WIW : Embracing Black & White (Yet Again :)


Blessed by your wise words yesterday!

Today is a work day with a Specialist appointment in the afternoon.

Wearing my favourite leggings, black and white geo print tunic and crinkly jacket.

Tunic was a knee length dress, but when I put it on last week DH said he didn't like how I styled it and something was off. Well I think he was right and I shortened it to tunic length and I think this works better.

As always your suggestions and thoughts much appreciated.



WIW: Trusty Black & White

Hi Ladies,

Relating very much to Shannon's recent post.


But I find I learn so much by posting and reading your comments.

If I had to choose one major influence YLF has had on my wardrobe it would the addition of color to a very black heavy closet:)

Thing is, now when I wear black and white I often feel a little dissatisfied and like something is missing:(. But I guess I will work thru this:)

So what I'm leading to is that I have mixed feelings about this outfit. It's simple and clean lines which I like, but I feel it's lacks interest. It's an office day with no meetings so it's appropriate but not "exciting".

Thanks for "listening" and looking.

xxx Deborah


Styling Red Slouchy Pants

Happy Sunday!

Struggling a bit to style this pants with what's in my wardrobe. Pants are flat over tummy, not pleated and would prefer not to tuck

Does this work?

I'm wearing a vest with a little peplum over the blouse. Blouse has black pussy bow.

I have re tied the bow so it's smaller and the ends hang lower to the bottom of the vest.

Just trying ideas do haven't added any accessories at this point.

Thanks so much.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Thrifty Thursday

Hi Ladies:)

I have meetings out if the office today so comfort and professionalism is the order of the day.

Navy & White flecked jacket - Perri Cutten
Ink blue satin blouse - Suzanne Grae
Blue & White spot scarf - Myer
Black Ponte slim leg pants - local boutique
Black leather pumps

Oh and the thrifted pieces are the jacket and shoes (brand new unworn).

Hope this works:). Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah


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WIW Oxfords Round Two:)

Hi Ladies

Thanks for your encouragement with the Oxfords yesterday:). I love them so much and find them so comfy I wanted to wear them again today!

I'm not sure about this combo. Once I left the house I started to wonder if a midi black tailored shift dress I have may create better proportions? Will have to try it.

The blacks are not as different IRL as on #1.. must be the lighting. #2 is a better representation of the two blacks:)

Black Dress - Mix
Cropped, ruffle trim cardigan - Jaqui E
Fishnet Hose
Oxfords - Rivers

#3 handbag and accessories.

Again any advice re styling these shoes is really appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW Introducing New Oxfords Edit: new laces!

Good morning Ladies!

First outing of my Mothers Day gift:)

My eye is yet to adjust to this shoe on me. I played it safe with styling taking lead from Angie and others who have posted Oxford outfits.

I think the stripes on the outer layer do add somewhat to my middle but today's style goal is casual and comfy (lots of running around on non work day) so creating a really slim line is not so important. (ah who am I kidding lol) :)

Black Trench - Katies

B&W striped t - ???

White Layering shirt - Target

Skinny Jeans

Oxfords - Rivers

Looking forward to styling the shoes with dresses and skirts:)

Do you think a straight leg jean might work better on me with the oxfords?

Your opinions much appreciated, along with styling advice. This is new territory for me!




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WIW Suited Up

Happy Monday!

On Shop Your Closet (SYC) and trying to make the most of what is already in my closet:)

Brown is not my favorite color, but is nice every now and again for a change. And I quite enjoy 'suiting up'. These peices don't belong together but the pants are pinstriped and have the darker brown running through the stripes so I hope I haven't commited a faux pas by the two pieces not matching properly.

Brown Jacket - MNG

Spotted Blouse - Cotton On

Bootcut Pants - Jaqui E

Yellow Loafers - Vintage

I have been struggling a little during SYC for inspiration, so how did I do today?

Thanks for looking. Any suggestions ect for improvement much appreciated as always.

xxx Deborah


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Red Semi Slouchy Pants Yay or Nay

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I've not been around much the last couple of days. Work and family commitments have kept me of line :(

I need your advice. These pants are Howard Showers in a pure wool ( not to heavy but Autumn / Winter weight pants).

Do these work? Is there too much scrunch at the ankle? Pls note these are not styled and it's just the pants I need your feedback on:)

These were more of a wide straight leg but I have tapered the leg (my second project on my new little sewing machine). Oh and the pants were thrifted so no loss if I am in fairy land and these don't work at all.

Your honesty appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW Thank Goodness For Dresses

Hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day :)

Crazy busy weekend and very little time to consider today's outfit so a nice and easy wrap dress came out to play.

You have seen the dress before but not the boots I think. The are Joanne Mercer from about 4 years ago - a gift from DH:)

And speaking of gifts, for Mothers Day DH gave me a tripod specially for the IPhone for my outfit pics! So much easier and I was really touched by his thoughtfulness:)

Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah


WIW : Faux Fur Vest

Hi Girls,

This vest didn't get a lot if love the other day when I posted to ask if I should buy it. But the lovely Angie did give me the thumbs up as did some others... So here it is:)

You have seen everything else here before.

I am hoping the vest looks better styled as opposed to the dressing room photos I posted.

Love to hear your thoughts (both positive or otherwise).

xxx Deborah

Ps. I fell of the SYC wagon but am back on board x


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