WIW : On a Hot Summer's Day plus One

Hi Ladies,

I have been a bit lazy with WIW's being on holiday and as you know summer is not my favourite fashion season :)

But today I took my MIL in out to do some shopping (boy can that woman shop... she's 84 and I was exhausted) so I thought I would show you a summer dress #1 & #2 that I picked up this season. I have the same dress in a solid navy which I bought last year. It is stretchy and comfy but as you would expect, I would be much happier if I could throw a blazer on over it lol.

It's one of those outfits that really does look better in the mirror, but hey:) While I bought it for casual at home and running around, I am thinking I might try it at the office with a blazer and heels (maybe a slim belt).

I often wear scarfs in summer to protect my skin from the sun, surprisingly I find scarves quite comfortable in hot weather and rarely get too hot wearing them.

#3 is from a week ago. I feel this look is more me than the dress. Leggings sized up to wear like skinny pants with hi low tunic length T.

Thanks for looking. Your thoughts and suggestions always so appreciated.

xxx Deborah

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  • Inge replied 11 years ago

    I really like the blue & white dress on you, Deborah, it's a bit like "modern Delft BLue":-) The silhouette is great on you, and it looks very fresh and Summery with the flat white sandals (also love it that you have paired it with a red print scarf, yay for sun protection!).
    The second outfit is lovely too. Our papers here are reporting on the hot weather in your neck of the woods while it started snowing here;-)

  • carolbee replied 11 years ago

    Both of these outfits are great on you Deborah. Knowing how hard it is to find a decent summer dress you have done well. Of course the black outfit is very you.

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Inge and carolebee. Glad the dress isn't too bad:)

    Inge, we have a number of shocking bush fires burning through parts of NSW and Thursday we have major warnings in Victoria. Sadly it appears a number of these fires has been purposely lit by arsonists:( Our police are promising these people will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law when they are found. Snow would be wonderful:)

  • Inge replied 11 years ago

    Yes, I read about the fires too, Deborah. I just don't understand why people would do such a thing-(
    I admire you and the other ladies Down Under for looking so stylish in hot weather conditions (something I am not good at at all...)! I'll send a few kilos of snow your way:-)

  • Asingh replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, that dress is so fresh and summery. I think it would work just fine with a blazer and black pumps for work (pun intended). And coming to scarves, I absolutely love them and wear them all year round.

  • Karie replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, your dress is so summery and pretty! I like how you've gotten in some pattern mixing with the scarf. I think the dress would also look great with a blazer, belt, and heels, and because of that, will transition into a wearable outfit for spring and maybe even fall.
    I also like the idea of sizing up leggings to wear as skinny pants - I'll have to try that!

  • Krista replied 11 years ago

    Everything that Inge said, Deb! You look lovely, as always!

  • replied 11 years ago

    Love both. I especially love the blue dress with the red scarf. Great color combo inspiration!

  • Jaime replied 11 years ago

    You look gorgeous in both outfits. I love the pattern on the blue dress and the sized up leggings as pants look. I totally understand how a scarf is cooler than the sun on your skin.

  • pil replied 11 years ago

    Both of these are really nice, Deborah. I really like the dress and agree that you could totally "office-ize" it for work. How clever of you to size up the leggings, and I would have never thought of using a scarf like that in the summer. I've discovered the summer hat and am always on the hunt for shade, so I'll have to remember your scarf idea - thanks!

  • Astrid replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, I love your summer dress! #3 looks nice, but #1 and #2 just made me instantly feel summery. I love the way it looks with your white sandals and white watch and the pattern mix with the scarf is awesome. I often like to wear lightweight scarves in summer myself.

  • replied 11 years ago

    Really pretty dress, and I love the red scarf over top. I also really like your second outfit. I am possibly getting ideas for summer clothes....I have a hard time dressing in summer too!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous pattern mixing with the dress and scarf Deborah. I like the artistic look of this outfit. And I absolutely LOVE the second outift - everything about it is great.

  • replied 11 years ago

    You look so fresh in #1. Love the white watch and sandals. And #2 is very cool, the sandals are great, makes me think "urban chic."

