WIB : Something Different!

Hi Ladies,

I was given a gift voucher to my friend's beautiful shoe store.  While I adore her shoes, very few of them are 'me'.  I came home with these shoes by Isabella called "Galicia" in black.  They are an Australian company, the leather is beautiful and I could walk in them all day.

Now the shoe is different for me.  I spent a couple of days considering and surfing Pinterest and the net for inspiration (ie. are these shoes frumpy or cool lol) and decided to take the plunge.

They have a hidden wedge of 7cm wedge and a 2cm platform (also hidden).

I am not a fan of 'sandals' so these could be a good shoe for warmer winter days right through Spring, Summer (not high summer tho) and Autumn.  

I would like to know what you think, and I know it's difficult when you haven't seen the shoe styled.  I am wanting to stretch my style a little, not too much lol, but I wouldn't have picked this shoe up, it was the SA who knows me a little who showed it to me as she thought it would work well with my general style.

Thanks for your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


PSA : Aussie Skirted Leggings

Hi Ladies,

Motto is a lovely Australian brand based in Melbourne which make gorgeous clothing.  Lots of stretch fabrics and all washable.   Well, they have just opened a store in my home town and I popped in today for the opening sale and bought the most amazing jacket with some birthday money (yes I am stretching it out as far as I can lol).

Came home to find the jacket on line to add to my finds and while browsing discovered Motto are releasing a skirted leggings this month and thought I should share:)  Based on the quality of the garments I saw today these should be lovely.


And the jacket I bought today is in #2/#3

xxx Deborah


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WIW : To Beat the Winter Blues

Hi Ladies,

This morning was church followed immediately by a birthday party of lunch at McDonalds and a movie (Inside Out) for one of Master 12's friends.  Needed warmth and comfort as I have been out most of the day and had an hour or so to peruse Myer (our version, tho smaller, of Nordtroms??) to see if I could use a gift certificate.

No success at Myer but that was ok.

Ponte Leggings / Target
Cowl Neck Tunic / Rockmans
Sia Cropped Waterfall Cardigan / Metalicus
Ankle Boots / Hush Puppies (I think if I was ever stuck on a dessert island and only had one pair of boots, I would want it to be these!!  - of course I realise boots on an dessert island doesn't really make sense but hey!)

Despite Winter being my favourite season, I seem to be experiencing the Winter Blues over the past few weeks:(  Started taking Vitamin D tablets, as recommended by my GP, last week and seem to be making some progress.  I think the cold, overcast days actually can get a bit much.  Anyone else feel his way.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : My Birthday "Suit"

LOL, I promise it's safe to look at the photos:)

I didn't get a pic on the day I celebrated my Birthday in Melbourne, but I wore the same outfit today for another birthday lunch with my lovely girlfriends in Bendigo.

I wore:

Metalicus Tunic
Zara Mixed Media Leggings
Hush Puppy Ankle Boots
Michael Hill Earrings

I felt this combo was very me and I felt very comfortable and suitable dressed for a lovely lunch with a lovely group of girlfriends at the a restaurant at our Art Gallery.

I did pop on my wrap short coat but no photo.  It's chilly here at the moment:)

Thanks for looking:)
xxx Deborah


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Hi Ladies,

Had a haircut today and did what I have been wanting to do for some time which is go shorter at the sides and front.  It has been texturised and the front section (bangs) shortened with the longest length now finishing above my ear's lowest point.  The back is the same as before but with texturising.

Sorry the pics aren't so good and Im looking a bit washed out due to not enough sleep but here goes...

It's a bit Claire Underwood (I think) depending on how I style it.  I can sweep the left side around and style the hair forward so there is no part. (kind of like #1/2)  Or I can leave the side part (#3/4).  I am looking forward to having a play with product to exaggerate the texturing.

I cannot believe how much I love it! 

Because I booked the appointment on a whim, my stylist wasn't available so I saw Bonnie who is a young stylist at the salon.  Well she was amazing.  My stylist (the boss) had briefed her on my hair and what techniques work and what don't and she dry cut my hair (my preference and hers) so we could see as we went how it was working.  

So what do you think?  Not fishing for compliments but I am beginning to wonder why I didn't just go this short with texture from the start.

Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah

PS.. in #2 and #4 it looks like there is a dark patch but it must be the light.  Just checked and the colour (which I didn't have done today) is completely even. xx


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WIW : Cropped Sweater

Hi Ladies,

I have a confession!  I have shopped a lot in recent weeks, mainly due to birthday money:)  So there may be some posts with new goodies, which could be a nice change from the "same old things" I have been posting;)

Yesterday I received an order from Metalicus and I am thrilled to report each item (4 in total) are 'perfecto'.  The item I was particularly excited about was the Long Sleeve Loose Knit Cropped Sweater.  9 Kilos ago it wasn't a good look and I chose not to purchase it.  Now it just fits so much better and has a nice fluid line to it. It is a 'one size fits all'.  

