... The pants are divine. 

  • AJ replied 6 years ago

    It sounds like the purchase was well thought out. Wear in peace, Deborah.

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    You ladies are awesome!  Thanks for understanding :)

  • Sharon replied 6 years ago

    Deborah, I think you have kept to the spirit of your intention and it sounds like this is a replacement for something that is worn out. Entirely legit in my book!

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    Agreeing with Sharon - replacements don't count imo :)

  • carolbee replied 6 years ago

    Sometimes things are needed and can't fit into a purely random timeframe.

    PS Great looking pants.

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    Needs don't fall under shopping ban ;). I think you would look lovely in those drapey pants :). And I wish I could be a part of all the fashion fun!

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    Of course why didn't I think that replacements don't count:). Maybe that's why I felt so fine about buying them:).

    I'm home late and just had a quick try on of the outfit, given a raging headache (I'm tired and hungry) I look pretty rubbish but I think I'm really happy with the outfit I have planned:). I will try and post fully accessorized before Friday. Of course now I'm thinking a pointy toed pump would look good with these lol.

  • Staysfit replied 6 years ago

    I forgive! Sounds like you gave careful thought to this purchase. I am still in my no spend mode until the 26th. So far the only items I am certain that I will purchase are the JCrew Regency Blazer, the boots I found at a local shop, and the Ralph Lauren plaid shirt. It sounds like a shopping spree to me but they are all carefully considered also. I guarantee it's less than I would have purchased and I hope to move forward doing the same! You have been a good motivator for my No Shop month!

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    I would forgive you even if they weren't replacements :-)!

  • Alassë replied 6 years ago

    Sounds like a carefully thought out purchase, plus no budget worries, so everything's all right. :)

  • jackiec replied 6 years ago

    I think the fact that you are so, so very thoughtful about this purchase speaks volumes. Let's see 'em on. They sound great.

  • shedev replied 6 years ago

    Deb, I don't think you need forgiveness. The things that we learn about ourselves during a shopping are much more important than whether we made it through a set time period. I like the pants.

  • DonnaF replied 6 years ago

    Forgiveness need not be requested!  This was a seriously thought out replacement purchased at a good price.  What more can one ask?

    Now, if this were a neon green fake Liberty print tailored shirtdress purchased at full price on a whim, then yes, I would want you to ask for forgiveness!

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    Absolutely justified, and you made it through an extended amount of time without any impulse shopping- great job :)

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    I agree, replacements don't count.
    I was tempted to ask if you didn't have a different outfit that would work. But this event is big, and I understand that you want to have just the right outfit. I hope the pants work just the way you want them to, so you can truly feel great about your planned outfit and focus on the rest of the event!

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