Angie's Shirt Dress

Browsing shirt dresses on line this evening and came across this gorgeous one, at David Jones by Wite, that looks very similar to Angie's Topshop Dress. I'm assuming it's a poly but it looks lovely.

Thought my Aussie sisters, in particular, might be interested.

May have to keep an eye on this for the end of my shopping fast:)



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Paint it Grey?

HI Fabbers!

I can't recall if I bought my white ankle boots this year or last, but what I do know is that despite really liking them (love the fit, the shape etc), I am just not wearing them:(  Admittedly they are not a winter boot for me due to the colour and my need to keep them looking pristine.  But I went to wear them this morning and I just don't think they quite "fit" where I am at style wise.

SOOOOOO, I had a brainwave!  I could dye them grey!  What do you think?
I am talking soft dove grey.  I have been wanting grey boots for ages but any I have found are beyond my budget.  I think I would get much more wear out of them as I am often reaching for grey boots that are not there.

My other thought was dye them dark navy or ink blue? 

Of course I could dye them black!!

OR do I persevere a little longer as its now warming up a little and see if they can actually work with my Spring wardrobe?

Would love to know you thoughts.

xxx Deborah


WIW : Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Aussie dads!

Wore this today;)

Newish cross over tapered pants ( bought about a month ago planning for Spring). Navy sleeveless top and Cocoon Cardigan with black ankle boots.

Proportions are probably not absolutely conventional but I found I quite liked it.

Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.

Hope you are having a great weekend.



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WIW : with thanks to Lyn D

A little while back Lyn D very kindly bought me a Coatigan that I couldn't get in my size locally. I had originally walked away from it but returned after thinking about it for a few days having realised that it could actually be a great addition to my wardrobe. Sadly, they had sold out:(

And then Lyn came to the rescue (perhaps shopping for others is one of Lyn's super powers?) and managed to get the medium for me in Melbourne.

Well I have felt poorly that I haven't actually posted it. I have been wearing it quite a bit and my favourite combination is with this white draped top.

Worn today over my black jeans and ankle boots with white drape top. This has been a bit of a go to outfit on my days off. It's quite warm and extremely comfortable and has a faux leather trim.

Lyn, thank you so much. I wanted you to know how much i appreciated it and how much I am enjoying wearing it.

Critiques, styling suggestions etc, all welcome.

Thank you for looking

p.s. Movie night at my house tonight! You are all welcome of course;). Any recommendations for a family friendly movie? DS is 11, and we are a little strict;)


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September Update

Hi Ladies,

Mostly to amuse myself, I thought I would keep a daily diary of my no shopping September!

September 1
 My Metalicus Top arrived today (ordered end of August) and its so fab.  I love it and will wear it tomorrow.  The fabric is beautiful and the "oversized' size is perfect.  It's lovely to have something new:)  I can imagine this working with so many of my bottoms. Now I want it in Blue!  Oh and Metalicus very kindly sent my August Rewards Voucher.. it has to be used by end of September...Lyn D said it would be ok if I bought something right at the end of the month.  If Lyn thinks its ok, then so do I ;)

September 2
Busy day at work.  Time spent on YLF, should have been working.  Loving seeing what everyone is thinking for Fall but no real desire to shop.  Carolbee sent me details on the fab black shrug she found but I refrained from popping over to the Marketplace to check it out.

September 3
No time to think about clothes.  Community Meal today and only 4 volunteers turned up.  People sick and away.  We managed, but we worked hard.  Then, Meeting with K re fundraiser fashion parade.  Got my fix going through the preloved clothing set aside for the parade. Found some amazing animal print wedge booties (Wayne Cooper) ...W A N T  T H E M... C A N T  H A V E
T H E M!!  Strategising how they can be mine!  Put them in the parade and I'll buy them on the night ... that could work.  Thoughts of clothing were quickly washed away after I dropped my iphone in the toilet late this afteroon!! Frantically took my phone to the Smartphone shop, where it is as I type.  New home button and camera but otherwise in full working order phew....*sigh* well there's $80 that wont be going on clothes :(  The upside of this day is my new "Layer'd" dress arrived (ordered in August).  Love it.  Can't wait til it is warm enough to wear it.  No more clothing on order.... starting to feel jittery!  

xxx Deborah


WIW : Happy In My Harems

Happy Monday Gorgeous Fabbers!

My harem leggings are getting worn once every few weeks but I would like to wear them more, but I have minimal toppers that work with them. I am hoping Spring might open up more topper opportunities.

I wore this same outfit a few weeks ago for a day of errands and coffee with a friend. Today I have added my new boots (wore a lower heeled boot last time) and felt like some bling so added my silver necklace which I like because it makes a subtle statement:)

What do you think? Proportions ok? Topper suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks for looking


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