Mission Complete EDIT Styled Pics

Hi Fab Ones,

My ongoing boot saga is over! I hope! I have posted what felt like hundreds of posts as I search for new black boots and I have returned a few pairs in the process.

These were one of three styles I ran by you all in my last boot post and we agreed these were "me".

I'm loving them. My criteria was leather, as sleek as possible, preferably a low wedge heel) and very simple with little to no embellishment.

They are a really nice leather, and fit my leg perfectly. There is a little slouch at the ankle but I do think that actually works for my style.

So, unless you see something I don't (and please do tell me) I think these are keepers. Note the side view isn't really that accurate, they don't look that wide at the top IRL. I think it's the angle;)

And I didn't realise I was purchasing at sale price. I just thought I had struck it lucky, (nice boot, affordable price) so when I saw the price on the box, as someone who does like a bargain, I was tickled!!

BTW they are my birthday gift from DH and Master 11;)

May I keep them... Please?



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WIW: On A Cold Night

Hi Fabbers,

We have a thing on tonight with the Pastoral team and partners (DH's work). It is outdoors but undercover and we are having dinner and a catch up, we will be making our own pizzas:)

It has been bitterly cold all day, so the idea of an evening spent outdoors as the temp falls to 9 degrees isn't really my idea of fun but you do these things for the one you love right?

Dressing for warmth and comfort but hoping to retain at least an element of style.

Ponte leggings, long sleeve tee, poncho style sweater (birthday shopping) and sneaks.

But this is how I will probably look all evening...beanie and my wind/rain/cold jacket with hood. Just looking for a scarf now:)

I'm shivering and I'm not there yet lol.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend.



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WIW: Essentials

Hi Fabbers:)

Angie recently helped me understand what the essentials are in my closet. I know much has been written but I'm a pictures gal and don't always fully read everything :(.

So, without realising it, I have been adding essentials to my wardrobe over the last little while. These are items that if I didn't have, the sky would fall down ;). They are the foundation of my outfits. Some of them are "similar but different" to one another and I love them all equally.

The dress here is new. I ordered it from Boohoo and for an inexpensive garment I am pretty happy with it. Nicely made, fabric skims my body and I love the drape.

Worn with leggings, ankle boots and a drape long tail cardigan from Portmans. I did add a black with white trench for my commute but forgot to get a pic.

The tote is also a new and was my birthday gift from my sister.

Thanks for looking. It's a simple look, but one I could actually wear very day:)



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K/R : Birthday Shopping with my Sister

Happy Sunday!

My sister spent the day in Bendigo today and we of course went shopping. I have so birthday money from my MIL and my mum

The Take 2 Market was on at the Town Hall which focuses on vintage, Preloved and new clothing. Bumped I to a lady I know who closed her boutique (new clothing) some months ago (it was one of the few stores I shop at here) and she was selling off some of her stock at the market. So first purchase is

#1- # 3 - blue draped dress. Cut very similar to the Metalicus dress and I bought it without trying on! I think it's a keeper but please do tell me if you see so etching I don't. I may have to get the non drape side of the dress tapered a little. You can see in pic 3 how there is additional fabric. In #1 & #2 I have tapered that seam.

#4-#7 is a dark navy subtle cocoon style dress - with long sleeves!! Difficult to photograph the colour but tried to show the difference against my black tights in #7. The label is "Piper" purchased at Myer (Aus version of Nordies?). It is a wool blend and feels lovely on. Again I think it's a keeper but value your opinions.

Neither dress is styled. Just threw on the boots and popped the dresses on over my tights. The navy dress will need a bright silver pendant I think and works great under a couple of my jackets. The blue will be a great Spring Summer dress but can be layered over to wear now.

Both dresses fit my criteria for purchases. I think they both reflect my style preferences, they are comfortable, will work as part of a layered ensemble and will be versatile enough for various occasions.

May I keep them?

Thanks for taking a look and hope you are having a fab weekend.



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Addicted to Short Hair!!

Following on from Shannon's fab new hair post, I was booked was also booked in for a trim;). I have been wanting to go shorter and her gorgeous look was just what I needed to push me over the edge;)


Possibly not vastly different to some but for me a noticeable change. Now all short lengths at the back and shorter on the sides. Kept the longish sides wept fringe.

Pic 3 is where I'm tempted to go at some point!



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WIW: Corporate Me;)

Hi Ladies.

