Thrifting Adventures!

Hi Ladies!

I have never been a big thrifter, but I have three stores locally that are always worth a look. Their staff must be well trained because their stock always seems to be in better condition and they have better brands.

Was doing some after school errands and popped into our MS Op Shop for a quick browse. Came home with two sweaters. I have just popped them on over what I was wearing today but I do have them in mind for my harem pants (which I just happen to be wearing). Getting the length of the top right with the harem pants seems pretty critical in getting the proportions right.

#1 - #4 Witchery black textured high low hem sweater.
Found it difficult to photograph

#5 - #7 Sussans Blue open weave sweater, high low hem

Both are in excellent condition and while I'm thinking harem pants, they will work with jeans and perhaps slim knit skirts. The blue is probably more for non work days but the black could go to work. The black really looks a lot nicer IRL:). I don't feel comfortable in thick bulky sweaters so these work well with a tank layered underneath for extra warmth (and modesty).

I try very hard to apply the same process to thrifted purchases as I do new items and both passed my filter. Do they pass yours?



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WIW : I Heart My Harems

Hi Fabbers!

I love my Harem Leggings so much I wore them again today!

One of the places I sometimes look for inspiration is the Sarah Pacini website. I was perusing Winter 2013 and there were some great harem pants outfits. Tall boots and lots of texture...I was besotted:)

So here' what I came up with for today and I'm posting my inspiration picture as well. Not that I need to point it out :) but #6 is the SP inspiration.

Harem leggings tucked loosely into tall suede wedge heel boots. Open weave, textured sweater layered over a simple black cotton camisole top. The sweater I bought in my early YLf days when they were trending but I never wore it much despite liking it. I didn't feel to pass it on tho, and I'm glad because I think I see more ways to wear it now. Accessories, leather warped bracelet, silver rings and silver hoop earrings, and a plaited leather belt which was a Mothers Day gift about 6 years ago.

For outside I added a long, drape knit sleeveless cardigan (?)/gilet (?). I have had it for nearly 9 years:). It's by Witchery and I wear it every winter. It can be worn long or short (just turn it upside down:) and I don't think I have ever posted it before. It reminds me a little of something I saw recently on AllSaints website.

Hope everyone had / is having a great day. Have I done Sarah Pacini proud?

Thanks doe looking.



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WIW: Harem Pants V.2.0

Hi Ladies,

I'm pretty sure this only the second outfit I have put together with my harem leggings.

With a view to a job change hopefully not too far off, I have been messing around with "suit" ideas and trying them out in my current job:).

So today's offering! Harem Leggings, ankle boots, cream drape top (you have seen me in the black version of this) and black ponte jacket. I was pretty sure when I bought this jacket that it would work well over the harems. The Harem leggings need a longer topper to "reign in" the extra fabric at the hip (and without adding extra bulk, and I think this jacket does the trick...anything shorter creates (to my eye) an unattractive silhouette.

What do you think. Work appropriate? Any other ideas you have for wearing these pants for work or play would be appreciated.

Thank for looking and commenting.

xxxDeborah pose this morning is all about trying to hide the bags under my eyes, not a good nights sleep:( lol......vanity!!


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Considering an Investment (?) Purchase!

Hi Ladies,

I have recently fallen in love with a handbag I came across on a blog.  I often see things that I adore online and on blogs but rarely do I fall so hard that I go searcing for them, particularly if Im pretty sure they would be stretching the budget.:)

So this is the bag!  Thierry Mugler, and I believe it's a vintage piece.  Not exaclty sure when it was made, the suggestion is the 1980's.... Anna any ideas??

I have found one and it would be more than I have EVER paid for a bag.  Both my DH and my lovely sister have offered monetary gifts for my upcoming birthday to contribute to the purchase of the bag (talk about enablers) so I am seriously considering the expense.

The bag is described as 'space age rubber bag'. It is black moulded rubber.  It is described as having some superficial wear on the service but in very good condition. 

I will explain the attraction:  I struggle a bit with bags at the moment.  I feel I have honed my style but finding bags reflective of the style is 'challenging'.  When I saw this, I was struck by the sculptural look of the bag, asymetry and the mere interest of the bag.  I can see it working with everything, both casual and dressy and to me it has a timeless look about it.

I know we are all on different budgets and trust me my budget is very modest but I am willing to save (and I will have to save the balance) and spend on a quality item that I believe will have a long life span with me. 

Ok... so am I mad!?  And handbag officianados out there, would you consider this a good investment based on what I have shared?

Thanks so much.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : To An Ordination

Hi Fabbers,

It's been a great Sunday. Our Senior Pastor was ordained today, which is a big thing in the Baptist Church. It was a big service with 4 other local ministers being ordained also and our auditorium was full to overflowing with attendance of about 650.

I "stage managed" the event and had a ball. A few challenges along the way but this is part of the work I used to do in Melboune before I moved to Bendigo, and it felt really good.

With my outfit, I wanted comfort, to look like me and still have an air of authority and professionalism. So I went for a trusty ensemble....leggings, booties, draped tunic and draped jacket. The leggings and jacket are both black ponte so kind of gives the impression of a modern suit?

Pics taken after the event and I must say I'm a bit ragged...need a hot cuppa and a sit down.

Thanks for looking and suggestions for improvement or ideas for restyling always very welcome.

xxx Deborah


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