WIW: Another Casual Summer Ensemble

Hi Ladies,

Drove to Melbourne with Master 9 this morning ( unfortunately DH wasn't able to join us) and out and about all day and overnighting with my best girlfriend. Felt warmer than the forecasted 26 and this outfit was pretty comfy and quite cool.

Black and red Striped skirt was midi length but just wasn't getting worm so I hemmed it to knee length and its getting a lot more action now:). Worn with a tunic length t and sleeveless drapey vest. Casual sandals and coral scarf.

I'm pining for the cold weather!

Thanks for looking. As always your thoughts and suggestions for improvements are appreciated.



WIW: Colour Me Black

Hi Ladies,

Inspired by Stephanie at Oddessy Home I couldn't help myself but go for an all black ensemble today.

Once again it is warm but thankfully a little cooler and we are expecting 29 today.

The dress is like a matte satin that is crinkled. It was more of a special occasion dress before I hacked the length recreating the asymmetrical hem around knee length. The right side of the hem (my right) is actually tied in a knot. I can unknot and this creates quite a dramatic uneven line.

Because I can't help myself, I layered a sleeveless, draped topper, and added black flat sandals. Mesh watch, black and white earrings and no other jewellery.

This creates a similar silhouette to another dress I posted recently but IRL is actually quite different given the textures and hem.

Good reuse of a old dress, or am I deluded :)

Thanks so much for looking.

xxx Deborah


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WIW: I Am Not Emmanuelle Alt!

Nothing like stating the obvious lol!

This outfit was inspired by EA in #2:)

I wore this to church on Sunday. Given the heat, I opted for a straight leg rather than a skinny and i have chosen not to tuck. My jacket is not a slouchy fit or long like hers. Hmmm I think I might be in the market for a new white blazer!?

I mostly went sans jacket as our AC wasn't on and it has been warm.

My feeling is the jacket is not the best for the proportions of this outfit. If I wear it again I think I would swap out the white for a slouchy black blazer (until I could find a better white one :)

Your thoughts as always, are very much appreciated.



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Elegant Eclectic - Can we chat?

Hi Ladies,

On my boyfriend shorts post, Angie suggested I might in fact be heading more towards an elegant eclectic look.

Interestingly, yesterday I had been pouring over pictures of three women (outside of YLF) whose style really inspire me, and they are all quite different. Doing this I found myself questioning how I could be so attracted to such differing styles (though I do see similar elements).

The three women are

#1 Emmanuelle Alt
#2 Anna Wintour
#3 Oddessy Home (don't know her name)

In my mind, I would happily embrace the style of any of these three women, however in reality...

I don't have the height or the figure to truly pull off EA's long lean and slender silhouette. Her RATE look is so appealing but I can't leave the house without make up and doing my hair :)

Anna's look at times is a little "mature". She does the minimal maximal thing wearing strong patterns, accessorizing with her signature stacked necklaces yet I find many of her outfits still quite streamlined and very pleasing to the eye.

Perhaps if my lifestyle was different, I could see myself wearing Oddessyhome's wardrobe everyday (and in the past I have in fact worn many outfits not unlike some of hers) however it lacks variety on one level, is very minimal, is black :) and I don't think I would ever tire of it. It also has what I have always referred to as an 'alternate' vibe but perhaps Avant Garde is the correct term.

So the definition of 'eclectic' is 'a person who derives ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources'.

Do you find yourself influenced or inspired by a broad or diverse range of styles?

Is is possible to pull all those influences together and create your own cohesive style?

And does "real life" dictate just how much we can 'commit' to a certain style?

I would love to know your thoughts if you have time to consider this.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : On a Hot Summer's Day plus One

Hi Ladies,

I have been a bit lazy with WIW's being on holiday and as you know summer is not my favourite fashion season :)

But today I took my MIL in out to do some shopping (boy can that woman shop... she's 84 and I was exhausted) so I thought I would show you a summer dress #1 & #2 that I picked up this season. I have the same dress in a solid navy which I bought last year. It is stretchy and comfy but as you would expect, I would be much happier if I could throw a blazer on over it lol.

