WIW : Summer of '14

Hi Ladies,

Well the summer of 2014 is a scorcher as we like to say here in Aus :)

Spoiler alert... yes Im wearing another black dress :)

My small collection of black summer dresses have been priceless during this heat. Cool, easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down with the right footwear / accessories. One of the things I like about black in summer is the high contrast between the black of the clothing and pale skin.

This dress was in the donate pile not so long ago but I am glad I got it back out. It has zips on the shoulder and is an easy fitting, light weight dress. I have popped a sheer draped sleeves jacket over the dress (it helps hide my lumps and bumps) and then for a change,and to add a bit of a trend element, I chose my cobalt sandals.

It's a busy day here, school goes back tomorrow, I also return to work tomorrow and it's DH's birthday today so we are out for dinner tonight which means I may have another outfit to show you later ;)

#4 are new earrings.

#5 is a cuff Master 10 made me using card and screws!! While I was rather impressed, DH insisted Master 10 put all the new screws back in the container as he had they had been specially purchased for a project lol.

Happy Sunday everyone!
xxx Deborah


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