Dress Success

Hi Ladies,

As some of you know I have been wanting to add a couple of new dresses to my closet. My dresses have been the final category to be purged and replenished. I find dresses challenging in terms of fit and recently I have been sizing up to accommodate my bust and then having the lower half of the dress tailored.

But this one is fab. No need for any alterations.

It was Debra who introduced me to this dress in her post here http://youlookfab.com/welookfab/topic/angies-apple

The dress is the Short Sleeve Plaza Dress from Metalicus, for anyone who may be interested. By the time I had done some research and decided I wanted to order it (we don't have a store here) it had sold out on line. I managed to track down one at a boutique in Penrith (NSW) and phoned them to find the loveliest store owner who bent over backwards to locate the dress and did the sale over the phone for me.

The dress is one size and has the most wonderful drape effect. It's a lovely weight jersey and will be quite a transeasonal dress. It arrived Thursday and I wore it Thursday night to dinner to celebrate DH and my 20th wedding anniversary.

The appealing thing about this dress is that I feel it could be worn almost anywhere. It is one of my options for an afternoon wedding next weekend.
hence that's why I was taking photos as I had only seen the dress in the mirror:) Popped on my red pumps and would of course accessorise more intentionally if I do wear it for the wedding.

This isn't a keep or return, tags are off, but I am always interested in your opinions... and I wanted to share :) I was concerned the drape might not be figure flattering and I would suggest that is not completely conventionally flattering, but I like what I see :)

The dress comes in a number of colours and the style and comfort of this dress has me considering replicating but I won't be making any hasty decisions. They also have a lovely knee length drape skirt at the moment. hmm

So thanks for looking, and have a lovely weekend.

xxx Deborah

p.s. #5 is the Plaza Twist Skirt, just for your interest :)

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  • catgirl replied 10 years ago

    This is perfect for you and on you!

    I washed my cheap target jersey skirt and DH put in in the dryer, and it twisted up and now looks just like that plaza skirt. Unintentional laundry win!

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Nice save for your DH! Bet he sighed a huge sigh of relief:)

  • kellygirl replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous! The drape is sublime :)

  • Marmee replied 10 years ago

    Happy Anniversary!  Stunning dress.  It looks like you, and I like the red shoes with it.

  • Em replied 10 years ago

    20 years! That's an eternity by today's standards... Congratulations, Deborah!

  • deb replied 10 years ago

    This dress looks like it was made for you. Happy Anniversary.

  • abc replied 10 years ago

    You wear black and drape like nobody's business and this is no exception. Love it with the red shoes and lip.

    You and some other fabbers have made me nudge myself a bit out of my comfort zone and try some drape lately myself. Of course it looks nothing like this, you always look out of this world. But still, thx for inspiring me to try something different (for me).

    Kudos to the sweet shop owner too. Love good customer service!

  • Mo replied 10 years ago

    Perfectly you!  So glad the shop owner was so helpful.  

  • carolbee replied 10 years ago

    Deborah, this looks great. Much more flattering on the body than the hanger.

  • Caro in Oz replied 10 years ago

    Happy Anniversary to you both. It looks great on you - didn't work for me unfortunately. 

  • Gigi replied 10 years ago

    This looks great...it is so your style!

  • Debra replied 10 years ago

    Looking gorgeous :) isn't it just the loveliest fabric :)
    I have worn mine soooo many times if I see another I will snap it up.
    I wash all of my Metalicus in a lingerie bag and dry on a hanger and it's holding up really well.
    Happy Anniversary :)

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Debra, have you seen the red one? I thought that was just lovely. I don't know if it comes in Navy but that would be very tempting.

  • Debra replied 10 years ago

    When I bought mine they only had black, I've seen a photo of it in red and it does look nice.
    I think I would feel too " out there" in red. :)

  • leopardluxe replied 10 years ago

    The drape on this dress is fantastic and very figure flattering on you. I really love it with the bright red shoes as well!

