WIW: Who Likes a Poncho?

Hi Ladies,

I won't lie, there has been a little recent purchasing to refresh and
update my winter wardrobe:). Pleased to report all within budget tho:)

I wore two new goodies today.

I found the tunic top on Birdsnest while browsing the other evening. It is reminiscent of the Metalicus Drape Dress so I couldn't resist. No where near the quality of Metalicus but nice enough and great for non work days.

The Poncho! Well I always like to have one. My last one was similar but shorter and I bought it when Master 11 was just a baby...since then it's just one of those pieces I really like to have one off. This one came with fringes but I removed them. I tossed up between one that was super plain and this one and decided that I did want the texture as most of what I wear underneath it will be quite "flat" texturally speaking.

#1 - #2 Tunic
#3 - #4 Poncho over tunic.
#5 I always forget to do pics with with my handbag:)
#6 our new plant (that's the sun shining on it they the window.

So today was a day of errands. We were given a gift voucher as a thank you for our work (DH did the production) on the Ordination last weekend, so we bought our first house plant!! And I have spent the day doing bits and pieces.

Are Poncho's "daggy". I do recall having one when I was a little girl:). I felt that the concept worked well with my style aesthetic but I may well be very disillusioned;)

Thanks for looking and commenting.


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  • Isabel replied 7 years ago

    I do , I do !!!  And this is exactly why !   :  ) 

  • kellygirl replied 7 years ago

    Did someone say "poncho?" I love this, Deborah! What does "daggy" mean? You look SO good in both outfits! Fab x2! Nice plant too!

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Love the tunic, love the poncho! The draping and texture, respectively, is super. Cute little plant ^^

  • lyn* replied 7 years ago

    I love YOUR poncho!

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Isabel.. Thank you! I think you made my day.

    Kelly, here's a definition from the Urban dictionary;).

    Australian origin.
    adj. not stylish, out of fashion, not trendy, not cool, untidy, unclean, not neat.
    v. to have no style.
    That haircut/outfit makes you look daggy.

    Just as an example "dad dancing" would be considered "daggy"

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Aida and Lyn, thank you! Ponchos can be one of those borderline garments:)

  • Debra replied 7 years ago

    Looking good, love the tunic, especially the 3/4 sleeves, and the poncho is fab. Really nice with all of the texture.
    I have a cardi, cape, poncho thingy that I live in in winter.
    And Daggy is the word of the day :)
    I didn't get to Metalicus today unfortunately. The powers that be decided a desk move was in order ??????? Maybe tomorrow :)

  • fuzzylogic replied 7 years ago

    Love your poncho, Deborah!

    A dag is matted wool (and poo) on a sheep's behind.....

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    No worries Debra and thank you. I discovered one local store carries a small range of Metalicus in Bendigo. Popped in for a look but did t have the cape. They didn't have anything I wanted but I did try on the Dash Dress and the Gable Tank Dress. Both very nice but not what I want at the moment. Had a lovely chat with the woman and she took my details and will call me when they get their next delivery:)

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    FL!! Too funny. I was kind of avoiding that defintion lol.

  • fuzzylogic replied 7 years ago

    Oops, sorry Deborah! It's the latent farmer in me.... Red cheeks.....

    You do look great in that poncho, though. And I am wearing one as I type! Poncho love on YLF!

  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago

    Not like the crochet ponchos of the 70's at all :)
    I am WOWED by this outfit Deborah- Fabulous!!

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    Well, I have a soft spot and sugar eye for ponchos, and I think yours looks super fab. I like that the hem comes to a point in the front and it curves in the back. Gorgeous!

  • replied 7 years ago

    I'm very familiar with the word daggy. I grew up watching Neighbours :D

     Suffice to say that you most definitely aren't daggy, quite the opposite. I love the texture in you poncho as I think it adds another level of interest to your outfit along with the drape. Pic #5 just blows me away. You look like you belong in a Vogue editorial :)

  • gryffin replied 7 years ago

    Deb - I think this is awesome.  I really love ponchos.  I really, really like the look.  How does it feel on IRL?  I have trouble keeping a shoulder bag on with one and I can't work in them around the house, so I stick to oversized sweaters and cardis.  But I wish I found this style more comfortable to wear because I love the aesthetic and I think they are elegant, interestings, flattering and wow, they just look so snug!!

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Hi Gryffin, I think the weight of the poncho is important for comfort. This hangs nicely and stays in place. Cross body bags work best I find or otherwise a handheld or clutch. I actually had this on until I cooked dinner and felt really snug and warm. I do tend to treat them like outerwear, and find it very easy to wear. This one can worn two ways. As I have it with the longest pint front and back centre, or worn straight across front and back with the longer bits at the sides (does that make sense).

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Diane, Neighbours was big in the UK wasn't it? Do you know I have never watched an episode lol! And thank you, you are so sweet! I'm pretty sure I'd need to loose at least half my body weight before Ms Wintour would even consider it lol.

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    What a great poncho Deborah! The tunic is terrific also but when I read poncho I was wondering how that fit with your style and this one is perfect!

  • lyn67 replied 7 years ago

    Love them all! Both your new items(which are great pieces matching your avantgarde style) and the house plant in the sun is beautiful!! Your poncho is NOT daggy:-)) it has a great length, texture, and cut-great ideea removing the fringes...Maybe I shall do that to mine, too?

  • Ornella replied 7 years ago

    Yay all over. That top is mega fab. And I totally get the poncho love :-D

  • Aquamarine replied 7 years ago

    You look terrific and can definitely rock a poncho! Love it on you. I like both, but agree the textured one pops a bit more.

  • Glory replied 7 years ago

    oh no not like - I Love a poncho and yours is fantastic. Love the plant in the last photo as well.

  • Erikajl replied 7 years ago

    Love this look. Very hip and cool.

  • Isabel replied 7 years ago

    Kellygirl made me laugh out loud !!!  " Did someone say poncho ? "  hahahaha...

  • Susie replied 7 years ago

    I like YOUR poncho!

    I woulnd't have thought that ponchos are a 'thing' for me but I bought a cashmere one in the winter and I ended up loving it. I found it very comfortable to wear and I just felt good in it.

    Yours looks terrific on you. And I love the tunic top as well.

  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago

    Oh no Deborah- you just 'made' me buy a poncho/cape at the Trenery on-line sale to try :) :)

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Lyn, you MUST post please!!!

    Was it this one?  I can so see this working for you. 

  • anne replied 7 years ago

    Both look good on you Deborah!.

    Ponchos can look a bit daggy - but yours don't!

  • Sharon replied 7 years ago

    LOVING the poncho! This works so well with your style - it has the drape and asymmetry and texture that mesh beautifully with your clothes. I think ponchos are very modern looking and trendy.

    I can remember wearing a poncho as a child. It was patterned in that weird 70's style. Definitely daggy. If only my mother had bought me a cool one like yours.

  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago

    Spot-on Deborah- will post if it works out :)

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