WIW : To the Office

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Do you find yourself logging on to post an outft, get distracted by everyone's posts and then look at the time and realise you are meant to be somewhere??  Lol  I do :)

This is a dress I have had for a few years, it was purchased prior to discovering YLF.  I love it.  The fabric is lovely and has self pattern (#3), the cut is kind of interesting and a bit ladylike AND it fitted much better 6 kg's ago (Im working on that).  This dress reminded me of a Gucci dress I pinned to one of my Pinterest Boards (#4)

Anyway, worn for a day of meetings at work and then more meetings after work 

Your thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Something New

Hi Ladies,

Yay it's Friday here:). I have bible study and then general running around including putting together a lord of the rings costume for Master 10 for a birthday party tomorrow:)

The new piece here is the light grey cardigan. Worn with ponte pencil skirt and a black blouse. I actually bought the same cardigan in a darker blue grey also.

Pretty simple, easy to wear and I do like what I view as a gentle contrast between the black and light grey.

I pictured wearing the cardigan with pants but I really think it lends itself nicely to a just below the knee skirt.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always very much appreciated.

Have an awesome day.



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