Thank You ElizabethP


I pm'd Elizabeth but wanted to post as testimony of how awesome the YLF ladies are.

In January Elizabeth let me know that the Danier tunic she has (that she knew I really adored) was on sale and she would be happy to buy it and send it to me.  My heart sang:)

She mailed it the second week of Feb and I asked her to send it 'snail mail' as there was no hurry and it suited my budget.

We have exchanged a few pm's in the meantime as we patiently waited for it's arrival.  I think we both started to wonder if it would infact arrive, but my post lady assured me not to worry but to expect it to take 3 months!

So!!! Just got home and what had arrived!  Here it is in all it's glory.
I LOVE it.  And I am so grateful to Elizabeth for the trouble she went to.
And I was incredibly touched that she so kindly contacted me in the first place and offered to get it for me.  

I know that there is a lot of this type of thing going on behind the scenes with this community and I just want to say thank you to Elizabeth and to YLF for being such a wonderful, warm, kind and generous group of women.  You know I think it's those qualities that make you all so stylish!

xxx Deborah


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What I Chose & Thank You!

Hi Ladies,

A little while back in this post you very kindly help me choose two garments for a little 'job' I was asked to do for a local fashion brand.

Well I chose the wrap coat and the leather blazer and I thought I would show you some photos of the blazer.  I really like the blazer and can see myself wearing this quite a lot over the cool months.  Photos of the coat still to come.

Thanks again for your help with this.  

xxx Deborah


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Shoe Purge K/Toss

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here and I thought I would review what footwear I actually wore and didn't wear over our Spring / Summer.

None of these have enjoyed much love this season:(

These are two tone black and white.  Comfy and I do like them. When I have reached for a more classic sandal this summer it has been these.  My instinct is to keep them.

Same as #1 but with a "T" bar.  Black, white and bone.  Comfy and I like the 'idea' of them but I just haven't worn them.  Truth be told, I don't really like a "t" bar for me.  Move these on?  If I could removed the Tbar I would be inclined to keep as I like the bone and black together.

Same as #2. Black, white and coral.  Wore quite a bit the two years ago but not once this year.  Issues as above.

Very old and very loved sandals.  They have really had their day and I think I have moved on from these.  Pass on?

These are old and have a platform.  I am not really into platforms any longer and am rarely wearing light coloured footwear.   I had these in black also and wore them into the ground but the lighter ones just didn't excite me in the same way.  Toss?

What say you.  Looks like I might be keeping 1 out of the 5??

Thanks for taking the time.
xxx Deborah


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Interview Outfit.. for tomorrow!

Hi Ladies,

Here are a few of options for my interview tomorrow. Would really appreciate your help.

I am aiming at a little more conservative and classic but I don't want to dress completely different to how I normally do as that just doesn't feel like the right thing to do.

Keep in mind it is still warm here, so my options would be much better if it were cold.

#1 Metalicus drape dress, block heel sandals and white cropped jacket.
(I could wear the dress on it's own with a nice necklace??)

#2 Black Slouch pants, with black draped top and white jacket

#3 Black Slouch Pants with white draped top and white jacket

#4 Black Slouch pants with white silk blouse and white jacket - this is a recent WIW and I would unroll the pants and wear my block heels.

My personal dress code for interviews is to always wear a blazer / jacket.  This work place is very casual but I still think I should wear one.  I do have a soft navy blazer but due to my weight loss it's looking just a bit too oversized to be 'smart' enough.

Please note everything needs a good press and has been put on rather haphazardly for the photos.  I would take more care tomorrow.

It's Sunday afternoon here and my interview is at 1.00 p.m. tomorrow.  Need to be organised before I head for bed tonight.

Would appreciate your opinions.
Thanks so much
xxx Deborah


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Boot Weather?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what temperature it has to be before you start wearing your boots (ankle and knee high)?

Our temps have cooled but it's still warm:)  Today is 28 degrees celcious and as I am scrolling through Pinterest for some ideas on how to style a new white (yes I said white) dress, pairing it with bare legs and boots is looking very appealing.  I just don't like the idea of looking seasonally confused:)

xxx Deborah

#1 is the dress, but I bought it in white.  It is tencel and quite lovely.  Of course I want to style it with blacks and greys:)


Zara Long Jacket??

