WIW : Inspired by...

believe it or not, Garance Dore.

Temps have dropped from low 40's to high 20's today so much easier to dress, and can I comfortably return to two things I really love... slim leg pants and layers.

I have been enjoying reading through Garance Dore's blog and find I really like some of her outfits. She definitely has that effortless, Parisienne thing going on but I felt I could perhaps adapt the look.

I'm wearing slim leg crop pants (which are ankle length on me), open toe booties, white oversized blouse and black cropped and asymetric sweater.
I did start off trying my white slim pants but just wasn't feeling the white today.

Day Two back at work and so far still feeling somewhat enthused:)

Thanks for looking and would love your feedback on how I did.  Suggestions for change, improvement etc much appreciated.

xxx Deborah

Photography credit to Master 10 who very kindly, and quickly, took my outfit photo this morning on my Iphone - apologies for poor quality and stupid face;)  Let's just say Master 10 wasn't 'giving it all' in his photographer role.

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  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    This is perfect & fantastic Deborah. I know you love all black but IMO there is something indefinably gorgeous that happens when you break it up with white or colour :) 

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Thanks so much Caro.  I agree with you about the white amd am enjoying adding more of it to my outfits.   In fact, I have pretty much decided, white is my colour :)

  • Thistle replied 7 years ago

    Love the addiiton of the gauzy white layer. So pretty!

  • CocoLion replied 7 years ago

    Stunning! I must copy this. I do prefer yours to hers.

    You linked to Garance Dore's blog for the Weekly links recently and I spent hours there. I particularly enjoyed the videos.

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Denise, I  have been watching her videos too:)  I really enjoyed her chat with Elisa Nalin and another stylist, whose name escapes me at the moment.  Also the one where she demonstrates how to walk in heels:)  She seems to be quite a fun loving and self effacing woman.. hard not to like her.

  • kellygirl replied 7 years ago

    LOVE this. You look super, Deborah!

  • Vicki replied 7 years ago

    I, too, love your gauzy shirt under the layer and prefer your styling.  Kudos to Master 10 who was Master 8 when I first came to YLF.  :)

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Thanks Vicki:)  Master 10 actually turns 11 in eight days!

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    You look beautiful, Deborah! I love this look on you! There really is something magical about the white together with the black. 

  • fuzzylogic replied 7 years ago

    You are totally rocking this look, Deborah! The open toe booties, oversized shopper and your trademark red lipstick are the perfect additions to this outfit! I wouldn't change a thing!

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    Deborah! This is so lovely and I want to see more looks like this now. You really look amazing and still very much yourself.

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    Don't forget cobalt :) :)

  • kkards replied 7 years ago

    this is so elegant, just fab!

  • ironkurtin replied 7 years ago

    Garance is a great role model, and you look sharp and chic.

  • MsMaven replied 7 years ago

    Good grief!  You keep looking better and better.  I have to say you are an inspiration to me.  I kind of recall some of your early outfits posted here--you always looked very nice and well-groomed, but now you are so effortlessly chic--like one of those Parisienne girls.

    (Yes, I know now that such chic isn't effortless.)

  • Sarah A replied 7 years ago

    I am really digging the sheerness if the white shirt you selected. Fantastic graphic contrast with the sweater too. I am really enjoying analyizing how yoy put together your fantastic looks. Thanks, Deborah, for your posts :)

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    Gorgeous! I love the white gauzy shirt with the black hi-low top. You make dressing chic look so effortless!

  • Kristin L replied 7 years ago

    Beautiful! I like the gauzy white top with the black sweater. 

  • Mellllls replied 7 years ago

    Great outfit. Jealous of your weather!!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago


    I love it when you add white to your style, Debs. 

  • Greyscale replied 7 years ago

    Love it! Some day I'll need to do my own "inspired by Deborah" take on this look.

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    Love your version (hers is good too of course). I also enjoy Garance Dore's blog. Although she seems to exist in some sort of fashion stratosphere she has a lot of interesting things to say.

  • AJ replied 7 years ago

    Oh I like your full length pants version better! Now you have me pining for a sheer layering top.

    I too enjoy GD's blog and videos.

  • Neel replied 7 years ago

    Omg! This is just brilliant! Now that I am venturing into layering I know just how hard it can be to get it right! And you make it look just effortless and perfect! Gorgeous!

  • Debra replied 7 years ago

    This is perfect :) I love black and white :)

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    Perfect!  And I really like the white addition.
    Now to go check out that blog...

  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago

    Love the white shirt here Deborah!
    I will now check-out the blog you mention, Thanks.
    IKWYM about slightly reluctant photographers with big sighs or giggles over bad shots taken when you aren't quite ready, but can't imagine life without our blessing(s) :)

  • Sharon replied 7 years ago

    You look amazing! I love this on you. The white lets the shape and texture of the sweater become more obvious. Gorgeous!

  • Lantana replied 7 years ago

    Deborah you keep on raising the style benchmark. These layers are divine.
    Hijacking to say hi to Sharon, nice to see you on the forum.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    I'm just now catching up on past outfit threads Deb and I'm so glad I saw this. This outfit takes my breath away and IMHO, is one of your best. It's soft and edgy at the same time and the proportions are just stunning. I need to find a way to copy this look - absolutely beautiful :)

  • Hil replied 7 years ago

    As always, stunning! You've given me an idea for a cooler day... just need to see if I can put it into practice.

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