September In Review

Hi Fab Ladies,

My month of no shopping is over and it has been a very productive
time and I have learnt quite a few things and believe I have managed to break
an old habit and hopefully foster a new one.

Firstly it was easier than I expected.  I think my mindset helped.  I decided I was going to try to not shop and I wasn’t going to beat myself up if I failed. 
Somehow giving my self the freedom to break the fast actually provided
what I needed to maintain it.

So how did I do? 

During September I purchased a black slip for under my dresses.  I also purchased a pair of slouchy black pants to replace an older tired pair, which you all kindly gave me permission to do as that was viewed as replacing a key item in my wardrobe.

The slip was $25.00 (Target), the pants were on sale at Portmans for $39.00 and I did buy one more thing, another replacement item.  I picked up a pair of skinny while jeans (Suzanne Grae) on deep sale for $10.00 to replace two other pairs that just are not working for me. 

So while I didn’t absolutely not shop, I feel happyvand satisfied with how I went, the difference being I made very intentional decisions and did not feel controlled by my shopping.

I did browse on line and I did look in store and even tried some things on but happily walked away keen to fulfil my goal, with a view to revisiting anything of interest at the end of the month.

The month helped me to clearly define my quest  for more intentional purchases, better quality items and a less is more approach.

Intentional Purchases

I have started a folder on my iPad which contains links to items I am
interested in.  I review, review again. and then some before I commit to purchase.  Over the month I had 7 items in this file.  The more I looked, the more I saw things that helped me assess the suitability or otherwise. 
By the end of the month, I had two items left in that file.  This is a good thing for me.  I need to not be too spontaneous with my purchases because I have a very strong emotional response to clothing and loose myself in the beauty of something and completely disregard the fact that
it is not going to suit my body, my style, or my life style.
 I need to take my time with purchases. 

Quality Items

I am not necessarily talking ‘expensive’ but rather items that are
affordable within my budget and are nice quality fabrics that wear and wash
well.  Cheap, of the moment items are no
longer welcome in my wardrobe:)
I am finding it easier and easier to walk
away from clothing that looks good
but is not of a quality I find pleasing. 
Metalicus has been quite a discovery for me.  Their styles work for me and are reflective
of my preferred aesthetic, the quality of the clothing is just beautiful and
the prices don’t require me to take on a second job;)

Less is More
I have always been someone who likes variety, but that has often meant a
lack of real direction in my personal style.  Discovering what feels like me, and how I want to look, has changed that.  I suspect that what I thought was a desire for variety was actually a lack of fulfilment in the wardrobe I had.    Truth
be told, I could wear a black skinny leg pant, oversized top and ankle boots
everyday of my life and be happy.   A month of no new goodies demonstrated for me that my wardrobe is just fine and I can find any variety I need through what is already in there.  A limited colour palette, and silhouette
works well for me.  At this stage I never tire of either and I find that the majority of my closet mixes and matches beautifully and most likely has the potential to create many more outfits than my even my  heart desires.  As I reach for most of these items of clothing, my heart sighs, I love them, I want to wear them all the time.  I can dress with ease and for any occasion.  I feel my wardrobe loves me:)

So what does October look like?

By the end of September I had put away a nice sum of
clothing money.  I also had a Metalicus

I ordered the Metalicus
Kahlo Jacket #1/#2
 in Navy and it’s lovely. 
I also ordered the Marlini Draped Skirt in black which we agreed was short and tight and that went back.  In its place I duplicated my Black Marlini
Draped Top
in … wait for it… Blood Red! (#3) 

I don’t anticipate any further purchases this month.  I would really like to reduce my purchasing to between 8 – 12  (or less) new items over a 12 month period.

And as far as
breaking a habit goes
, right now I don’t feel the need to be constantly
browsing clothing websites and searching for that illusive next great
thing.  Instead I am fostering an attitude of intentional shopping, maintaining my chosen style and  developing the habit of putting my clothes
money aside rather than ploughing thought it each month (we budget monthly) in order to purchase more quality and less items.

I know this has been a bit of a marathon read, so thank you if you made your way through all of it.  And some of it is a little repetitious of previous posts, but it's a good exercise for me to put my thoughts in writing. 

I would love to know your thoughts, opinions and experiences in relation to this exercise or similar experiences.

xxx Deborah



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Hi Fabbers,

Quiet night, after a busy day, and what better way to relax than online browsing;)

Been scrolling through and quite an extensive range of dresses. Thrilled to see dresses with sleeves, particularly elbow length sleeves.

Just popped these into my file for the end of my shopping fast;)

Just thought anyone looking for dresses might be interested to take a peek.



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Half Way!!

Hi Fabbers,

Well I am just over half way through my September shopping fast! So far so good. I am pleasantly surprised by my resolve and am holding fast with very little resistance. This is a completely different experience to when I previously resolved to shop my closet for a month. I think I lasted two days lol.

