WIW : Keeping Cool in Metalicus

Hi Lovely Ladies,

For those of you freezing, I am sorry but I am a little envious, as we are sweltering in the humid Aussie heat.

I don't think I have shared this skirt with you yet.  I bought it over the Christmas / New Year break. It's cut and sewn in a way that creates a really cool shape with lovely drapes. The top is cropped but with the skirt I thought it looked better with a little tuck.

Skirt :  Metalicus Henley Drape Skirt
Top :  Otto Mode Tshirt
Flip Flops : Myer
Earrings : Gift from BFF

Not sure if the proportions will be everyone's cup of tea but I like them.  It'a a very light and breezy combination and quite comfortable for today's temps.

What are your thoughts?  JFE?

xxx Deborah

BTW.. that's a nurf bullet on the floor!  A remnant of Master 12's belated birthday party yesterday:)


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Can you help me choose?

Hi Ladies,

I have been asked to assist in the promotion of a local fashion label's winter jacket/coat range for 2015.  Initially I need to choose two items from their catalogue.  The quality is very nice and their designs are generally more classic than I normally wear, however I have identified some items that I think might work for me.

I know it's difficult not seeing things on, but in the first instance I need to make my selection from the catalogue.  I am hoping you might have some input based on knowing my wardrobe and body a little.  

Here are the contenders.

#1 Wool blend wrap coat - could be worn open, no belt, or belt tied to back to
     slim down the volume at the front.

#2 Leather blazer - available in black

#3 Grey Zip coat - also available in black (the red looks too orange for me)

I won't tell you which I am favouring but you can probably guess.

Thanks for taking a look and sharing your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Blue on Valentine's Day

Hi Ladies,

On the very odd occasion, black doesn't do it for me !!!!  Shocked... I know. :)

By the end of a long, hot, humid day (I don't respond well to the heat), colour does work as a bit of a pick me up.  After such a day, yesterday, we had an engagement dinner to attend and I did initially pop on a black dress.  But because i wasn't feeling or looking as fresh as I would have liked, it was just 'blah', so I reached for one of two coloured dresses in my wardrobe (just in case you are curious, the other is orange.  Similar cut but jersery and more casual)

Kept it simple, with silver accessories.  The beautiful earrings my Secret Santa (the lovely Karie) sent me last Christmas, a silver cuff and silver rings and a black and silver clutch from Myer.

How does this look?  On one hand I worry the dress is a little too body con for my shape but on the other I figure.. "does it really matter"??

And permission to rant??

I knew it would be a  'reasonably' relaxed occasion.  I am getting to know what to expect here.  The dinner was at a hotel, was outdoors and was set up to look very pretty.  But there was no consistency at all to the guests presentation. Tshirts and shorts were quite a prominent look:)   Please don't think I am being judgmental, I think I was just a little disappointed.  Any one else experience this?  How does it make you feel?

Thanks for looking and your comments much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : For Pre Marriage Counselling:)

Happy Weekend!

Some of you will know that DH is a Pastor.  We are currently doing pre marriage counselling with a lovely young couple who are getting married in April.

Lunch at our place followed by some discussion, and another hot day.  It is also humid - February seems to the humid season here - and my hair is not happy lol.

Needed comfort but too hot for pants.  

Jersey Skirt - Kmart (quite a find, the fabric is actually lovely)
Jersey Top - Rockmans
Flip Flops - Myer

It has been a really busy week and we have an engagement dinner to attend tonight.  I think the only way I will survive today is by heading off now for a nana nap!! 

How are the proportions on this?  Hope my lily white legs don't scare anyone.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : White on White!

Hi Ladies,

An exciting day for us with Master 11 turning 12 (well actually not until 11.57 this evening).  It was an early morning followed by work and school and we are heading out for dinner tonight.

I had meetings at work today and I have been finding I do like to walk a slightly more modern classic (?) path for days like these at work.  The cool thing is that my wardrobe seems to work well in creating a kind of chic avant garde vibe or a  modern classic depending on how I style things.

Last night I saw a very cool Pin #5 and I was inspired!  Given my commitments at work a slouchy tshirt wasn't appropriate so I swapped out the tee for a satin blouse and wore my cobalt ankle strap sandals (can you believe I don't have black!!)  I don't roll my pants, so this was out of my comfort zone, but I think it worked in ways that other attempts haven't.
I then added the white jacket and really liked the look.  It was a pretty hot day so for most of the day the outfit was sans jacket and I added the scarf.   

White Jacket - Dotti
Satin Blouse - Target
Slouch Pants - Sportsgirl
Scarf - Can't remember
Sandals - Naughty Monkey
Blue Galaxy Earrings - Market Stall
Silver Rings - Pandora

I have a pair of casual but structured pants and I am keen to try the look with a slouchy tee.

Does my version work ok.  How's my pant roll?

Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah

Ps.  Had my hair cut and coloured yesterday (feel so fresh) and I think I have finally worked out exactly what my short cut is.  I know it probably looks the same but there are some minor differences, and they are making me very happy:)


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WIW : Moto

Hi Ladies,

Well it's been a blue week for me so far (stylewise) and today I reached for an abstract patterned lightweight moto style jacket in grey, white and black. I always feel the combination of colours in the jacket has a blue hue?  What do you think?

The jacket is about 6 years old and it wasn't until I had been participating here for a while that I finally started wearing it.  The moto style was new for me then. The jacket was an impulse buy, and I am so glad I did buy it.  I wouldn't call it a work horse but it does get worn with some regularity and I have a deep love for it.  There are days when it is just what I feel like and just the right topper for the occasion.

The moto style does seem to have significant longevity, and I expect to be wearing this for quite a few years to come.

