WIW : In The Rain

Well it has rained ALL day! Quite a change in the weather for us (and I'm not complaining). I have been on the go all day, community meal followed by an impromptu dinner out for a friend's birthday.

I wore the boots and jeans today with a black Asymmetric tunic and changed into a fresh top for dinner, Nothing too amazing but thought I would share because I was so excited to be wearing boots and a scarf.

Thanks for looking and your feedback always greatly appreciated.



Black Oversized Dress Alteration

Hi Ladies,

It might be difficult to see the difference but my new dress here http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ized-dress has been worn twice and both times I felt it was too oversized. Took it to my lady who has taken the dress in. It still looks oversized but I think it has a nice slimmer line and not so much fabric in the front now. I am hoping this now reads as intentionally oversized where before I think it just looked too big.

If you have time it would great if you could take a look and let me know if you think this is better. I am really looking forward to getting this into regular rotation but I want it to be right.

Thanks so much.

#1 is the altered version. (Popped it on over my jeans and the closest pair of heels:) ) This is not how I will wear it.



WIW : Wednesday

Hi Ladies,

Great day at the community meal today. Lots of satisfied guests and even though we were two team members down, everything ran perfectly .. go team.

Warm but overcast and rainy today. Top of 28 degrees.

This is a one of those dresses that is just easy to wear and perfect for days like today when my work is quite physical (serving, kitchen etc) and it can just be thrown into the wash as the end of the day. It's also a dress that I love popping over leggings when it's not so warm.

#1 Target Dress and Novo bootie/sandals. Accessorised with my silver rings and hoop earrings. I have NEVER worn hoops until I had my hair cut and I am quite enjoying the look. Need to find some with some interesting detail.

#2 Close up of the drape of the dress, along with what looks like dog hair
and random 'gunk' from lunch.

Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions always very much appreciated.

Happy Wednesday everyone.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Endless Summer

Hi Fabbers,

Well I wore this in spite of our endless heat lol. It as fine for the office, where I spent the day but would have been too warm if I was out and about.

The skirt is Laura Ashley (see # 4). I bought it months ago (before Xmas) and it has been sitting in my wardrobe while I work out how I want to wear it. It's a lovely weight jersey and will work through all seasons except for high summer. I liked it with the tailored jacket and think I will wear a similar tweaked version for winter but with boots.

Top and sleeveless jacket you have seen many times before and these shooties haven't had a lot of love this summer. They are looking tired and may soon be retired.

A couple of challenging days at work and sleepless night have made me 'chop of my head' so as not scare any small children or animals :)

I think this works? Would love your thoughts and any suggestions you may have for styling this skirt.

#2 is supposed to show the drape but the black really is challenging to photograph :(

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week.

xxx Deborah


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