Wardrobe By Numbers Version 3.0 another 5 months on

Hi Ladies,

It's 5 months since my last count and I was keen to do a recount for two reasons.

* my wardrobe is looking more sparse (which makes me very happy)
* My new job has meant my 5 piece wardrobe is out the window and I
have purchase more than I planned.

As previously, I do these posts for my records so Please do t feel compelled to comment:). If you are like me, numbers are a very dry topic but I do know some of you love it and I have been I inspired by you x

Skirts - 9 (Early 2015 / 11 & 2014 / 16)
- I have recognised that I am mostly a pants girl except for summer when skirts are more practical. Also noted that like interesting skirts and will only buy if interesting and different to what I already have,

Pants - 17 (Early 2015 / 16 & 2014 / 19)
Includes smart leggings and skirted leggings and culottes

Jackets - 22 (Early 2015 / 23 & 2014 / 20

Sleeveless Jackets - 3 (Early 2015 & 2014 2)
-increase due to my sister giving me a new tailored sleeveless jacket I haven't yet worn.

Cardigan/Knit Vest/Wraps/Poncho. - 19 (Early 2015 / 21 & 2014 / 24)

Sweaters - 9 (Early 2015 / 6)
- the additions were intentional purchases when I realised I did not have enough dressy sweaters for winter.

Tops - 56 (Early 2015 / 44 & 2014 / 67)
- tops tend to be how I create variety. Don't mind repeating bottoms a lot but it's the tops that seem to keep the bottoms fresh and proved the variety.

Tunics/Dresses - 22 (Early 2015 / 30 & 2014 / 22)

Coats - 1 (Early 2015 / 4)

Total December 2015 - 158 (158 /. )

What I take from this is that I am now much more in touch with the clothing needs of my lifestyle and I am becoming a much more discerning shopper.

It also seems I have settled organically around a certain number of items that work for me, keeping satisfied and interested in my wardrobe. This count is across all seasons btw:)

I do wish I had counted when I first arrived at YLF but the numbers would have been overwhelming. But take it from me what I have now is probably a third of what I originally had stuffed into all the closets in my house lol.

xxx Deborah

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  • Maneera replied 4 years ago

    This is so inspiring, Deb. Kudos! You really do have a good handle on your style, so these numbers don't surprise me. I hope I can achieve something similar myself someday :)

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Your count and closet are inspirational. Will you be adding more skirts for summer?

  • Jenn replied 4 years ago

    I love seeing your numbers. Really interesting how the total has stayed the same, while your balance of item types has changed.

  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for the interest ladies!

    Maneera it took me 4 years to get to this stage and the work and assessment has been so much fun.

    Joy, I don't think so. Between my skirts and dresses I think I have the really hot days covered.

    Jenn, yes that has been interesting. To start to understanding what I wear/need most etc has impacted how I shop.

  • anne replied 4 years ago

    Always interesting to read - it has been a great (and continuing) journey. And I'm a bit envious of that lovely neat wardrobe (Is all that space just for you? - I have less than half that, and boxes stored  on the floor underneath the clothes!!)

  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Thanks Anne! Yes the whole wardrobe is mine. DH offered me the walk in and we bought him stand alone closet as we had enough room in our bedroom to do that. It was very generous of him and it's one of my favourite spaces lol.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    What a LOVELY neat wardrobe. Well done, Debs. You are on a winning wicket. 

  • Alassë replied 4 years ago

    Congratulations, and thanks for posting. What a nicely arranged wardrobe!

  • Sal replied 4 years ago

    It is great that the pieces are working so well for you and that the numbers sit in the right place.  I can only imagine the temptations working in a fashion store - with staff discount and the opportunity to try lots of pieces on!! 

    I also am top dominated, and certainly have more dresses than skirts.  I have seen more skirts coming through this season than there have been for a couple of years.  

    My wardrobe balance is good with a better selection in spring, autumn and summer and a few gaps in winter.  I made a small amount of progress this year in correcting this but I would like to make more progress next year to having a more interesting selection of winter clothes, especially a new winter coat, some nicer sweaters and some warm day dresses.  

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    What a gorgeous cohesive closet and that is great about the numbers. 

    Winning all the way! 

    I just did a count of my own closet. Right now I am sitting at 144 items across all seasons, so a very similar number, although I have more in some categories (coats, denim!) and fewer in others (cardigans and toppers). It makes sense our numbers would be quite alike, I think, because we both hold a number of roles (different types of job, parent, need to make "appearances" at times, etc.) 

  • deb replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for posting these numbers. I need to update my closet count.

  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Suz, one of the great things I have learn't here is about dressing for my lifestyle and wearing multiple hats (so to speak) was something I never considered before when it came to selecting my clothing.  

    The lovely thing is that now I am pretty much right for all aspects of my life which really makes getting dressed SO much easier.

  • Sterling replied 4 years ago

    These are my favorite types of posts.  I find the analysis fascinating.  It is not so much the numbers you list as your thoughts about how those numbers fit your individual lifestyle and needs.  When you get a handle on that information, you are about 90 percent done.  All the rest is icing on the cake.  Yay for you.  

  • Helen11 replied 4 years ago

    Always interesting to read others reports : ) And I'm with Anne on the wardrobe envy!

  • lyn67 replied 4 years ago

    This is closet nirvana and also, great numbers! Congrats for all your good stuff and great work to achieve it, wow!:-)

  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Gee thanks girls! I am a little OCD about my wardrobe so I do keep it very organised and tidy:). Having struggled with too much stuff for such a long time, I am really appreciating being able to find things easily and having a system within my closet that makes dressing so much easier than it used to be. My walk in is not huge but it is generous and I do find a walk in much easier than a regular wardrobe. There is something about walking Into a small room and being able to see everything, that appeals to my very visual side.

  • approprio replied 4 years ago

    Nice post Deborah! I did a big count myself earlier this year and might pluck up the courage to post about it (spoiler: I have too much stuff) so it's inspiring to have a good example to motivate a purge. Well done you and thanks for sharing!

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