I was travelling for work today and this is what I wore;

Slouchy Pants - Sportsgirl
Draped Sleeveless Top - Katies
Moto Jacket - Portmans
Sandals - Rubi

I decided to keep the new leather handbag (#2) I posted about last week.  I know there were some concerns that it was too classic for me, but I really liked it and its functionality won me over.  I also felt that it worked to add a touch of structure to my office outfits (it is specifically for work).  Today it proved it's worth as I was able to carry all I needed in it, including my notebook and files for my meetings. And the structure of it makes it such an organised bag... everything was visible and easy to access.   I wonder if seeing it with a work outfit changes anyone's thoughts on the bag for me?

Thanks for looking and your thoughts and styling suggestions, critque etc are all much appreciated.

Cut and colour tomorrow!  My hair gets so thick and fluffy, spent all day 'flattening' it  lol.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : It's a Wrap!

Hi Ladies!

I managed to pick up a few new Metalicus pieces over my holidays, all of which will be fantastic transeasonal items.  As a result I don't anticipate much shopping in my immediate future lol...she whispers, hoping no one will hear.

I had my eye on this skirt for a little while but wasn't keen on paying full price:) So the skirt went on sale and then they extended the sale to an extra 40% off when you buy 2 sale garments... so I know you understand that I just had to! :)

It's the California Wrap Skirt, (#4) and is the same fabrication as the California Wrap Vest which you have seen me wear a few times.  It will work well for all four seasons.

Today I wore it with an ink silky t shirt.  Not exactly semi tucked but more stuffed into my skirt (was in a hurry lol) to the side.  Round necks are not my best neckline as they tend to accentuate my bust and make my neck look skinny, but I liked the t shirt and I hope that the use of necklaces and possibly scarves will make it workable.

Thanks for looking, and advice or thoughts on styling always very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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Jeans Style for Winter 2015?!

Hi Ladies,

I have just been perusing Stockholm Streetstyle, and I cannot believe the pants styles I am seeing. I know Angie has highlighted this on the blog but this is the first I have seen of it on the street, so to speak.

Very few skinny legs and lots of flared, wide leg and boot cut jeans.

This is my favourite so far:)

Glad I have kept my bootcuts.  I am quite excited about having a play with them and seeing what I come up with for our winter. 

Those of you who are in your cooler months already, are you seeing this where you live?

xxx Deborah


WIW : Inspired by Sharon:)

Happy Sunday lovely fabbers!

Sharon posted a very cool outfit on her blog here yesterday, and I think this morning as I got dressed I must have been subliminally inspired to reach for my Obi belt.  It wasn't until I left the house that I recalled Sharon's outfit.

I rarely wear belts because:

  1. My waist has thickened somewhat leaving less definition
  2. I rarely feel comfortable with something firmly placed around my middle.
But a nice wide Obi belt can have that lovely 'girdle' effect and hold all the flabby bits in (mine, not yours Sharon :) ).

Worn to church today.

Culottes - Suzanne Grae (were wide leg pants but had them shortened)

Ink Tunic - "Limited Editions" for Target (black tank underneath)

Emelia Block Heels - Rubi

Earrings - from a little vendor at a market recently.  They are blue and kind of like looking into space.

Bracelet - Tiffany.  

This bracelet was given to me as a gift by my boss when I left my job in Melbourne to move to Bendigo.  It's the fairly classic and popular (here anyway) Heart Tag Charm Bracelet.  I actually love many of the Tiffany silver pieces and have a few (all gifts) but i am not a "heart" person, nor do 'charm' bracelets really feel comfortable on me, so after nearly 4 years and only one or two wears I decided that I actually love the chain.  It's a lovely weight and the silver feels so soft against the skin.  It's also the perfect size for my small wrist.  So, I took the pliers to it and cut the heart charm off!  I truly hope I haven't committed some type of sacrilege, but as a simple, slightly chunky chain bracelet, I am loving it... and now wearing it.

Once again, I think I am in the territory of JFE, which actually seems to be my  'flattering' lol.  

The belt was comfortable, but I am also keen on this combo without the belt.  Not sure I will repeat the belted version, but who knows.

What do you think?  Did the belt work?

xxx Deborah


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My Essential Eight! Wanna Play??

Hi Ladies,

You know those lists that appear frequently in magazines and on blogs that outline the must have 10 items that every fashionable woman should have in her wardrobe?   Well I confess to thinking they are a little silly as they generally make the assumption that we all have the same style and the same lifestyle.

So after perusing Ines' list in Parisian Chic, I have created my own list ... for me:)  I am not suggesting in any way that this would be / should be anyone else's must haves.

These are the items that I feel are the foundations of my wardrobe so to speak.  Should one of them be removed, my style would collapse around me ;)
BTW this is not really season appropriate, that was just too hard.  But for summer, for example I would swap out leggings for skinny pants.  

My Essential Eight  Ta da!!!

  • The Black Blazer
    Ines and I agree on this one.  My blazer is a little less classic, has a draped lapel and is a knit.
  • The Little Black Dress
    Again, Ines and I agree.  Soft jersey and trademark draping.
  • The Skinny Jeans
    Black, with a little room to move.
  • The White Tshirt
    Draped, jersey - perfect for layering
  • The Ponte Leggings
    A winter staple.
  • The Tunic
    Soft cashmere blend, wear over leggings or jeans
  • The Ankle Boot
    Goes with everything!
  • The Leather Jacket
    For work and play.
If you feel like playing, I would love to know what your list would be.  Doesn't have to be 8 or even 10.  Just list the items that you think set the tone or foundation for your style - your must have items to ensure your own fabulous style - , and add pics if you can :)

xxx Deborah


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