I have still been online browsing and even visited a couple of bricks and mortar stores... and even tried on some things... but left very happily empty handed.

What I have been doing is keeping a small file of items I am interested in. Of course, there is the chance I might miss out if I wait but I am ok with that. As I ponder each item, I find myself either increasing my desire for it, or loosing interest all together.

So I thought I would share what's in my file, and my current thoughts regarding each:

#1 Metalicus Marlini Drape top in Cobblestone (blue)
I have this in black and it's fabulous. I expect to wear it A LOT as it gets
warmer. Duplicating in the blue would be a good move.. I think:)

#2 Metalicus Marlini Drape Skirt in black
Tempted and it looks great worn with the Marlini top, but I am not wearing
skirts a lot and am wondering if it would be a wise addition.

#3 Target Draped Trench Coat in Black
Spotted this in Target today on a mannequin when I was returning a faulty
hairdryer. I blame Lyn D as it reminded me of her fab new Trenery coat.
I think I will go back and try it on. It could replace my current Dressy
Satin Trench, which is black with white piping.

#4 Wite Ink Shirt Dress
Love the asymmetric hemline, and the colour and I would imagine this
would be easy to dress up or down and it looks super comfortable.
On the downside, it has a collar (which I don't wear) and it has pockets
on the chest.. this is something I might consider stalking to sale.

The other thing I have been considering with all my free non-shopping time:) is WHAT do I really want in my closet and WHERE do I want it to come from. As you know I am a little obsessed with Rick Owens!! and I thought one of my goals was to buy something of his. Well in a way it still is. In fact in a recent conversation, DH very sweetly said if we win lotto or our investments make good, I could go ahead and order a RO's leather jacket *sigh*. But for the most part, what I really want is to support local designers and brands. It's easy to assume that the best things are found elsewhere but we have an abundance of fabulous and established brands, labels and designers and many fab independent and upcoming designers. So I have decided to start researching those more and try and really focus my custom locally and Australian made if possible.

So there it is!

Please don't feel compelled to comment, but of course do if you want to:) My naval gazing might be a bit dull but I am finding it helpful to put this in writing and record for future reference.

xxx Deborah


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Work vs Private Style Persona ETA further revelations

Hi Fabbers

Forgive me if we have covered this previously but I am wondering how many of you have a work style persona and private life style persona?

I am extremely happy with how I have been honing my wardrobe over the last 12 months but in many ways that wardrobe is all about me and my creative expression through clothes, and suited to my non work life. 

Work doesn't have a dress code, however I do.  I liaise daily with clients and volunteers and am often called upon to do presentations, and the like, to promote our organisation locally.  I have things in my wardrobe that work perfectly for those situations but I have been considering a more specific work wardrobe.  Please note this wouldn't require any purchases. It would be more about formally putting together my work capsule, with existing pieces. 

I am not suggesting sacrificing or compromising my style preferences but rather incorporating them into more work appropriate wear.  This is actually something that has been a goal of mine this year and I am pleased with what I have achieved, however I am feeling that for ease I wouldn't mind becoming quite uniform with my office outfits and removing the pressure I sometimes feel to be 'creative' with my work day outfits (especially in the morning).  I am thinking this might just make non work day dressing that little more exciting?  And I only work three days, so I have four days to swan around in my draped black ensembles lol.

As we are heading toward Spring, I am thinking slouchy, tapered pants (I still love this style), slim leg pants, interesting draped tops and Spring blazers/jackets and edgy footwear.

Summer will be interesting as it does get hot but I do work in A/C so a similar formula could work.  And when really warm, dress, jacket and open toe booties could be an option.  The distinction might simply be more of a tailored look at work???  And just in case you are wondering, I am not thinking of adding colour here, still keeping to black, white, grey and blue.

I suppose what I'm asking is do you create a slightly different style persona for work than you do for play?

I am kind of just thinking out loud, but would love to know what you do and what you think of this idea.

xxx Deborah


Mismatched Earrings

Hi Fabbers,

I have been seeing this trend a little on line and rather like the idea. And then I saw lisap with mismatched earring in her recent post.

Did a bit of research and like some of the ideas here

I would still need my mismatched earrings to kind ofmatch if that makes sense. For my style sensibilities there does need to be some connect between the two.

Pamela Love earrings seem like they could work well worn this way (#1 & 2)

What say you? Interested to know your thoughts;). Clearly this needs to look intentional. I can just imagine DH asking if I got dressed in the dark lol.



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Paint it Grey?

HI Fabbers!

I can't recall if I bought my white ankle boots this year or last, but what I do know is that despite really liking them (love the fit, the shape etc), I am just not wearing them:(  Admittedly they are not a winter boot for me due to the colour and my need to keep them looking pristine.  But I went to wear them this morning and I just don't think they quite "fit" where I am at style wise.

