WIW: Breakfast Function

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Monday was the start of a busy week.  Do you have weeks where you struggle to keep up?  I'm sensing this may be one of them for me :)

Anyway, I was invited to attend the media launch breakfast for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal yesterday morning before work.  It was a wonderful function for an organisation that does so much good work in our community.  I was then going on to work where our Manager from Head Office is spending the next few days with us ... I forgot to smile in my pics and I think that may be why lol.

So I reached for a FFBO.  Separates to make up a suit and some red to lift the black.  I recognised a bit of a wardrobe hole recently for 'office pants' so these are new to my closet.

My boss (a woman) complimented my outfit, in fact she told me I always look lovely when she sees me... :)

Thanks for looking and I hope you are all having the best day.

xxx Deborah

BTW... These pics were taken on my new camera.  Are they clearer, better?  I usually take them on my phone.  These are my fist pics on the camera, I have heaps to learn.
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  • Karie replied 7 years ago
    Very nice outfit, I love the red accents (red is my fav color). No wonder your boss complimented you!

    And yes, the pics do look better with your new camera :)
  • sarah replied 7 years ago
    Deborah, what a stunning outfit. The touches of red are so great, and those shoes and that bag are divine. No wonder you received compliments : ). Your pants look like a great find.
  • Deborah replied 7 years ago
    Karie and Sarah, thanks so much:)  And Karie thanks for the feedback on the photos I really appreciate it.
  • Sveta replied 7 years ago
    Ha Deborah, lately all my weeks are like this. Today is only Monday but I already feel end-of-week tired now :-(
    Now to the real thing - your outfit. Nobody wear black as well as you and little red just makes it so much more powerful.
    Your pictures look WAY better, great camera!
  • Carole replied 7 years ago
    Fabulous outfit, and so nice that "the boss" appreciates the fact that you dress well and look beautiful. I love the red accents, the shoes are so great I can't stand it!!! How I wish I could wear heels.....Your pictures always look professional to me so I can't say that I notice a difference in these...amazing shots as always.
  • Angie replied 7 years ago
    Gorgeous outfit :)

    The new camera is doing a stellar job! I love the pops of red in this outfit, Debs! A very deserving compliment came your way from the boss lass.

    *happy dance*
  • Jamie replied 7 years ago
    Oh, I love all the red!  Especially your red lipstick!  Lovely outfit on you!
  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    This is a glorious outfit and the new camera catches the details even on the black. Love your style!

  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    Gorgeous outfit, Deborah - the red really does lift the black, and the shoes add a touch of fun as well. 

    The photos are clearer by far and can be enlarged as well. Black is always so difficult to photograph but this camera shows more of the detail. 
  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago
    These pics are nice and clear. As Suz said we can see the detail on your blouse quite clearly.
    The shoes are adorable! New?
    I like the red nail polish! Do you find the dark colour shows chipping more?
    I am wearing dark blue at the moment, but it is already gone on the edges of my index fingers :(
    Love the new work pant-PPL with the shoes you are wearing.
    Hope everything goes smoothly for your busy week!
  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Thrilled that the photos are better.  I have been talking to DH about a 'proper' camera for a while and he bought me a Nikon D5100 as an early birthday and Mothers Day pressie:)  

    Angie, now I need some photographic tuitiion... don't suppose Greg's available :)

    Lyn I bought the shoes in the second half of last year.  They are Novo.  I love them but kind of kept forgetting to wear them:(  I wear red nail polish almost all the time.  When not wearing red, I wear black cherry, navy or my latest cobalt :)  I can go about 5 days before i need to change it but I think it has more to do with the polish.  I mostly use Rimmel Lasting Finish and sometimes Rimmel 60 Seconds.  Its inexpensive and lasts.  I find its as good as OPI!  My faves are:  030 Double Decker Red, 800 Black Out, 193 Black Cherry, 850 Aye Aye Sailor and then there is Maybelline Colour Show in Sapphire Siren (360) (pic for you) which is really a deep cobalt ... its gorgous.  Sorry more info that you needed but I LOVE nailpolish:)  

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago
    I can see more detail in these photos Deborah (& as you know I'm not a photographer) so I think that means it is all good:)

    Love seeing your more elegant side in this outfit; no wonder the boss was impressed.
  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago
    Oh me too!
    I love that cobalt, and the top coat has given it a great shine.
    I am wearing Revlon Top Speed, but I might try your brand next, so thank-you for the details.
  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Lyn, Revlon used to be my go to brand for nailpolish:).

  • Makrame replied 7 years ago
    This is such a great outfit!  Perfect accessories, and what a great fit on those pants!
  • Krista replied 7 years ago
    Great outfit, Deb! The pops of red really make this outfit... pop!! I think it's the shade of red in particular; nice and bright.

    Your photos are awesome! Love the new camera and it looks like you are using quite a snappy lens as the focus and light balance is excellent.  There are lots of great tutorials out there on how to use your camera effectively - especially if you are on Pinterest.  Tons of things!  I look forward to seeing more of your photos :)
  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Makrame...thank you:)

    Krista, thanks I hadntnthoughtnof looking at Ponterest for that:).

  • replied 7 years ago

    The touches of red really make the black work. Not heavy or dull at all, you look lovely!

    New camera seems to work well too!

  • replied 7 years ago
    You look great. Love all the red.
  • Ornella replied 7 years ago
    Before I fall off the chair let me just say I want to kiss your camera as I can now see you better and those shoes are divine finishing touch to a fab outfit. I want them.

  • replied 7 years ago
    Oh yes we can enlarge your pics properly now. Wow! love the black and punches of red. You look fabulous!, I bet you will get a lot of wear out of the new trousers. Love your red lippy BTW.
  • shevia replied 7 years ago
    Your boss is absolutely right - you do look lovely and chic and the picture quality is great!
  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago
    Elegantly beautiful Deb! The new camera has taken gorgeous pics. That clutch is fab BTW. And of course you would get compliments :)
  • lyn67 replied 7 years ago
    I want to cuddle your camera Deb, as finally can enlarge your picties and actually see all the details in your outfits, which wow, they are so rich in! Love the red mary janes so very sophisticated!+!! and all the beautifull red accents, no wonder you gained attention from your boss! She has to be a  smart, and friendly woman if she complimented you!
  • Parsley replied 7 years ago
    Deborah, you wear black so well, and the accents of red add some nice spice to your outfit. I love your nail polish, as well! You've made me want to try experimenting with some different colors.
  • Sheila replied 7 years ago

    Love, love love this outfit and accessories for their stunning timelessness yet they are so modern. They look like confidence-builders to me! Oh and your photos are definitely sharper. What a sweet husband you have!

  • Thistle replied 7 years ago
    The camera does a much better job of capturing the details of the outfit.

    Well deserved compliment! You look amazing all the time, and it is nice to know it doesn't go unnoticed :)

    You look fab again today, and I love the way the red pops against the black and elevates it that extra style notch!
  • Freckles replied 7 years ago
    You look particularly stunning in this outfit Deb.

    The new camera seems to be playing very nicely with you too, clear and sharp pics.
  • Sarah A replied 7 years ago
    I love the layers of detail in the black and the punch of red is amazing. I htink black and red is a hard combo to do and have it look of the moment. You have done it perfectly!
  • Nicole D replied 7 years ago
    Love the almost all black outfit!  Classy and classic.

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