For work today, I wore new skinny pants that have a waxed finish. They almost look like leather.  They are a pull on, elastic waist and are incredibly comfortable.  Kind of a relaxed legging.  Then I added my Brown Sugar cobalt blouse (this is a couple of years old now) and then layered the cropped sweater over the blouse.  Trusted Hush Puppy ankle boots and a silver pendant on leather strap.

This was a comfortable, and I hope, stylish work outfit.  I did pop a black boyfriend style blazer on for the commute and a meeting I attended.

The sweater proved to be pleasantly surprising in that it is soft and light weight, a blend of cotton and silk, yet added just the right amount of warmth in my very cold office.  I love it so much I think I might wear it again tomorrow lol.

Pic #3 is Master 12!  It was Wacky Wednesday at school today and the theme was the 1960's.  I tie dyed the tshirt he is wearing and pulling a costume together was all done last minute and proved to be a bit of a drama.  So I was thrilled when I got home to find he had won a prize for his costume... phew.

Thanks for looking and all feedback and thoughts much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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Hair.. what to do?

Hi Fab ones,

My hair is driving me crazy!  I have struggled to get my short cut 'just right' (style developing relationship with my new hairdresser) and have allowed it to start growing back into a bob.. but I am not happy, it's kind of a 'nothing' style.  I think now that I have 'crossed over' there may be no going back and short is now it for me.

Here is my challenge:)  I want a short do, but with long lengths, so nothing 'cropped'.  This is my Pinterest Hair Board https://www.pinterest.com/dagates/hair/ which as you can see is a bit all over the place.

My latest find is the pic in #1 which I really like.  It's similar in shape to what I have but shorter at the sides (cut around the ears not over), front lengths are shorter and there is some layering or texturising going on that I don't have at the moment.

The things that are important to me are:

  • looking modern
  • not looking (my stereotype) of 'middle aged')
  • low fuss (happy to spend 20/30 mins on my hair, less would be fab)
  • looking feminine to contrast with my black and harder edge style
  • neatness (I am not a messy hair girl, but can cope with some 'choppiness'.
  • I rarely use produce aside from a bit of mousse or spray but am happy to learn how to use other products if necessary

My hair is very fine but I have a lot of it.  It has a lot volume and while I don't want flat hair, I do like 'smooth' hair and need to keep the volume under control (which texturising would help with).  I am also thinking I would like the softness of shorter bangs (fringe) sweeping across my forehead.

I am at a loss with what to do.  Any suggestions, photos, thoughts would be so helpful.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I think it may take the YLF community to decide on my hair cut.:)

xxx Deborah


WIW : New Culottes & Bag

Hi Ladies,

Wore my new Metalicus culottes today for work and I am so in love with them:)  Received some lovely compliments:)

Kept it simple and I liked the proportions.

Culottes - Metalicus
Long Sleeve Blouse - Peter Morrissey for Big W
Pumps - Wittner
Bag - Gramercy Satchel (Mini) by Coach 

Peter Morrissey is a very cool Australian designer who has been doing a range for Big W for the past few years.  I have stayed away from it because while the designs have been good, the fabrics have been pretty awful.  I was surprised with the current range and how lovely the fabrics are to touch so I bought this black top and another, also black.  Both are more 'blouse' than 'top' and will be work horses for the office.  He has some silky black and grey animal print "track" style pants at the moment and I am facing great temptation.

The bag was a rather special 50th birthday gift from my longest standing girlfriend.  We have know each other longer than I have known DH and we have shared many highs and lows and I was just speechless when I opened her gift.  Today is the first time I have used the bag.  It's incredibly beautiful.

So yay or nay on the culottes?  I quite pleased that as a petite this look appears to be doable.

Thanks for taking a peek.

xxx Deborah

p.s. My Metalicus order arrived and all four garments are fab.  So thrilled.

pss   sorry about the flash photos, early morning and camera mustnt have had enough light :)


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Crazy for Culottes!

Hi Ladies,

I will do a post with pics tonight but just quick post from work now.
I am wearing my new Metalicus culottes today (their first outing) and they are fantastic.  You know that feeling when an item fits well, it super comfortable and (IMHO) looks super stylish??  Well it's one of those days. So just had to share.... not many in my real life would 'get' my excitement over this lol.

Not sure if any of the other Aussie ladies have purchased these?  I think Lyn D's culottes were from Country Road???

Be back tonight with pics, and my recent order from Metalicus has arrived so may have some goodies to share.

First find is my culottes and the others are what has arrived today.

xxx Deborah


WIW : Back to the Grind:)

It's not really 'the grind' but after a fab weekend I was feeling a little tired and could have managed a day off quite nicely:)

Today was a very cold day spent mostly at my desk, so I opted for comfort, which meant mostly Metalicus, which incorporated a new skirt and cardigan:) #1 - #3

I found I hadn't been wearing my Sabena short coat despite how cold it is.  So last night I removed the belt loops (and belt) and now it's my version of perfect.  Wore it today and see many more wears in it's future.

#4 is what I changed into tonight to go out for a casual dinner at the local 'tavern' with some friends.  

Please excuse the photos, it's dark and my flash came on and really the lighting is not the best.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah


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