  • JamC replied 10 years ago

    Wow!  This dress is perfect!
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  • Lyn D. replied 10 years ago

    Fantastic- and congrats. on your 20 years Deborah :)

  • ManidipaM replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous! And happy anniversary, with best wishes for many more to come!

  • unfrumped replied 10 years ago

    Happy Anniversary!

    Great score on dress. The tapering if the skirt returns just enough structure, to me. I can see why you like it. Dupe' ing would be tempting, or treat as LBD and really re- mix, dress up and down, and expect the fashion winds to blow in something just as good but different.

  • kerry replied 10 years ago

    Happy Anniversary! You rock that dress! You have such a well-defined style. I am in awe at how disciplined and well-curated your wardrobe is. I only hope I can get there with my wardrobe some day!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous and perfect! Wow Deborah - you look stunning! And happy anniversary to you and Mr. Deborah :)

    I'm quite tempted by that twist skirt ...

  • gryffin replied 10 years ago

    OMG Debs!!  Can you say greek goddess!!  The draping and line is truly spectacular on you. Subtle but unique and uber elegant.  You have truly found your anywhere dress.  I bet you could toss a denim jacket on for day and heels and a sparkly clutch for black tie!!  This is what I am on the hunt for!!  Congrats and wishing you a wonderful anniversary and many, many, many, many more fabulous years of happiness together!!

  • Susie replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous black dress and so perfect for you. I'm glad you showed the close up photos to see the detail of the draping which wasn't as evident in the first pic. Dressed up or down this seems like a great addition to your wardrobe.

    Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! Your DH is a lucky man :)

  • adorkable replied 10 years ago

    Congratulations on your anniversary! (Also, looooooove this on you!)

  • Vicki replied 10 years ago

    Oh, my!  You gorgeous woman.  This dress looks phenomenal in every way and I love the draping of it along with your red accents.

    Happy anniversary to you and your DH, Deborah.  It's great to hear that both Debra and you found this dress.  The website has many enticing offerings and I wish we had one in the U. S.

  • LACeleste replied 10 years ago

    Happy Anniversary!  Complete perfection Deborah!  Lovely!

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    Killer dress and LOVE it with the red shoes. 

    Where did you find the dress, Debs? 

  • rachylou replied 10 years ago

    A beautifully constructed dress. Yep.

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Angie, the dress is from Metalicus, here is the website .. http://www.metalicus.com.

    But they have sold out and I found the dress in a boutique interstate. Quality is beautiful, which I think is evident by how well the dress falls and drapes. There clothing us right up my alley, and Debra"s too.

    I now have my eye on this. http://www.metalicus.com :)

    Thank you all for your kind words. I feel as though I have found "my dress". Right now I could get rid of all other dresses and just have this one! I won't tho lol. But I do feel a further rests purge coming on xxx

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    Duplicate in any color you love. This dress is fabulous and so YOU. I love the cut, draping and the simplicity. I am sure you'll be loving this dress for years to come.

  • neonginger replied 10 years ago

    Amazing dress on you!! I have been secretly admiring your style from the photos here and on your blog and this dress looks like it was custom made for you. LOVE!!

  • texstyle replied 10 years ago

    Really beautiful choice - love it on you!

  • Emily replied 10 years ago

    Holy moly!  That is one hell of a dress.  The draping detail is beautiful and the fit perfectly skims your figure.  You're like an avant garde classical Greek statue. Gorgeous.

  • Thistle replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!  I love the shape and drape. It is so perfectly your style and the fit is sublime.  So glad you added this to your wardrobe.

    And Happy Anniversary!

  • AJ replied 10 years ago

    Ooohhhh, a modern update to a Grecian style dress! It looks FAB on you! Look forward to your future stylings!

    Happy anniversary!

  • lyn67 replied 10 years ago

    Happy anyversary youngs!(if all good, next year we'll make 25yrs:-))

    I can see why you feel you got "your" dress, it's an unfussy artsy dress-and  has such a beautiful assimetric drape, perfect cut and  gorgeous fit!  Love it with the red shoes! The skirt tickles my fancies, too:-).

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