Birthday Shopping !

Hi Ladies,

Home from a lovely weekend in Melbourne. I had such a lovely time with my closest friends (4 couples we have know for many years, and shared many of life's ups and downs with) and my mum and sister. And I was overwhelmed by the generous gifts I was blessed with:)

Of course they all know my love of style so most of my gifts were geared in that direction:)

No outfit photos yet but I thought I would share some things via my finds:)

#1 Oasis Poppy Leather Clutch. A gift from my mum. It's lovely and soft, nice size and has a strap and can be used as an across body bag. Used it today and it looked great.

I was also gifted a couple of Metalicus Gift cards and DH gave me some spending money, Wohoo. My Budget doesn't usually allow me to buy more than one or two things at a time so it was lots of fun to have a little more freedom.

#2 The Tube Skirt by Metalicus. This is from their Basics range and I had planned to buy this as it means two other skirts will exit my closet with this one taking their place. It works for both casual and dressy, and can be worn knee length or midi.

#3 Sia Crop Waterfall Cardigan by Metalicus. So warm and perfectly draped. Short at back and front with longer length at sides. I wore this today and loved it. Another garment that dresses up or down very easily.

# 4 Preen Cropped Pants (Culottes) by Metalicus. These are lovely. Will work thru Autumn/Winter and Spring but will be too warm for Summer. I have two other pairs of culottes that I will now pass on.

# 5 Ladybug Tunic by Metalicus. This has a lovely shape and can be layered under or over. I was thrilled this worked. Metalicus use this fabric composition quite a lot and in the past the one size fits all just hasn't worked for me does now!

#6 Sheer Back Longline Shirt from Sussan. The sleeves are also sheer with the cuffs in cotton. I have been wanting to add some interesting white shirt /tunics to my wardrobe (inspired by Accidental Icon) and was thrilled at how this looked. I anticipate layering over it :).

I also received a most unexpected gift of a beautiful Coach handbag. I was almost speechless:). It was a very generous and unexpected gift from my longest standing girlfriend and her partner. She knows me very well and I think that the classic simplicity of the bag is going to be perfect.

I do feel like a little girl whose Christmases have all come at once!

And Lyn D if you read this, yes I am still planning to shop with you in July lol. There is always room for more Metalicus right? :)

Any thoughts on styling the culottes would be really appreciated:)



Fab & 50!!

Hi Ladies!

I have just woken on the morning of my 50th birthday (still not sure if I can say it out loud lol) and I'm feeling fab! I am also feeling thankful. For a loving family, great friends, a job I enjoy, and the opportunity to serve in my local community.

I am also thankful for the wonderful YLF community and the friendship and support you all so warmly share and have done since I joined here 4 years ago.

At 50 I have the best wardrobe I have ever had, and feel the most at peace with, and confident of, my personal style:).

I will be in Melbourne this weekend for a birthday lunch with my closest friends and my mum and sister. Will post outfit pics:)

As you can see from #2 my love of monochromatic looks stared early!! I think my mum made the little shift dress;).

Hope you all have the best day!
xxxDeborah outfit photo today as I'm still snuggled up in bed x


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Measured Versus Spontaneous!

Hi Ladies,

I know we have probably talked about this before but it has really been evident to me recently that I (generally) make much better purchasing decisions when I am measured and thoughtful, than when I make an emotional/spontaneous decision.

Having developed a strong sense of my style and what works and what doesn't, I have found I have become very particular about purchases.  I will reject items based on seemingly insignificant elements (i.e things my friends wouldn't notice until I pointed it out) and will often walk away and consider the purchase overnight or for a few days or longer.  I have been doing this regardless of price but, having said that, I have also found that I am buying less and buying better quality so given my budget is quite modest, I look upon every addition as an investment.

Recently I had a couple of moments of sheer spontaneity where I just went with my emotional response (possibly despite my better judgement) and splashed out and bought a couple of things with gay abandon!!

Some weeks on, I am aware that they really weren't 'good' investments for me.  I like them but I don't LOVE them.  Kind of like meeting a gorgeous guy and then discovering there is no substance lol. 

My new long cardigan (#2) was one item.  I did take the sides in and taper it, and it looks fine, but I don't find myself looking forward to, and planning on when I will wear it.

Then there was the structured grey sleeveless jacket (#3).  Not quite sure what I was thinking.  I kept putting it on and taking it off.  Within days I knew it wasn't going to work so I was able to return it.

The other item is one I haven't shared yet. It's a fabulous draped knit sleeveless 'thingy", long at the front and short at the back, warm and snugly but in a darker grey than I like on myself.  I knew it in the store but I was totally seduced by the feel of the knit and the design.  I have worn it once and I don't think it's a total loss as it looks quite good when I pair it with white or soft pink but unlike so much of my wardrobe, this and the cardigan take work to style, and I realise I want much more ease when I dress.  I do enjoy thinking about putting outfits together and creating new combinations, but when it gets 'hard' and doesn't flow, it's just not fun.

So it's back to measured and thoughtful for me when it comes to shopping. I have had my eye on this Metalicus Tunic (#1) for a few weeks and short of trying it on I am pretty sure there is a place for this in my closet:)

Anyway just sharing my less than finer shopping moments:)  And wondering how you shop?  Has YLF changed the way you shop?  It has definitely changed my shopping habits as I used to be 100% impulsive whereas now I appear to have swung the other way completely.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Danier Lemming!

Hi Ladies,

We are heading off to DH's very good friend's 60th birthday this afternoon.  No dress code and it's at their home so it will be indoors and on the outdoor covered deck (they have outdoor heaters) so I wanted to dress up as it's a special occasion but not go overboard as I am pretty sure it will be quite relaxed.

This is the first outing of my lovely new Danier top (thank you Elizabeth P).  I have layered it over a Metalicus Seamless Slip / Dress.  Added a leggings with a sheen and black ankle boots.  For a little warmth I added the cocoon cardigan.  

Accessories kept to a minimum, silver rings, leather bracelet and silver earrings.

I've got to run as I just heard DH arrive home to pick me up.

Hope you like it.  What do you think?
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Winter White

Hi Ladies,

This working two days a week thing is great, but I am filling my non work days like crazy!  I have been a little less on the Forum as I have had a lot of travel for work this week as I complete induction and training, so I apologise for not commenting much:(

Today I had a meeting (non work day / community project) followed by lunch with a lovely friend.

Started with a pretty standard column of black but didn't feel like doing all black today so popped on my white jacket.  For outdoors I added a simple black plain knit scarf but forgot to take a pic:(

Outfit comprises ("comprises" used especially for Elizabeth P)

Metalicus Sleeveless Tunic
( this is a wool/cashmere blend and is perfect for layering in this cold weather- when i have worn it so much it's no longer fit for public viewing, I am going to sleep in it lol!!)
Millers Ponte Pants
Hush Puppies Ankle Boots
Dotti Jacket
Jenna Clifford Silver Bee

BTW, I am loving my new glasses so just thought I would take a rare pic of them on with complimentary silly grin:)

Thank for looking.  Thoughts, suggestions for improvement very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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Hi Ladies,

New colour story from Metalicus.. and I am quite liking it:)

I am loving the Nile Short Sleeve Dress but just can't think about it as we are only in Day 4 of what is seemingly a very cold winter!!

xxx Deborah

PS.. it comes in black too.