WIW : Linen! Thanks Traci

A little while back Traci posting a couple of items from Not Perfect Linen and I really liked them :) She vouched for the quality, sizing and fabric so I ordered a Japanese Apron Dress, something I have been wanting for quite a long time :)

I am thrilled with it. Linen has not been on my radar since the 90's lol but I suspect I will be adding more slowly. I now have the Washed Kimono Dress on my wish list (I think Traci was eyeing that too).

So here it is on it's first outing. I am planning on also wearing it with a long white shirt/tunic that will 'billow' out of the cross over at the back.

Thanks for looking. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I'm very happy lol.


Changing devices, pics coming.


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WIW : A Little More Colour & Pattern!

Hi Ladies,

Clearly there is something about Spring that inspires a little colour and pattern. I had my eye on this top for quite some time (online) before I purchased it on sale. I knew I could wear the soft pink and I was very attracted to the butterfly pattern but it was't until I finally went into the boutique to try it on that I fell hard lol.

It's called the Anna Top in Butterfly Pink and is made by a newly established designer called Mimi The Label who is based in and produces all their clothing here in my home town.

I wore the top, for the first time yesterday, to work, over a slightly dropped crotch slouch pant and my current fave sandals. Accessorized with black jewelry.

I think I will get a lot of wear out of this over Spring/Summer as it will work nicely over quite a few pairs of my pants, including my EF Harems:)

Thanks for taking a peek.

xxx Deborah


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EF Harems go to a Wedding

Hi Ladies:)

Went to a wedding yesterday and, if you can believe it, I didn't wear all black lol.

I did stay in my comfort zone of long drapey silhouette but stepped out of my comfort zone by choosing colour and a floral.

I have to be honest and say it took a bit of adjusting too, but I really liked it. I felt the colours were right for me and I liked the combination of the top with my EF Harem Pants.

Accessorised with black 3D printed earring and a ring and trusty leather wrist wrap.

Anyway what do you think? Did I stray too far, or do you think this works?

Thanks so much for having a look.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Dress Duplicate

Hi Fabbers,

I got this dress in black last year and have worn it a lot.  It's one of those dresses that is quite versatile.  I have worn it over leggings, bare legs, with the tie tied and with it loose and I have worn jackets and long vests over it.

So....  the designer re-released the dress this year, doing the black again but also Sapphire Blue!  Need I say more lol

I have a wedding coming up and I think this just might be what I will wear.  I feel it's quite wedding appropriate.  I would probably style it for the wedding very similar to how I wore it here, maybe change the accessories.

The dress is from Lulu Manna, a small independent designer in Sydney. She is a gorgeous girl and designs very modern, elegant, 'grown up' clothing.  I'm a big fan.

xxx Deborah


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WIW to the Theatre

Hi Ladies,

This gorgeous coat has been hanging in my wardrobe for a little while, just waiting for the right occasion.  Friday night I went to see an amateur production of The Phantom of the Opera (the only one to be done in the Southern Hemisphere by a Youth Theatre Group - all secondary school students) at our beautiful old theatre in town and the coat was just the right amount of statement.

It's a wool blend, hand made by REW in the UK.  It's a duster but it's an oversized design so I crossed the front over and secured it with a cinch clip and wore it closed all night.  REW also make the coolest scarves that fasten with a button so they stay in place (Pic 2)  which I wore to dress up a very simple black jersey poncho type top the other week.  

Hope everyone is well. It's cold here as we move through the last weeks of winter, so staying rugged up and the heater is getting a good work out lol.

xxx Deborah


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WIW & Change in Direction

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been round much (reading but not posting).  Working full time has been an adjustment, parenting a teen has it's challenges and I am doing some other work 'on the side' so I have been super busy, but I have also wanted to take some time to reflect on my wardrobe and where I wanted it to go.

Over the last Christmas Holidays I was deeply impacted by two movies which I am sure many of you have seen.  The True Cost and Minimalism:A Documentary About the Important Things.  

I made some decisions and the past months have been all about working through those decision and implementing change.

I decided to source and buy only ethically made clothing, and I decided to buy less and have a more minimal (in size) wardrobe. The buy less but buy better thinking had been in mind for a long time but for some reason I was so easily seduced to just buy more lol.

Nearly 8 months down the road, this is where I am at.

  • I have successfully, and continue to, source beautiful, well made and well priced ethically made clothing (mostly Australian made).

  • My shopping has slowed and I have learnt to put money away and save for the items I would really like to have.
  • Buying only ethicially made items is not always as easy. I have not yet addressed shoes (they tend to be very expensive) and there are some items that I don't yet feel I want to spend the big $$ on, for example sleep wear.    
  • So, inspired by Livia Firth, if I find myself drawn to a fast fashion item, I ask myself if it is likely that I will get 30 wears out of it.  My fast fashion purchases this season have been a few sweaters that are weekend and casual wear and are on high rotation.