SOOOOOO, I had a brainwave!  I could dye them grey!  What do you think?
I am talking soft dove grey.  I have been wanting grey boots for ages but any I have found are beyond my budget.  I think I would get much more wear out of them as I am often reaching for grey boots that are not there.

My other thought was dye them dark navy or ink blue? 

Of course I could dye them black!!

OR do I persevere a little longer as its now warming up a little and see if they can actually work with my Spring wardrobe?

Would love to know you thoughts.

xxx Deborah


September Update

Hi Ladies,

Mostly to amuse myself, I thought I would keep a daily diary of my no shopping September!

September 1
 My Metalicus Top arrived today (ordered end of August) and its so fab.  I love it and will wear it tomorrow.  The fabric is beautiful and the "oversized' size is perfect.  It's lovely to have something new:)  I can imagine this working with so many of my bottoms. Now I want it in Blue!  Oh and Metalicus very kindly sent my August Rewards Voucher.. it has to be used by end of September...Lyn D said it would be ok if I bought something right at the end of the month.  If Lyn thinks its ok, then so do I ;)

September 2
Busy day at work.  Time spent on YLF, should have been working.  Loving seeing what everyone is thinking for Fall but no real desire to shop.  Carolbee sent me details on the fab black shrug she found but I refrained from popping over to the Marketplace to check it out.

September 3
No time to think about clothes.  Community Meal today and only 4 volunteers turned up.  People sick and away.  We managed, but we worked hard.  Then, Meeting with K re fundraiser fashion parade.  Got my fix going through the preloved clothing set aside for the parade. Found some amazing animal print wedge booties (Wayne Cooper) ...W A N T  T H E M... C A N T  H A V E
T H E M!!  Strategising how they can be mine!  Put them in the parade and I'll buy them on the night ... that could work.  Thoughts of clothing were quickly washed away after I dropped my iphone in the toilet late this afteroon!! Frantically took my phone to the Smartphone shop, where it is as I type.  New home button and camera but otherwise in full working order phew....*sigh* well there's $80 that wont be going on clothes :(  The upside of this day is my new "Layer'd" dress arrived (ordered in August).  Love it.  Can't wait til it is warm enough to wear it.  No more clothing on order.... starting to feel jittery!  

xxx Deborah


WIW : Black, Red & Skulls

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This outfit features a blazer I haven't been wearing much. It gets moved to the cull pile and then creeps back into my closet lol. I like it and I think it plays well in my closet, I just have to remember that it's best with a skinny leg jean or pants. It's also a weave and not a knit so there is no stretch and I seem to have much lower tolerance these day for garments that don't move and stretch with me.

Outfit consists of red suede ankle boots, black skinny jeans, black drape tee and boyfriend (?) style blazer and topped off with cream and black skull scarf.

Red is one of my accent colours and I do love how the red boots 'bookend' with the red lip. Footwear is one the few ways I like to bring in a little colour, it's subtle but at the same time not:)

Question for you all... how do your outfits start? I often wake with two pieces in mind. So this morning it was the blazer and red booties and I built the outfit from there. How does it work for you?

Thanks for looking. Does this work to your eye? I would like to get more wear out of the jacket.

xxx Deborah


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What is left of your pre YLF wardrobe?

Hi Fabbers,

I was scrolling through outfit photos on my laptop yesterday afternoon and I was struck by the fact that so many of the garments are no longer in my wardrobe!

Even things that I bought after finding YLF have already "left the building" lol.
Clearly experimenting and trying different styles in order to "find my style" factors heavily in this process, but even so I was surprised at just how much has been moved on.

Interestingly, when I arrived here (3 years and 2 months ago), my wardrobe was very black heavy. I added pattern and colour, and flirted with "trends", and revisited a more modern classic work style that I had moved on from when I left the corporate sector. I had immense fun doing this but found I wasn't fully "relating" to my outfits. Hence I made the slow return to black, but instead of just "randomly" buying everything in black, I discovered I had learnt how to plan my wardrobe and consider elements other than just the colour ie, fabric, texture, wearability and quality.

I became clear on my style persona and for the first time could articulate what I was aiming for. Adding light grey, white and blues to my wardrobe have been carefully considered choices, and I am pleased to say that mistake purchases are *almost* a thing of the past:).

In some ways I see my style having come full circle yet it's not the same! It is more honed, more intentional and much more fulfilling and makes me happy in a way that my old wardrobe never did.

I suspect I am not the only one to have this experience.

Do you have much left of your pre YLF wardrobe?

Is your style completely revamped, or is it simply a "better" version of what you have always been drawn to.



Pearls for Jenanded's DD

HI Ladies

In memory of Jenanded's DD, today I am simply posting a picture wearing my pearl earrings.

Thinking of you Jen.

Ladies if anyone else would like to do the same, please fee free to add your pic to this post.

xxx Deborah