  • Jenava replied 11 years ago

    The blue and white is lovely on you. I agree this could go to work quite easily! #3 is a very cool outfit. Love the leggings and shoes. So sorry the hear about the fires...that is completely awful!

  • Lisa replied 11 years ago

    Both outfits are lovely but the dress really says "put together for a hot summer day." Nice outfit!

  • Angie replied 11 years ago

    I can't get past, #1. You look stunningly beautiful in those fresh patterns and flats.


    (YES. I totally get wearing a linen or cotton scarf to stay cool. It works! Just like drinking hot tea to stay cool).

    *faints again*

  • Thistle replied 11 years ago

    I love that blue dress on you! So beautiful and summery. The scarf adds some nice pattern mixing as well!

  • cobaltblue replied 11 years ago

    #1 is my favorite! I totally understand how a scarf can feel cooler than having the sun beat down on exposed skin.

  • Beth Ann replied 11 years ago

    I Love #1 -- fresh color, strong, but femnine print.

    Stay cool and safe.

  • Tina.b replied 11 years ago

    That summer dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you! Just so right for the hot weather and it totally works with the scarf. #3 three is totally your signature look and so makes me want to try something like this. Love both!

  • Caro in Oz replied 11 years ago

    Had to laugh about your mil - hope I'm like that when I'm 80>

    Love the look of the dress (nice find). I hear you about #2 being more you - I'm drawn to it more too:)

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Wow, thank you so much! I like the dress but I have this weird tendency toward frumpy patterns and I was on the fence as to whether the pattern was cool and modern or old and fumpy... seems its ok :)

    Glad to see I am not the only one who reaches for a scarf for skin protection:) I also find that adding a scarf to a simple summer dress makes me feel more 'dressed'.

    Angie, I made you faint... is it ok that I'm thrilled about that lol :)

    Ceit, I could definitely see you wearing something like #3.

    Caro, I think I have two similar but different style personas. #1 is really more what I would put together for the office and #3 is how I like to get about when not at work.
    I spoke to my MIL last night and she had a very quiet relaxing afternoon... she admitted to being quite tired. I think she really misses being able to do all the things she used to do :)

  • Suz replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, I love what Inge said about a modern Delft blue - I really see that in the dress. You look sensational in the dress and dress and scarf!

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Suz. I have just had a look at Delft Blue on line and yes I can see what you and Inge see. I hadn't made the connection myself.

  • Amy replied 11 years ago

    I like seeing you in those pretty colors. I don't think the pattern is frumpy at all, but then again, I may not be the best judge of that either. The black outfit is very chic too.

  • Angie replied 11 years ago

    *regains consciousness*

    You are allowed to enjoy my fainting spells.

  • Lyn D. replied 11 years ago

    Hi Deborah,
    I keep missing your posts but wanted to chime in on this one.
    I like the versatility of the dress- can see it with your signature red in a belt and heels for work, and I also like it as worn here for more casual outings.
    I just bought a new dress from Trenery and as usual I am wondering if and when I would actually wear it. Thanks for the reminder that dresses can be worn in less formal settings too.

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Lyn, when do we get to see the new dress?

  • Hil replied 11 years ago

    You look stylish, fresh and cool in 1 & 2! Awesome! I love #3 as well! Brilliant!

  • Lyn D. replied 11 years ago

    I will have a play with it tomorrow and take a pic. Promise.

  • Katiepea replied 11 years ago

    You look lovely and fresh! I adore the pattern mixing of #1. I must drag out a couple of my scarves and see how I go up here with the humidity.

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Katiepea, how lovely to "see" you:). You have been missed x

  • lyn67 replied 11 years ago

    Sooo late for this thread Deb, was missing a week on the YLF:-(, but couldn't leave this thread without a comment:-). You must have a wonderful and very fit MIL, at 84!:-)
    Thanks for posting these, I like both your outfits here!
    The new dress is so fresh and fab, and, I am taking notes for our hotest days in summer-it never occured me to pop a scarf over a summer dress for skin protection/when so hot, except when indoors and air conditioning.
    Do you keep the scarf folded around your neck like it's shown here, or you loose it ad put it over your shouders like a pashmina when running arround?

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