  • I slowly realised that a very small wardrobe wasn't for me,  and made peace with having what I consider to be a moderate sized wardrobe as I do enjoy variety.  What I don't want though is so much clothing that I couldn't possibly wear it all, so I have achieved a wardrobe size that allows for variety and for the items to be worn regularly.

Also, during this time, I reviewed items in my wardrobe that didn't fit my criteria and either kept them and am wearing the heck out of them, or sold items that had resale value, and those that I no longer wanted to wear and were not resale-able were donated or passed to friends.

Its an ongoing, interesting and fun journey, but I am aware that it is my journey and I totally respect that others really enjoy fast fashion. 

So I guess I am wondering are others on this, or a similar journey? What does it look like to you?  

Sharing just a few recent outfits. 

Grey Poncho is a beautiful wool handmade by Australian designer Cavaletti Gallery

Top is Mimi The Label - newly launched and made in Bendigo.
Sarouel pants are Cavalletti Gallery

Tied Cardigan is Lulmanna - Independent Sydney designer

Dress is made from Japanese Suiting fabric and is from Cavaletti Gallery.

Pants from Cavaletti Gallery and Sleeveless top made by me :)

Jacket by Motto and Oxblood top a new Australian made label I discovered recently called Swindon.

xxx Deborah

Ps, I have become addicted to Instagram so these pics are from my feed and all just a little bit 'posed' :)


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WIW Over Summer

Hi Ladies,

Summer in Australia has been a little erratic but I think average temps have been in the mid 30's throughout. My summer wardrobe has worked well for me and I am pleased with the small number of additions.

My wardrobe is still very black dominated but navy has had a strong supporting role and in some instances I have chosen the navy version over the black.. .I surprised myself a couple of times lol.

My focus continues to be a smaller, more minimal wardrobe in both size and aesthetic. I'm also choosing transeasonal garments and layering is still very much a part of my style. My interest in ethically made fashion continues as a result I am discovering some amazing Australian brands and labels I wasn't aware of before.

Anyway here is a sampling of what I have been wearing over summer and now and we enter Autumn.  I have also been enjoying playing around with the camera and playing model in my own back yard lol!!!  I promise I am not taking myself to seriously but I do have fun photographing my outfits.

Thanks for looking and good to see you all.

xxx Deborah


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Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas Fabbers!

Just popping in to wish you all the very best for Christmas and the holiday season.

Work and parenting have really had an impact on my time here this year but I do check in and catch up often but with little time to really interact. I miss you all, love seeing new faces, am always inspired by everyone's outfits.

I'm still getting dressed every day and taking pics and here's a few recent ones as our weather has been warming up.

Fashion wise, it's still black, navy, grey and whites. I am slowly adding some muted colour (just a little) and I've taken a stance in buying Australian made (as much as I can) and supporting smaller local independent designers. I'm on a bit of journey as far as this goes but for some reason the ethics of clothing production has and is becoming more important to me.

So sending love and Christmas wishes on this very hot Christmas Day in Australia. Hope you have a good one!



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WIW : A Kimono in Spring

HI Ladies,

When I read the Kimono post I felt a little deflated because I really like kimono jackets but when they were doing the rounds a couple of years back I just could not find anything that really worked for me. I bought two from Zara and promptly resold them:(.

But after Angie's post this one came into my life and I love it! Soft and flowy and easy to wear and it's longer than the ones I had tried previously. My next styling wil be with white jeans!

It's from a small independent Australian designer amd the label is Shortlist:)

Thanks Angie for reigniting my interest in the kimono, I had almost given up :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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WIW : As the Seasons Transition

Hi Fabbers,

Life just doesn't seem to be 'settling down' as I had hoped :) It's one thing after the next but we are keeping our heads above water and attempting to navigate it all with good grace :)

I love this time of year because northern and southern hemisphere weather is often not dissimilar as we move out of Winter into Spring and many of you are welcoming your Autumn.

The last two days I have been able to wear footwear other than boots:) But it hasn't lasted and it is pouring with rain today but not terribly cold.

Here are a couple of recent outfits.

Loving my EF Harems so much. Such a versatile item that I can seem to be able to wear across all seasons. Layered nude tights under them for warmth here:)

New Metalicus drape cardigan/jacket. Loving it, wanting to wear it all the time. Again this is great for most weather. It is a merino wool blend. Will be great in summer in the office with our icy a/c.

3. & 4.
This is today. Now that I am working 5 days I have made an executive decision that Friday are 'casual' for moi. This coat is old. Local label Jacqui E. I have had it since before Master 13 was born. I bought it as a suit with a pair of wide leg pants which were donated years ago. The jacket had a collar with I have recently removed to give it a more modern look. I still love it.

Anyway thanks for looking and trust everyone is doing well. You are certainly looking fabulous:)

xxx Deborah


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