PSA : Aussie Skirted Leggings

Hi Ladies,

Motto is a lovely Australian brand based in Melbourne which make gorgeous clothing.  Lots of stretch fabrics and all washable.   Well, they have just opened a store in my home town and I popped in today for the opening sale and bought the most amazing jacket with some birthday money (yes I am stretching it out as far as I can lol).

Came home to find the jacket on line to add to my finds and while browsing discovered Motto are releasing a skirted leggings this month and thought I should share:)  Based on the quality of the garments I saw today these should be lovely.

And the jacket I bought today is in #2/#3

xxx Deborah

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  • Sal replied 5 years ago

    Lovely jacket Deborah!

    I am not sure where I stand on skirted legging - these do look stylish and I too have heard good things about Motto clothing.

  • Deborah replied 5 years ago

    Kiwigal, I like the length of these too:)  The EF ones while lovey are just too short (and expensive) for me.

  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago

    Love the new jacket, can't wait to see you in it.

  • Deborah replied 5 years ago

    Thanks Denise:)  The Jacket has a very RO vibe about and I fell in love on first sight.

    It looks like leather but is actually a coated jersey!  The weight of it is lovely and the shape is fantastic - has stretch and fits beautifully.

  • Karin L H replied 5 years ago

    Jacket looks great, very cool look! Looking forward to seeing it on!

  • Helen11 replied 5 years ago

    Ah, so now I know what skirted leggings are! I haven't heard of Motto before, so will check them out online. I thought the jacket was leather, too. I love the cut of the lower edge. Enjoy!

  • Cococat replied 5 years ago

    Wow, that jacket is gorgeous. I'm very tempted. I would love to see it on you Deborah.

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous jacket! Can't wait to see it on you.

    I wonder about the skirted leggings. Seems the kind of thing that needs to be tried on. I could certainly see these working with your style.

    Fun to stretch out the bday money :)

  • replied 5 years ago

    Incredible jacket. And I really like the angled hem on the skirted leggings - now THAT's interesting .  

  • Word Lily replied 5 years ago

    That's a great jacket! Love. Coated jersey, huh? Interesting.

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    WOW!  That jacket is fantastic.  The prices look reasonable too.  I saw one called "Battle Jacket" on their site - very UWP. :)

  • Cococat replied 5 years ago

    I couldn't resist. I bought the jacket! It reminds me of the Rick Owens one I've wanted forever (costs a fortune even on Ebay), but in a more versatile fabric.

    I'm so excited for it to arrive. Thank you Deborah.

  • Brooklyn replied 5 years ago

    Great jacket Deborah! I checked out the site and they have some good stuff. There is a long vest I am tempted by! Thanks for the rec.

  • elissa c replied 5 years ago

    Love the jacket you bought - the cut and texture are unique. My initial reaction to the skirted legging picture above was "no" but after seeing them as part of  a complete outfit on the website I think it is a viable option. 

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    That jacket will be stunning on you. I think that you would also rock those skirted leggings. I finally got a chance to try inthe EF version. They just didn't seem "me" but I will probably be sorry that I didn't get them.

  • anne replied 5 years ago

    What an awesome jacket. I am seriously considering going up to the local stockists in my lunch break shortly (even though I'll have to walk 20 mins or catch a bus to get there).
    The skirted leggings look good too, though still a bit pricey by my standards.

  • Deborah replied 5 years ago

    CocoC, I am always happy to enable my fellow fashionistas!!  The Jacket is amazing.  You will see when it arrives.  The feel, the weight etc, its a pretty cool garment.  I am a huge Rick Owens fan but given my budget, I have pretty much decided to focus on good quality 'inspired by Rick' garments and when I spotted this it was pure Rick :)  Particularly when you do up the jacket and where the neck in a funnel style.  Please let me know when it arrives, I would love to hear (and see) what you think.

    Brookly, the long vests are gorgeous too!  I can see I may have to split my loyalty between Metalicus & Motto lol.

    Joy, I am not totally convinced the skirted leggings will be 'me' either.  It will have a lot to do with the weight of the fabric and the length of the skirt.  I will wait for my store to get them so I can try them on:)

    Anne, they are still pricey BUT if they are the quality I expect I may splash out :)

  • Lyn D. replied 5 years ago

    Thanks Deborah!
    I popped into Motto recently to get a gift voucher for a friend, but didn't see your lovely jacket.
    Will you try the skirted leggings when they arrive?

  • Deborah replied 5 years ago

    Lyn I am interested to try them.  I am still not sure that skirted leggings are a going to be good addition to my wardrobe but happy to explore the possibility.

    I thought the Motto range had a similar vibe to Metalicus but with perhaps more patterned items. 

  • Lyn D. replied 5 years ago

    I agree, and prefer plainer pieces myself.
    I will pop back from time to time now though in view of the jacket, which is really good!

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