Hi Ladies,

Need you eagle eyes!  But first please excuse my tired, no makeup look :)  Really only Master 12 and DH see me like this lol.  You guys are like family;)

I have had this Zara jacket for a while.  It is 90% wool and 10% nylon and kind of feels like linen. I have always loved this style of long jacket but for quite some time my hips tend to be too wide for this cut.  Since January I have lost 7kg (and almost 2 inches of my hips) so tonight I thought I would roughly style the jacket and see if it might work.

This is very roughly styled.  Excuse the scunched (ok shoved up sleeves in #3)  I am petite so my concerns are is it too long? and do I look too "hip-y" in it? Of course if you could check the shoulder fit too that would be great.   I am not so bothered if the jacket is 'on trend' or not:)

So what do you think.  Could it work?  

Thanks for taking a look:)
xxx Deborah


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Can you help me choose?

Hi Ladies,

I have been asked to assist in the promotion of a local fashion label's winter jacket/coat range for 2015.  Initially I need to choose two items from their catalogue.  The quality is very nice and their designs are generally more classic than I normally wear, however I have identified some items that I think might work for me.

I know it's difficult not seeing things on, but in the first instance I need to make my selection from the catalogue.  I am hoping you might have some input based on knowing my wardrobe and body a little.  

Here are the contenders.

#1 Wool blend wrap coat - could be worn open, no belt, or belt tied to back to
     slim down the volume at the front.

#2 Leather blazer - available in black

#3 Grey Zip coat - also available in black (the red looks too orange for me)

I won't tell you which I am favouring but you can probably guess.

Thanks for taking a look and sharing your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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Jeans Style for Winter 2015?!

Hi Ladies,

I have just been perusing Stockholm Streetstyle, and I cannot believe the pants styles I am seeing. I know Angie has highlighted this on the blog but this is the first I have seen of it on the street, so to speak.

Very few skinny legs and lots of flared, wide leg and boot cut jeans.

This is my favourite so far:)

Glad I have kept my bootcuts.  I am quite excited about having a play with them and seeing what I come up with for our winter. 

Those of you who are in your cooler months already, are you seeing this where you live?

xxx Deborah


Holiday Capsule or Lucky Dip?

Hi Ladies:)

DH, Master 11, Dexter (our dog) and I are on mini break and arrived in the seaside town of Torquay this afternoon. We are here for 5 days. Poor Dexie doesn't travel well...need I say more lol.

I frequently read with interest all the wonderful holiday capsules you put together, but I seem a little challenged in either the capsule department or in the ability to actually think through what to pack. Being a bit of a mood dresser, I do find it difficult to plan outfits in advance.

So as usual I am pretty much winging it.

Here's what I packed.

2 x cocoon cardigans (black) - 1 a warmer weight, the other lighter
1 x leather jacket
5 x pants (white skinny jeans, black skinny jeans, black slouchy pants, harem leggings, regular leggings for under the dress and / or tunic)
1 x black dress (sleeveless)
1 x black tunic (sleeveless)
7 x toppers (including lightweight sweaters in black and grey, and a mix of sleeveless and lightweight sleeved tops in black, grey and cobalt!)
6 x footwear including one pair of walking shoes
2 x handbags

Looking at the numbers I feel I have over packed but my little assignment will be recording what I actually do wear and how good I felt, or otherwise, in the outfits I can put together with these pieces.

For context, our weather is all over the place at the moment. It was 31 when we left Bendigo, 24 when we got to Torquay and the next few days expected to be between 18 to 25 degrees celcius. So I don't need really warm clothing but it's still not hot enough for true summer clothing. Being by the water, it also gets quite cool in the evenings.

For some inexplicable reason, I always think I need "holiday" clothes and end up dressing in things that just don't make me happy. So this time I have my "regular" clothing in my "regular" combinations with me and using things like my footwear to create a more casual feel. I have some of my Metalicus pieces with me which I would usually think are too "good" or too "dressy" for "holiday activities" so I will be assessing how that works for me also. Funny thing is I I did buy a pair of black and white patterned relaxed pants with the little holiday in mind...and I forgot to pack them lol.

Anyway, #1 is what I have here with me, and #2 a shot of my footwear for the 5 days.

Internet permitting (I will be hot spotting from my phone), I will be reading and commenting as usual.

Love to hear what our seasoned capsule experts think of my lucky dip capsule, and any advice for future trips away:)



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Raw Hem On Jeans?

Now this is my idea of hemming ones jeans! I put off hemming new jeans for forever! But is this a look that only really works for cool bloggers? Would you do this? Could I do this? I need to hem my white skinnies and I actually considered doing this (before I saw the pic).

What do you think?