Seems I Made the Right Career Choice!

In my last little career thread you all gave me such excellent advise and helped me find the perspective I needed.  I thank you very much for that.

To catch you up, I negotiated 5 days at school hours at my current employer and resigned my shifts at Motto.

What I haven't yet shared is this! Last Wednesday I called my Motto boss and resigned.  She was wonderful and encouraging.  The same night we had  Motto team meeting with her (which I didn't attend because I had resigned, and because my hubby had a meeting that evening so I was on mum duty).  So...I received a call from my boss at 9pm that evening (after the team meeting had finished) and she advised me that Motto are closing up the shop here in Bendigo!!  Our last day of trading is this coming Sunday and my last shift is tomorrow (Friday) night.  

What an amazing turn of events.  

Your comments helped to clarify where the future was for me  Those of you who suggested there was no future in retail didn't realise just how on the money you were:)

I am so disappointed that Motto is leaving our town.  The other stores are fine and they have on line but it's not the same.  We have a lot of very disappointed local customers but as I understand it, retail is tough at the moment.  

I may still continue to some social media work with them but we are working that out at the moment.

Otherwise, one door has closed, and another opened and I start my new hours with the NTFP on Monday.

Ladies you are all wiser than you may realise:)

xxx Deborah


Grade 6 Grad Style:)

My Master 12 has just graduated Primary School.  He had his graduation last Thursday.  First half was the ceremony and for the second halfnparents left and and the school hosted a dinner for the students:)

Dress code was 'formal... for kids" and there was quite a variety of dress styles paraded by the boys from shirt and tie to shorts and tshirts (welcome to Australia:) ).  The girls all wore short dresses and I saw a lot of very high heels (we are talking 11 and 12 year olds).

Master 12 and I discussed what we thought we be appropriate and an authentic representation of how he sees himself so he decided on skinny black jeans, black hi tops, white tee, black vest and black blazer.  He is so my son!! I promise I did not influence the his colour palette:)

Just thought I would share a couple of photos:)

#1 was at home before we left
#2 was in the church foyer, and I was snapping away as he turned and gave me the "that's enough mum" look lol

So proud of my young man.

xxx Deborah


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A Lovely Compliment;)

Hi Ladies,

We had our Recycle Runway Parade (Fundraiser) last night and it was fantastic and a huge success!

Our event is a smallish event and part of our Bendigo Fashion Festival. The night before was THE big fashion festival runway show (that I used to be on the committee for) and we had a number of ladies who attended that parade also attend ours. After our parade a couple of them came and spoke to me and others spoke to other members of our team and said our event was better than than the "official" runway show and that my styling of the parade was fantastic and superior to what they had seen the previous night! Wohoo!

I was incredibly flattered! But the reason I am sharing is because it's all down to what I heave learnt here from Angie and you all;). YLF has stretched me and opened my eyes to different and varied styles, helped me to understand different body types better and encouraged me to play with pattern mix and more unexpected pairings. So this is a long winded thank you to you Angie and to all my beautiful and stylish YLF friends. You have made me better at something I love to do!


Ps... We raised a lot of money for our community work too:)


Job Interview

Hi Ladies,

As some of you will know I changed jobs in April and am very happy:)

My role is only two days a week and the idea has always been to try and pick up some other work also.  So I have just had a call from Motto for an interview on Monday for casual work with them:)  

Wish me luck:)  I haven't done retail for a long time but I am keen and love their clothing and am happy to be out working more than my current two days.

And no, I don't expect they will make me wear colour or pattern lol:)

xxx Deborah


Your thoughts & prayers?

Hi Ladies

My mum was taken to hospital this morning.  My sister is with her and we don't know what is wrong at this stage.  She had seen a doctor yesterday who indicated she may have bronchitis, but this morning she was listless, disoriented, wouldn't take any food and later on recalled she either fainted or collapsed in the kitchen in the middle of the night. She must have come to and put herself back to bed!  Mum is 73 and lives in a unit attached to my sisters home so my sister was onto the situation pretty quickly this morning.

After xrays today her chest is clear but they are doing blood and other tests and keeping her in overnight.

I live 3 hours away and am just waiting on my sister to let me know what the doctor says and I may head to Melbourne tomorrow.  

 Apart from managing high blood pressure, Mum has been experienced good health.  

If you have a moment I would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

xxx Deborah


Mums how do you feel when....

You can fit I to your Son's clothes!!

Master 12 is almost my height now and for a joke -he was not amused- I tried on his new hoodie....and it fitted lol.

I am now teasing him that I know whose wardrobe I will be raiding if I need a hoodie.

The look on his face was priceless. It seems at 12, boys loose their sense of humour:). On the upside he is rather pleased that he is almost "bigger" than me.