WIW : To Go Shopping!

Happy Thursday!

One of my DH's closest friends and his wife have relocated to our town and today I took the wife out as she wanted to check out our shops.  We went to the large shopping complex here and shopped, enjoyed a coffee, and may have bought a couple of things?!?!?

Pretty typical outfit for me!

Gauzy tie jacket - Target              (#3 just to show you the fabric)
Drape Dress - Boohoo                 (#2 to show the drape of the dress)
Leather/Suede Leggings - Zara
(bought this at a Melbourne meet up and always think of LynD and CarolB when I were them - infact they helped me choose these)
Ankle Boots - Hush Puppies
Handbag : Nine West                  
#6 one of my favourite rings!
Earrings : Gift from our beautiful Karie!

So cannot wait to show you but I bought a long sleeveless jacket in light grey.  No lapel and it's gorgeous:)  It's actually my Mothers Day present from Master 12 so I may have to let him wrap it for Sunday!!

Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah

PS... the grey sleeveless jacket looks like the one I found on Pinterest in pic #7 :)


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Thank You ElizabethP


I pm'd Elizabeth but wanted to post as testimony of how awesome the YLF ladies are.

In January Elizabeth let me know that the Danier tunic she has (that she knew I really adored) was on sale and she would be happy to buy it and send it to me.  My heart sang:)

She mailed it the second week of Feb and I asked her to send it 'snail mail' as there was no hurry and it suited my budget.

We have exchanged a few pm's in the meantime as we patiently waited for it's arrival.  I think we both started to wonder if it would infact arrive, but my post lady assured me not to worry but to expect it to take 3 months!

So!!! Just got home and what had arrived!  Here it is in all it's glory.
I LOVE it.  And I am so grateful to Elizabeth for the trouble she went to.
And I was incredibly touched that she so kindly contacted me in the first place and offered to get it for me.  

I know that there is a lot of this type of thing going on behind the scenes with this community and I just want to say thank you to Elizabeth and to YLF for being such a wonderful, warm, kind and generous group of women.  You know I think it's those qualities that make you all so stylish!

xxx Deborah


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WIW : To Work

Hi Ladies,

I am having lot of fun at the moment remixing and putting together professional outfits for my new job, and the best bit is I am essentially shopping my closet.  No new clothes required.

Today I wore tapered draped pants.  These are new but are a replacement for an older pair.  The fabric of these is much more luxurious and they feel so nice to wear.  Topped the pants with a short, layered sleeveless top (I have this in black also) and a soft jersey jacket.  I like the look of a lady like point toe with these pants so wore my Wittner pumps again today.  I forgot to get a photo but carried my snow leopard handbag.

I love this sort of work outfit.  To my eye it looks elegant and professional but it feels oh so comfortable and not restricted.  One of my colleagues just loved my shoes:)

What do you think?  Improvements?  I have been wearing quite long tops for some time and I found the length of this top quite refreshing.

Thanks for looking, as always I appreciate your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Petites Can Wear Midis:)

Hi Ladies, 

New job is going well and while it's been a slow start (induction, training etc) it looks like it's going to be a very busy and interesting role:)

I have been looking forward to wearing this jacket but had to wait until it was cold enough.  It's a new Metalicus jacket and is a heavy ponte fabric.  It has drape but holds it's shape perfectly and is incredibly warm in my cold office.

Outfit is:
Metalicus Chios Washed Jacket in Navy
Laura Ashley draped midi skirt
Rockmans sleeveless jersey draped top
Wittner Pumps

I think this is a repeatable outfit.  What say you.  Proportions working for you?

Thanks for taking a peek.
xxx Deborah


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