WIW: Breakfast Function

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Monday was the start of a busy week.  Do you have weeks where you struggle to keep up?  I'm sensing this may be one of them for me :)

Anyway, I was invited to attend the media launch breakfast for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal yesterday morning before work.  It was a wonderful function for an organisation that does so much good work in our community.  I was then going on to work where our Manager from Head Office is spending the next few days with us ... I forgot to smile in my pics and I think that may be why lol.

So I reached for a FFBO.  Separates to make up a suit and some red to lift the black.  I recognised a bit of a wardrobe hole recently for 'office pants' so these are new to my closet.

My boss (a woman) complimented my outfit, in fact she told me I always look lovely when she sees me... :)

Thanks for looking and I hope you are all having the best day.

xxx Deborah

BTW... These pics were taken on my new camera.  Are they clearer, better?  I usually take them on my phone.  These are my fist pics on the camera, I have heaps to learn.

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WIW: Stripes

Happy Monday from the land of Aus!

We are now well and truly experiencing Autumn weather and it is lovely and cool here today.

I have been wanting to wear this combination for ages and today's the day.  I have been looking for some new oversized asymetrical tops because my fave black one is looking quite tired, and I found this one and the weekend.  I am considering popping back to the store at lunchtime today to buy a duplicate in the black.

While this pairing is probably pretty typical of my style, I was inspired when I saw Beverly's outfit here http://http//www.beverlylikehi.....art-2.html

Outfit comprises; new black asymetric top, b44-esque striped skirt, opaque tights, black booties.

I have been steering clear of opaque tights over the past 12 months but I am hoping that the beige in the skirt bookends enough ith my hair to 'lighten' the look a little.

It was hard getting a good photo this morning, my face just wouldn't wake up :)  lol

Thanks for looking and your comments, and suggestions for improvement are eagerly welcomed.

xxx Deborah

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WIW : Black & Silver

Hi Ladies,

I think it's the change over of the seasons but I feel like I don't know how to dress myself at the moment :)  One day it's warm, next day a bit cooler if only we could have some consistency, perhaps I would get my mojo back.

Wore this on Sunday.  Added the sunnies for a bit of fun, but really should have thought more about shapewear as my 'spare tyre' seems to have broken loose :)

Please don't chastise me, but I really am enjoying wearing black at the moment.  And it was cool enough to layer (yay).  Black and layering, two of my favourite fashion things.

I know the necklace is a bit over the top, but I just love it.  I'm thinking of wearing it over a long sleeve tee with jeans next.

BTW, I am really enjoying carrying a clutch.  So much so that a clutch has become my weekend go to bag.  It is really quite impractical as I like to carry 'everything' with me and DH gets frustrated that there is no room for his keys or wallet when we are out together... by I have tried to explain to him that it is a matter of priorities  he  he

Your suggestions, etc always very appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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