WIW : As the Seasons Transition

Hi Fabbers,

Life just doesn't seem to be 'settling down' as I had hoped :) It's one thing after the next but we are keeping our heads above water and attempting to navigate it all with good grace :)

I love this time of year because northern and southern hemisphere weather is often not dissimilar as we move out of Winter into Spring and many of you are welcoming your Autumn.

The last two days I have been able to wear footwear other than boots:) But it hasn't lasted and it is pouring with rain today but not terribly cold.

Here are a couple of recent outfits.

Loving my EF Harems so much. Such a versatile item that I can seem to be able to wear across all seasons. Layered nude tights under them for warmth here:)

New Metalicus drape cardigan/jacket. Loving it, wanting to wear it all the time. Again this is great for most weather. It is a merino wool blend. Will be great in summer in the office with our icy a/c.

3. & 4.
This is today. Now that I am working 5 days I have made an executive decision that Friday are 'casual' for moi. This coat is old. Local label Jacqui E. I have had it since before Master 13 was born. I bought it as a suit with a pair of wide leg pants which were donated years ago. The jacket had a collar with I have recently removed to give it a more modern look. I still love it.

Anyway thanks for looking and trust everyone is doing well. You are certainly looking fabulous:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Winter Style

Hi Ladies,

I feel funny posting winter outfits when so many of you are in summer:)

We are experiencing our cold period here. It doesn't last too long but I find myself wearing a uniform of skinny ponte leggings or skinny pants, top, jacket and then coat over that.

I haven't posted much of late as we seem to have so much going on that spare time is still at a premium:(

Here are some outfits I have worn over the past few weeks ...the pink is for Angie x

I love those looks out on the blogosphere where we wear sandals with winter outfits but seriously it's just not an option here. Full leg and foot coverage is absolutely essential. Its during this cold snap that I tend to feel the most frustrated with my outfits as practicality means what I can wear can be a little limited, hence the uniform.

I have also over dosed a little on light grey sweaters. I can't wear a turtle neck but the soft slouchy necks work beautifully and are so warm.

Also I have noticed a pattern. Each year as we come to the latter stages of winter I tend to purchase a couple of new items to freshen up my winter wardrobe. They are usually items that layer well and will see me into Spring. (see #5 and #6 - I may have just popped into Metalicus on the weekend.

xxx Deborah


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