Outfit Heaven?

Happy Wednesday lovely ladies!

As most of us are given to a reasonable amount of outfit analysis and thinking about fashion, I found myself thinking how much I was liking my outfit today (which unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph this morning), and as I dissected it, I realised I am wearing my three favourite labels today.

Items are below in finds.  

Outfit started with my EF Harem Pants, then Metalicus top and Motto jacket.

I LOVE how these brands marry so well!

I have found that my Metalicus and Motto pieces are so easy to mix and match.  They are different but share a particular aesthetic, I suppose, that makes it all work.

So I wondered how well your favourite/'go to' labels work together. I am guessing they do but are there cases were what  you like from one brand is so different to another that they just don't correspond (is that the right word?)



Styling a new dress.

Hi Ladies,

Motto is hitting out of the ball park for me at the moment:)  I saw this dress on our designer some weeks back and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  Of course I snapped it up the morning it came in lol.

I have worn it once already but decided to play with some styling options today while at home with my recuperating Master 12.

The dress can be comfortably worn back to front, hence the differing neckline :)

What do you think?

xxx Deborah


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A Dress for Brooklyn

I have been awaiting this dress in black but when I saw this striped version I thought of Brooklyn!  I could be completely way off but think she would look amazing in this:)


It drapes to one side and can be worn backwards:)


Outfits for Two Days Training : WDYT?

Hi Ladies,

I have two days training for my new job this week in Melbourne.

I don't have to wear Motto, we have been told to dress as we please but I want to incorporate some of their items into my outfits.

#1 Is my definite choice for the first day.  The outfit is Motto Skirt, Metalicus top and Motto Belt and Kmart ($20.00 and oh so comfortable) platform wedge sandals.

For the second day I have put together the following.  My presumption is Day 2 we will be a little more relaxed (there will be three of us in training) and can be a little more casual.

#2 Motto Crop pant and Metalicus top (same as the black in #1)

#3  Motto Crop pant and Suzanne Grey Metallic Sweater

#4 Motto Crop pant and Motto Jersey Cha Cha top belted.

#5 Motto Crop pant and Metalicus Wrap vest belted.  This one is a bit of a wildcard I think but I quite liked it worn this way.

Note these photos are not styled, nor am I wearing make up. 

I have room in my case to take 2 or even 3 tops and decide on the morning.    I think what I am hoping to communicate is that I love style, can put an outfit together and can be creative and not simply style like the catalogue pics.

I would really appreciate your advice:)  I am trying not to over think this and don't want to spend hours planning and packing for a one night stay :)

Thanks so much
xxx Deborah


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Colour & Pattern

Hi Ladies,

I posted this dress as a potential item in my small work capsule  (for my Motto job) to mixed responses.  I was also skeptical but found myself very attracted to the pattern, so I tried it today and I did buy it.

There is no question that this type of pattern adds a little to my frame and is not as slimming as a darker solid BUT I really liked it?!?  It's a poly/spandex and the fabric is a lovely weight and skims the body.  I think it probably looks better IRL with movement than in a still pic.

It can be worn as a dress alone, or also looks quite good with a cropped legging (it was too warm to try it when I got home)

Still playing with footwear but I realised very quickly today that flats are the go given I am on my feet for so long so I just popped these sandals on to try.  For non work wear, my open toe booties, or block heel sandals will be great.

So what do you think?  It is primarily for work, where I am meant to be showcasing the clothing but I think I might end up wearing more than just to work.

I am wondering tho if I might have lost the plot.  Does it work to your eye?

xxx Deborah



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Can we talk stylish backpacks?

Hi Ladies,

I know some of you have bought upscale backpacks and I wondered how they were working for you.

I have liked the idea of them for a while but tend to be a slow adopter.

For me, I could potentially see one working for casual, holidays, and when I do casual work in our Day Centre (I haven't mentioned but I do fill in work some weeks, it's quite different from my regular role) - on those days we are on outings and I need a bag but need to be hands free. I also think a nice one could be carried on a regular work day and offset a minimal work outfit.

How are you using yours?

Do you wear it as a back pack? i.e. on your back?