I know I showed you this dress when I bought it but this is the first outfit I have posted with it.

I had a crazy day at work today with a teleconference, external meeting and training so I wanted to look a little business-y, not to mention comfortable!

This dress is possibly my favourite wardrobe piece. I wear it weekly and it can be styled for work, casual..anything really... I love it:)

Today, I went with the dress under a draped but structured jacket, black tights and suede boots. Silver accessories and grey nails.

Floppy hair today...went a bit crazy with the conditioner lol.

What say you? Ok?

Thanks for looking and I do hope all the black isn't getting to boring.



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Marc Jacobs Tote...your thoughts:)

Hi Fabbers,

My sister and I often consult one another before gift buying and she asked if I would like this Marc Jacobs Tote:)

She has seen it in the flesh and thought it looked great. She is a bit of a bag officianado, so I do trust her judgement re quality etc.

I like the tote and I have a soft spot for anything with skulls tho I do tend to be quite discerning about "skull" purchases. The trim looks white but is actually a grey.

What do you think. Do you see this working for me? I see it working predominately for non work days (I only work three days)

Thanks for taking a look:)



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WIW : Inspired by Lyn D

Happy Weekend!

Today's outfit was inspired by lovely LynD:) 


For some reason I struggled to save her pic to include here :(

 I wanted to wear my wedge sneaks today but still wanted a 'dressed up casual' look.

So sneaks, black skinny jeans, black jersey drape tunic topped with drape short jacket.  Really wished I had the Metalicus loop scarf to top this off but made do with my moody black, white and grey number.

I was tempted to do a full copy as I have similar leggings, but I'm a bit off patterns at the moment so kept it simple in solids.

Thanks for the inspiration Lyn:)

Comments and suggestions very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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Your Opinions Please:)

Hi Fab Ones,

I apologize for yet another boot post. Our cold weather is setting in and I actually find I have a wardrobe hole for a nice, simple pair of tall black boots that will worn with everything. My attention has been on ankle boots so tall boots have been neglected.

Last night I perused 12 online shoe sites with very little success. I did find some amazing sleek leather boots but completely out of my price range:). So I have to work with what is affordable.

For your info I have 1 pair of black suede flat over the knee boots, and a pair of wedge heel suede knee high boots. These are great bit no good for wet weather and not always the look I want particularly for dresses. I do have am very cheap pair is non leather black knee high boots but they are awful and I need to pass them on.

So these are the three contenders and I would appreciate your thoughts. I will hold my opinion so as not to sway anyone.

#1. I Love Billy "Molene" boot - not leather
nice shape, almost pointy toe but has buckles

#2. Gamins "Amazings" boot - not leather
Very sleek, drawback is the there is visible stitching at the top of the boot

#3. Bob Bons "Holly" Boot.
Remind me of my Hush Puppies ankle boot (that's a postive). - these are

I am prepared to go without rather than buy something for the sake of it, but a tall black boot is a bit of a necessity for me in winter. These are all modestly priced and I can keep my search up for the perfect pair (which I may need to save for).

Do you think any of these would a good choice for me?

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your input.


Ps...I know it's difficult not seeing them actually on.


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WIW: Who Likes a Poncho?

Hi Ladies,

I won't lie, there has been a little recent purchasing to refresh and
update my winter wardrobe:). Pleased to report all within budget tho:)

I wore two new goodies today.

I found the tunic top on Birdsnest while browsing the other evening. It is reminiscent of the Metalicus Drape Dress so I couldn't resist. No where near the quality of Metalicus but nice enough and great for non work days.

The Poncho! Well I always like to have one. My last one was similar but shorter and I bought it when Master 11 was just a baby...since then it's just one of those pieces I really like to have one off. This one came with fringes but I removed them. I tossed up between one that was super plain and this one and decided that I did want the texture as most of what I wear underneath it will be quite "flat" texturally speaking.

#1 - #2 Tunic
#3 - #4 Poncho over tunic.
#5 I always forget to do pics with with my handbag:)
#6 our new plant (that's the sun shining on it they the window.

So today was a day of errands. We were given a gift voucher as a thank you for our work (DH did the production) on the Ordination last weekend, so we bought our first house plant!! And I have spent the day doing bits and pieces.

Are Poncho's "daggy". I do recall having one when I was a little girl:). I felt that the concept worked well with my style aesthetic but I may well be very disillusioned;)

Thanks for looking and commenting.



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