Draped Vest ??

It's that time if the year when I tend to crave a few new things as winter starts to transition into Spring!

I spotted this today and liked it a lot but was a little unsure of the colour. It's described as cream ivory.

What do you think? I know it's tricky to get a good idea of the colour from my iPhone pics.

Thanks for taking a look

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  • Melaine replied 9 years ago

    I love it! It's a lovely color with your hair. If it were me, I might have trouble coming up with tops to go with it but I really love the shape on you!

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    From what I can see the color looks good - great shape, is it stiff or drapey?

  • viva replied 9 years ago

    It's very interesting, Deborah! It is so far outside of my zone that I have absolutely no sense for how to wear it .... but it is fun to look at and beautiful with your coloring.

  • Grey Rainbow replied 9 years ago

    Color as reproduced here looks fabulous with your hair and skin. Love the shape, a really interesting piece.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    Love the color for you but I'll be honest and say that I find the very large lapels distracting. I think you would rock a white or cream vest but I'm not convinced this is "the one".

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 years ago

    I'm with Shannon... the shape of this is really cool, but my eye goes straight to your belly.  Every time, I've gone back to look three times, just to see if it were my initial reaction or consistent. Not sure I'd want that in a garment...

  • rabbit replied 9 years ago

    I think the shape is very interesting, and might be JFE, it kind of depends how it moves.   The color is GREAT with your hair and skin.

  • rachylou replied 9 years ago

    Whoa, I love this, esp. with the hair. It would be a great way to refresh.

  • karymk replied 9 years ago

    I love this color on you. Perfect. I am wondering if you can try one size smaller though. I think this would look great with your wardrobe, with a grey or black tee. Or even a cobalt one with black pants and shoes.

  • Lyn D. replied 9 years ago

    Some interesting points about- well- the points and size of the lapels.
    When paired with your signature black this will be more emphasised, so I am on the fence with this one.

  • replied 9 years ago

    Agreeing with Shannon and Miss Twiggy aka viva:  keep clicking on the pics to see what's not quite right as the colour is great, your hair is so perfect with it, and I love a drapey vest, but this is distractingly not drapey .  You always look so fabulous and own your look - I think you're onto something with the idea, but maybe a softer fabric?

  • Caro in Oz replied 9 years ago

    I love the colour & idea of it for you, but it doesn't seem to be draping well in this photo.

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    I am seeing what others have mentioned. The color is greet and could put spring into your wardrobe, but something seems off in the photo. It looks like it stands away from your body rather than draping.

  • Faith replied 9 years ago

    I love it and like that it's not too drapey, it makes it more dramatic and architectural to my eye.

  • Karie replied 9 years ago

    I'm going to chime in with the others and say perhaps one size smaller would be better. I'm not loving the way it is draping on you. I do think the color looks great with your hair.

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    I agree with Shannon - unless it is really not as stiff as it appears...

  • Gigi replied 9 years ago

    I love the color! As to the fit, I will defer to others on that, since I am not a very avant garde dresser.

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    Thanks so much for the feedback! It is more architectural and structured rather than soft and drapey. If it were black I wouldn't think twice but the cream is different. I do like it but think I probably left it behind for the reasons your point out. I did discover they do this style in black in a jacket/coat which I might stalk to sale:) Here's a pic:). Could always have the sleeves removed to make a vest!!

    BTW I can't size down. This is my size, anything smaller will be tight across the back :)

  • Caro in Oz replied 9 years ago

    It is hard to see but it looks like this is doing the same as the cream one. There seems to be some bubbling in the fabric on the "collar" piece, which is probably why it isn't hanging/draping well imo.

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