It's one of those outfits that really does look better in the mirror, but hey:) While I bought it for casual at home and running around, I am thinking I might try it at the office with a blazer and heels (maybe a slim belt).

I often wear scarfs in summer to protect my skin from the sun, surprisingly I find scarves quite comfortable in hot weather and rarely get too hot wearing them.

#3 is from a week ago. I feel this look is more me than the dress. Leggings sized up to wear like skinny pants with hi low tunic length T.

Thanks for looking. Your thoughts and suggestions always so appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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My Style Evolution for 2013

Angie's post on evolving our personal style in 2013 got me thinking...

In relation to style goals, on Caro's post a week or so ago I posted that I wanted " to create a real consistency to my style that will remain constant even through my personal style evolution" And then Angie posted this phrase on the blog:

"Combining constancy with change is a prerequisite for my style at the start of each new year and fashion season"

I felt this very adequately expressed my own feelings as we head into 2013...so Angie, with your permission I may "borrow" this statement:)

I feel I am not quite as articulate as some of you lovely ladies in defining your style, but I have been giving this quite a bit of thought, and I am lazing at home in 40 something degree heat, so now seemed like a good time to put pen to paper (so to speak)

I feel I can comfortably identify my base style as Modern Classic. And I think the Modern Classic is at times tempered by arty, trendy and edgy elements. One challenge I have faced from time to time is wanting to be something (stylewise) that I am not. I have a belief that to a large extent our style is inherent. So for example, me trying to look RATE would probably not be particularly successful or genuine as it is not a true reflection of who I am. However, adding a subtle RATE element to my Modern Classic style might look more authentic, and allow me to still feel like 'me'.

YLF has helped me accept who I am style wise, embrace it and celebrate it. Thank You! In considering my style I am happy with it. I believe it reflects my personality and my lifestyle. I don't want to change it, but I do want to keep it fresh so base on these thoughts I have used Angie's blog post as a template for how I see my style evolving in 2013:

In 2013 I will strive to keep the following aspects of my style constant:

Combining the classics with a big dose of modern
Continued accents of Arty, Trendy and the unexpected
A colour palette of black, white, cream, blue, with colour accents
Lady Like
Layering & Texture
Minimal Jewelry, occasional statement pieces
Variation of high and low heeled shoes
Minimal makeup always with a strong lip colour
Manicured Nails - staple colour red


Menswear - actual menswear items for Autumn/Winter casual (worn with that Parisian Chic influence.. I hope) Think sweaters and button downs.

Ink Blue: I have already added some but would like more. It is proving a softer and more flattering alternative to black.

Structure: More structured pieces combined with soft elements.

Flat Pointy Toed Footwear: I love how lady like a pointed toe looks, and how it elongates the leg even with a flat or low heel.

Edge: I recognise I am not Avant Garde, but I would love to work on adding more of the unexpected to my Modern Classic outfits.

If you have read this far, you are very sweet. I am documenting this so I can track my progress. The YLF community has been so integral in my style journey and your thoughts, opinions and suggestions are so very valuable to me.

xxx Deborah


WIW Volume over Volume

Happy Thursday!

We are expecting a 37 degree day today and thankfully most of it will be spent in my air conditioned office:)

My black slouchy pants are a little less slouchy after being washed (followed the washing instructions!)... but hey:)

Black high low tunic Tshirt layered under cobalt blue tunic blouse, worn open kind of like a "Duster" coat.

In the mirror this looked a bit cooler (in a style sense) but in pictures I think the tunic makes me look like a block lol.

#1 Thought I would be "radical" and try a new 'pose' :)

#3 is how I have worn it previously and I think I prefer the more streamlined effect of this combo.

I'm not totally unhappy with the look but not sure it is worthy of repetition :)

As always your thoughts and opinions are much appreciated.



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