WIW: My Signature Look?

Hi Ladies,

Followed yesterday's formula and wore this to a Fashion Festival meeting today.

Black Ponte Skinny Leg Pants

White Satin Pleat Neck Blouse

Black Boucle Long Jacket


Grey & Black Scarf

& red / orange bag

Vintage Beads

I like this but was concerned the white made it all a little bland? I also worry that the white makes me look a little big! I know i probably just need to "get over it":) I added the scarf when outdoors. It was nice to not need a coat.

Suggestions etc always appreciated.

Thank you for looking

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Black & Cream

Hi Ladies,

Work day today and our weather is very confusing at the moment making it a bit challenging in the mornings:)

This is a bit of a fallback formula for me that I feel very comfortable and very me in:)

Black Ponte Skinny Leg Pants
Black Blouse with neck detail
Cream trimmed knit jacket
Multi strand silver and pearl necklace
Favourite Pearl Ring
Black heeled booties

I should apologise for not looking into the camera. I promise I am not trying to create a moody/arty model pose! I'm having a recurring eye infection so once again I have a red eye making me look a tad freaky! Thought I would spare you all lol.

So thanks for looking. Any suggestions etc always very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Neice's Wedding

Hi Ladies,

Well the day finally arrived and I wanted to thank you for your help deciding on what to wear:) I was very happy with my outfit and the dress is just so comfortable. I felt as fresh in it at the end of the day as I did at the start.

A quick photo before we left for the 2 hour drive.

Given I wore red pumps and red necklace, I chose my black and cream bag as I didn't want too matchy matchy.

Didn't get a photo wearing it, but this is the trench I wore over the dress until the reception. It was very cold and the coat provided alot more warmth than I expected.
My old back trench was retired recently so this is a new purchase and it's first outing.

Outfit details:

Jacqui E Dress
Shoes of Prey Red Pumps
Diana Ferrari Bag
Limited Editions Trench
Red beads, Thrifted

Family photo. DH, MIL, Master 9 & Moi. I didn't realise until I looked at the photo that we were all quite well co-ordinated. It was DH's sister's daughter who was getting married.

Master 9 & Grandma. My MIL and I went shopping for her outfit a couple of weeks earlier and instead of going to her usual shops she was keen for me to take her somewhere a little more modern:) She is wearing black pants, flat shoes, a black and white pussy bow blouse and red jacket with ribbon trim, both from Noni B. Her bag is a LV inspired cherry bowling bag, which she loves and uses all the time. I thought she looked lovely and she was complimented on her outfit by a number of people during the day. Red is her favorite color, and at 84 she still LOVES clothes.

Thanks for looks, and again thanks for helping pull it all together:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW: B&W Stripes & Spots

Hi Ladies:)

Worn to church this morning.

Black Ponte Skirt

Black Top w White Dots

Black & White Striped Jacket

Sheer Black Hose

Black Boots & Bag

This is the first outing for the striped jacket. I bought it months ago but it's taken a bit for me to get used to the look. I found putting block white or black under the jacket wasn't exciting for me, so I bought the spotted top specifically with this jacket in mind. I don't find the top overly flattering alone but I did purchase it as a layering piece. It's actually tunic length but I kind of scrunched it up:)

How does it all work? Your feedback is much appreciated.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Not So Sunny Sunday

Hi All,

I think Winter might be getting to me! It was sunny this morning and I thought ah Spring is on its way, but no, it was dull and overcast by the time I left the house :(

Life and work are busy at the moment so I haven't had time to photograph any new outfits but managed to get this morning's outfit for church.

I have to confess to not giving it much thought (I slept in:).

Straight leg jeans
Ink blue blouse
Black and White Abstract Jacket
Suede Black Wedges
Green Flower Bag ... just for fun:)

Thanks for looking and I hope you are having a great weekend.

xxx Deborah


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