WIW : Heatwave Style?

Well it's debatable just how stylish this is, if it all lol.

Today it's 39 degrees and Master 10 and I are planing to stay home most of the day but we do have to go out a little later, so today's outfit is comfort based:)

I love shorts on others but don't love these denim shorts but I do find them useful for hot days at home, so until I can purchase my dream shorts, (black, drapey, asymmetric hemline) these are it.

The top is new and I just love the drape and detail. It is light and easy to wear.

And while I am not wearing my booties in the house, this is my intended footwear for later in the day when we go out.

I feel this is a bit of a mish mash and looks as tho I can't decide if Im a country girl or a city girl lol.

Thanks for looking and your thoughts always appreciated. Still getting used to the new hair. Love it in the mirror but still getting used to seeing it in photos:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Summer Layers

HI Ladies,

A quick WIW today. Some errands and then a drive to a town about an hour away to look at something DH is interested in:)

27 here today so warm but not too hot so was able to layer a little.. yay! Bought this sleeveless vest/jacket to replace the one you have seen in previous WIW's. The old one was tee shirt fabric and has been great but now has small holes in it (not very stylish lol) so I replaced it with this light weight, quite sheer one which is also much better quality.

Black Dress : Vivienne's (about 15 years old)
Sleeveless Vest : L.LINDA Design
Leggings: Brown Sugar
Sandals : Target
Accessories: Silver rings, white watch, silver bar necklace and silver stud earrings

This is a bit of a go to look for me on those not too hot days. I have rekindled my love affair with full length leggings:)

Thanks for looking and your suggestions for improvement always appreciated.

xxx Deborah

ps. i think I forgot to smile, looking very serious lol


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WIW : Vintage... my way :)

Hi Fab Ones,

Still on holidays. Master 10 has a friend over and I am hoping to do some admin on my community project and then some housework:( Weather has cooled to about 30.

I love vintage but it's not my 'aesthetic' but when I saw this skirt for only a couple of dollars I figured I had nothing to loose. Given it falls straight and it's blue, I felt reasonably confident I could work this into my style.

So did I do ok? This is just a casual running around type outfit.

Top : Rockmans
Skirt : Pop Up Op Shop (raising funds for children's cancers)
Patent Flip Flops : Myer
Accessories : Silver rings, silver studs earring & watch

I have been keeping my jewellery really simple lately and after having had to have my wedding ring cut off and my engagement ring needing resizing, I have been enjoying wearing two silver wedding rings together. Refreshingly simple! But Im starting to miss my engagement ring so need to get it done soon:)

So frumptastic or did I make it 'me'? Thanks for your thoughts.

Have a great day
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Questionable Proportions... but I like them :)

Happy Sunday Fabbers,

I haven't posted an outfit for at least a week as I am getting used to my hair and it has been so hot that what I have been wearing at home in the heat has not been suitable for mass consumption ;)

I wore this to church today. I suspect this is one of those "sacrificing figure flattery" outfits but I really like the proportions and found it visually appealing. I do understand however, if you don't:)

Draped white bouse : Katies
Black tailored shorts : Mix
Sandal Booties : Novo
Accessorized with silver rings, necklace and earrings.

I toyed with the idea of wearing my open toe black booties with the blond wood wedge heel, but for some reason I felt drawn to these flat Novo taupe (Suz Im wearing taupe!!) sandal booties that I bought while in Melbourne over New Year.

The outfit is a little different for church and I did think the black booties took it a bit over the edge whereas the taupe footwear felt a little more subtle.

I had my hair cut shorter on Friday and went blonder! I am loving it. Still have moments where I look in the mirror and think "what I have I done" but mostly I am really pleased. And I received some lovely compliments about my hair at church this morning.

#3 is just a pic so you can see how short I have gone.

Love your feedback on the outfit. Do the proportions work to your eye. Maybe I am wearing rose coloured glasses.
xxx Deborah

ps excuse the lovely bags under my eyes, I am on holidays and am very naughty and stay up too late!!


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WIW: Black & White

Hi Fabbers,

I am sitting waiting, having arrived early for a work meeting so thought I would do a quick post ( gotta love the YLF app).

Wore this earlier in the week to work.

Simple black and white with minimal accessories. I am wearing my gorgeous Secret Santa earrings from Jayne;)

I enjoyed wearing this outfit but really felt it needed heels :)

Thanks for taking the time to look and your thoughts always appreciated.



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New Hair

Hi Fabbers,

Thanks so much for your kind encouragement on my thread yesterday. It might sound silly but going short was a really scary prospect for me. I can't recall whose thread it was a few days ago about having a pixie cut but she totally nailed my concerns about going shorter... will I look 'big' against the shorter do, will my face look masculine and how 'exposed' will I feel.

So here is the unveiling. Washed and styled by moi this morning. Taking a quick look at recent photos and then these, I *think* I love it. I will just mention that I am feeling a touch sensitive about it. DS doesn't like it but DH did say it looked nice.

As a lover of earrings, I am quite excited at the prospect of all the earring options I will have now. I popped on some silver hoops that have never worked with my longer bob :)

I would love your honest but gentle thoughts.

ETA : Shot of the back :)

xxx Deborah


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