WIW : Transitioning to Spring

Spring has appeared, disappeared and then slowly reappeared which makes dressing a little frustrating and here are some of the outfits I have been wearing. Not safe to put anything away just yet:)

Is a Lulu Manna dress that I wore for a speaking engagement. Accessories are 3D printed from Noosh Jewellery, both Aussie designers producing locally:)

Silk Harem pants and jersey top from Sassind, another local label. This was the first outing of the harems and I’m seriously considering wearing them (with a dressier top) to a wedding.

Same top as 2 with a skirt from Cavaletti Gallery. This skirt is so cool. Turn it inside out and it’s all black. Adjust and twist and you create a number of different looks.

New pants for Spring and great office outfit for me. Shortlist Shop pants and top and the clutch is handmade by a friend. Sandals and belt are older.

A Lulu Manna shawl worn over black slim pants and a collared white shirt. Another work outfit.

This dress is 6 years old and has survived so many wardrobe edits :). Layered a thrifted COS shirt under it and wore new Tony Bianco flatform shoes. My son made the backdrop for me .. he’s a sweetie!

Long weekend here for our football grand final which I’m managing to avoid by hanging out here for the afternoon!

Thanks for looking and hope you are enjoying your weekend xxx


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WIW : My New Favourite Pants

Hi Ladies,

Fell hard for these and I'm wearing them for the first time tonight out for dinner.

Jersey Paris Pants - Motto
Draped Top - Katie's
Sandals - Kmart

These pants now have pride of place hanging next to my skirted leggings as one of my two favourite bottoms :) They are insanely comfortable and surprisingly flattering (I think). I was expecting them to fall into the JFE category.

Thanks for looking. What do you think? More than JFE?

Happy weekend


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Draped Vest ??

It's that time if the year when I tend to crave a few new things as winter starts to transition into Spring!

I spotted this today and liked it a lot but was a little unsure of the colour. It's described as cream ivory.

What do you think? I know it's tricky to get a good idea of the colour from my iPhone pics.

Thanks for taking a look


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Mission Complete EDIT Styled Pics

Hi Fab Ones,

My ongoing boot saga is over! I hope! I have posted what felt like hundreds of posts as I search for new black boots and I have returned a few pairs in the process.

These were one of three styles I ran by you all in my last boot post and we agreed these were "me".

I'm loving them. My criteria was leather, as sleek as possible, preferably a low wedge heel) and very simple with little to no embellishment.

They are a really nice leather, and fit my leg perfectly. There is a little slouch at the ankle but I do think that actually works for my style.

So, unless you see something I don't (and please do tell me) I think these are keepers. Note the side view isn't really that accurate, they don't look that wide at the top IRL. I think it's the angle;)

And I didn't realise I was purchasing at sale price. I just thought I had struck it lucky, (nice boot, affordable price) so when I saw the price on the box, as someone who does like a bargain, I was tickled!!

BTW they are my birthday gift from DH and Master 11;)

May I keep them... Please?



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Addicted to Short Hair!!

Following on from Shannon's fab new hair post, I was booked was also booked in for a trim;). I have been wanting to go shorter and her gorgeous look was just what I needed to push me over the edge;)


Possibly not vastly different to some but for me a noticeable change. Now all short lengths at the back and shorter on the sides. Kept the longish sides wept fringe.

Pic 3 is where I'm tempted to go at some point!



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WIW: Black & White

Hi Fabbers,

I am sitting waiting, having arrived early for a work meeting so thought I would do a quick post ( gotta love the YLF app).

Wore this earlier in the week to work.

Simple black and white with minimal accessories. I am wearing my gorgeous Secret Santa earrings from Jayne;)

I enjoyed wearing this outfit but really felt it needed heels :)

Thanks for taking the time to look and your thoughts always appreciated.



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WIW: Almost Black...OK ALL Black

Its a lovely cold morning in Bendigo *happy sigh* and I have Master 9 home with a slight cold and I am taking the opportunity to drive to Melbourne to collect my new camera which I left at friends house last week :( Hence the return to Iphone Pics. Nothing super exciting but this outfit really does represent what I feel is most 'me'. The ponte skinny pants you have seen before, and these are the new Hush Puppie Booties (3rd consecutive day wearing them - I would sleep in them if DH let me) and the oversized square sweater is new. Selected this handbag to add a non black element :) Thanks for looking and hope you are all having a lovely day. xxx Deborah

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WIW: Colour Me Floral

Hi Ladies, I have realised only recently that I really do quite like patterned jeans and trousers! I bought these jeans over the summer break and with Autumn knocking the weight of these is just right. Yellow is generally a no go zone for me but I think worn lower on the body like this works. I have added two layered silver necklaces hoping to "lighten" the black top and of course book ending my shoes and hair. What do you think? Are the jeans over the top? BTW the jeans are grey, yellow and touches of black. Thanks xxxDeborah

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WIW : Team Wear

Happy Monday (or Sunday, depending on where you are), Wearing the booties I bought yesterday:) You have seen this dress but I have remixed with a blazer, and booties rather than a cropped cardigan and the black shooties I normally wear with it. Does this work? I was rather inspired by Shannon and Rae who totally rock the dress/bootie look:) Thanks xxxDeborah

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WIW: Casual Friday

Hi Ladies, I really felt to dress casual today and for some reason last night, fixated on my old grey boyfriend cardigan. Is this style cardigan dated?? The outfit was designed around the cardi :)

 Camo pants, coral blouse, black booties and new Karen Walker necklace. I felt quite ok in this and enjoyed the slight slight change of silhouette.

 This was worn for bible study in my home and then just some running around and grocery shopping.

 What do you think. Should I keep the cardigan, or has it had it's day? (FYI it is a wool blend and has held it's shape, has no 'balling' and looks as good as when I first bought it).

 xxx Deborah

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