Do you ever sling it over one shoulder?

Do you carry it by it's handle (if it has one) handbag style?

How versatile is it?

This is the one I have bought but weighing up the pros and cons before I make a decision on keeping. For your info, it's a nice size, is leather and I like the silver hardware.

Really appreciate your thoughts. If you would like to post a pic of yours, I would love to see.



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Boot Project:)

It's a cold and lazy Saturday afternoon, I am rewatching series 1 of The Fall and it seemed the right time to work on a little boot project!

Some time back I coloured these, formerly white ankle boots navy and black but they are not leather and it wasn't as perfect I wanted it to be. So when I saw the Maison Margiela Boots in #4 I decided to try for a distressed, and dare I say it, RATE look.

I'm actually happy with the end result! Ofcourse I need to wear them and see if how I feel and if this passes for intentional. I may find strangers come up to me asking how I spilt the paint on my boots lol.

What do you think! Edgy cool or just plain silly ?



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Just browsing some culotte outfit ideas on Pinterest and fell in love with Leandra's outfit.  And the boots!!  I wish....  I would happily wear this outfit, accessories included, to the wedding we are attending.


WTW To A Wedding?

Hi Ladies,

I think weddings are my least favourite thing to dress for where I currently live:(    There is no specified dress code but having attended the engagement, I have no doubt that what is worn to the wedding with be equally as 'diverse'.  I have a small capsule of items for special occasions and I don't really have any desire to buy anything for this event.  

I am not too concerned about 'conforming' to the cultural norm here but do want to be appropriate and of course respectful of the occasion while still be 'me'.

Things to keep in mind are that it's a winter wedding, it's cold here, and I don't have any special occasion wear in 'colour' (I wore my cobalt drape dress to the engagement and was magnificently over dressed).

Having taken photos, I have already eliminated one option so here's what I am thinking.  I am very partial to one particular option but wont tell you which one... but I think you will guess :)

Just need to let you know this was a try on session, no makeup or styling to speak off.  Working with the bare bones here :)

#1-#3 Laura Ashley Drape Back Dress.  Wouldn't wear the pendant. Might use the coral clutch if I went with black shoe rather than red.

I am thinking about styling this with a wide silver cuff on each wrist, and either a modern silver collar necklace, or large-ish modern silver earrings.  I think the white jacket featured in the other pics could go over this too.

#4 - #6 Esprit Draped Dress.
 Sleeveless but will too cold to wear without a jacket, even indoors.  White jacket is from Dotti and by virtue of the colour the most 'dressy' jacket I have (I think) for a wedding.  Choice of red or black pumps.

#7 - #8 Target Dress This is a dress I have had for about 6 years and I think it's pretty classic.  It tends to accentuate my natural hour glass.  Again I would need a jacket indoors. Not sure about the white jacket over this.  Again red or black shoes options.

#9 - #11 Long Elegant Legs Cropped (Brocade like) Pants  This is the wildcard entrant!!  These pants were given to me by my sister. Ordered and then didn't like them.  Pants wouldn't be inappropriate here but I doubt many will wear pants. I felt the fabric made the pants read as dressy?  I think the black jacket version is a bit flat but the white seems to lift the look.  Not with the necklace.  Note pants need a good press.

The likelihood for any outfit here would be black shoes and a coloured clutch.  I have included a couple on my finds for you.

I realise for some black is not what you wear to a wedding but I figure it's better than wearing white!

Anyway over to you. Thanks for looking and would love your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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Crazy for Culottes!

Hi Ladies,

I will do a post with pics tonight but just quick post from work now.
I am wearing my new Metalicus culottes today (their first outing) and they are fantastic.  You know that feeling when an item fits well, it super comfortable and (IMHO) looks super stylish??  Well it's one of those days. So just had to share.... not many in my real life would 'get' my excitement over this lol.

Not sure if any of the other Aussie ladies have purchased these?  I think Lyn D's culottes were from Country Road???

Be back tonight with pics, and my recent order from Metalicus has arrived so may have some goodies to share.

First find is my culottes and the others are what has arrived today.

xxx Deborah