WIW : Streamlined Black and a solitary pearl:)

Hi Ladies,

I am so over the hot weather.   I think I am done with summer clothing and am now starting to think about Autumn/Winter.

Today, with thanks to some cooler weather, I was able to get back to a little layering and wore a new item bought with Autumn in mind.  It's a sleeveless jacket / vest in black.  Fabric is soft but still has a little structure which I like.    I have quite a few tops that will go well with this over my slim pants for the office.  

Sleeveless Draped Jacket :  Tempt
Kaffy Cami : Motto
Skinny Black Jeans : Katies
Shoes : Novo

Also debuted my new pearl pendant.  Thanks for the suggestions on my other thread. I went with a small square diamond stud earring so as not to detract from the necklace.

Thanks for looking.  All comments, thoughts, suggestions much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : A Lazy Sunday

Hi Fab Ones,

DH is on holiday so we have some free Sundays this month and took the opportunity to visit a lovely town about 40 minutes away for a wander and lunch.

This town has some great cafes and a fantastic bookshop that you can get lost in.  We came home with a lovely candle, some goats milk soap, a tshirt for DH and a new book for Master 12.  There is an amazing boutique that I always drop in to and found they were closing down and everything was reduced, but I came home empty handed.

Weather is in the 30's so I restrained myself from too much layering:)  I wore a black asymmetric hem dress and long vest both by Metalicus and my favourite sandals:)  I was a bit concerned I would be too hot, but felt very comfortable all day:)

Its funny posting summer outfits while so many of you are experiencing cold temps :)  I cannot wait to be able to put on skinny jeans and oversized sweater.

xxx Deborah


WIW : Colour

Hi Ladies,

Working for Motto has been a good excuse to play and 'extend' my self a little. 

They do a lot of pattern and colour but I gravitate naturally to the solids and the black pieces.  I have been trying on lots of colour but up til now haven't bought any with the exception of the patterned dress (which had a fault and ended up going back) :(

I have this top in black and white and love it, and I absolutely love the colours in this new version.  I'm not sure it photographs as well as it looks IRL??  Colours are so vibrant.  It is a lace type top so it's necessary to wear a cami under it.

Today for work I wore it with crushed crop pants, black cami and new sandal booties. Looking forward to playing with it a bit and seeing how it works with some other bottoms and maybe belted, even if only for work at the store :)

Thanks for looking
xxx Deborah


WIW & Why I've Been So Quiet:)

Hi Fab Ones!

I have so been missing being part of the ongoing conversations here:(  I have been keeping up as much as possible on my phone (but I much prefer to participate from my lap top... much easier to comment in detail etc.) so while I am reading, I haven't been able to contribute all that much.

We have had an unexpected turn over of staff at the one of my jobs and as a result I have been doing extra hours.  It's all good and I am enjoying it but not much time for other things:)  We are also in our school holiday period and Master 12 has been off school since early December (goes back Feb 1) so juggling two jobs (and the extra hours) and time with him has been challenging. Then before Christmas I sustained a rotary cuff injury (shoulder) and of course put of going to the doctor thinking it was just a muscular thing and it would right itself!  Woke up two weeks ago in such pain I thought I was going to be ill... all sorted now tho and it is getting better.  So hopefully things will slow down again soon and I will settle back into a little more routine and be able to spend more time hanging out with you all.

Until then, a quick outfit pic.  Nothing special.  A 42 degree day today and so grateful I was in air conditioning:)  Just wanted something that skimmed my body and was easy to wear.  The dress is about 4 years old.  Some days I love it, some days I don't :)  It was perfect for today.

I haven't really had time to consider my style goals for 2016 but I think one of them might be incorporating a little colour into my wardrobe via accessories.   The necklace is new and I thought the cobalt at the neckline of the dress was a nice way to give new life to the dress... what do you think?

Thanks for reading, and looking
xxx Deborah